McDowell County Fishing Streams

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Streams in McDowell County

Place USGS Topo Map
Acorn Branch Montreat
Alexander Branch Dysartsville
Armstrong Creek Little Switzerland
Bad Fork Little Switzerland
Bailey Creek Ashford
Baker Branch Glenwood
Bakers Creek Glenwood
Barn Branch Montreat
Barnes Branch Glenwood
Bartlett Creek Little Switzerland
Bear Cave Branch Old Fort
Bear Creek Ashford
Bear Drive Branch Old Fort
Beatty Branch Marion West
Beaverdam Branch Glenwood
Bee Branch Marion West
Bee Rock Creek Celo
Big Branch Marion East
Big Branch Moffitt Hill
Big Camp Creek Marion East
Big Creek Montreat
Bird Creek Moffitt Hill
Bledsoe Branch Marion East
Boardpan Branch Montreat
Bobs Creek Marion East
Bradley Creek Moffitt Hill
Brevard Creek Old Fort
Bridge Branch Sugar Hill
Bridge Branch Ashford
Bright Branch Sugar Hill
Brushy Branch Old Fort
Buchanan Creek Little Switzerland
Buck Creek Marion West
Burgins Fork Old Fort
Caleb Branch Marion East
Camp Branch Glenwood
Camp Creek Old Fort
Camp Creek Moffitt Hill
Camp Rock Branch Old Fort
Cane Branch Moffitt Hill
Cane Creek Marion West
Caney Branch Little Switzerland
Cave Creek Old Fort
Chestnut Branch Marion West
Chestnut Branch Moffitt Hill
Chestnut Cove Branch Ashford
Chute Branch Old Fort
Clarks Branch Moffitt Hill
Clear Creek Marion West
Clover Patch Branch Moffitt Hill
Conley Branch Little Switzerland
Cow Creek Little Switzerland
Cox Creek Little Switzerland
Crooked Creek Marion West
Curtis Creek Old Fort
Deep Branch Old Fort
Deep Cove Creek Marion West
Deer Lick Branch Little Switzerland
Deerstand Creek Little Switzerland
Dill Branch Moffitt Hill
Dogback Spring Branch Ashford
Elliot Creek Sugar Hill
Fall Branch Montreat
Ferguson Branch Marion East
Firescald Creek Little Switzerland
Forsyth Creek Marion East
Frasheur Creek Sugar Hill
Glade Creek Black Mountain
Glades Creek Marion West
Goose Creek Glenwood
Gray Branch Glenwood
Guthrie Branch Moffitt Hill
Harris Creek Sugar Hill
Harris Creek Little Switzerland
Haw Branch Sugar Hill
Hemphill Creek Marion East
Hickory Bottom Branch Little Switzerland
Hickory Branch Old Fort
Hicks Branch Glenwood
Hicks Branch Sugar Hill
High Shoals Creek Glenwood
Honeycutt Creek Ashford
Hoppers Creek Glen Alpine
Horse Branch Old Fort
House Branch Celo
Huckleberry Branch Marion East
Huntsville Branch Glenwood
Jackson Branch Glenwood
Jackson Creek Moffitt Hill
Jacktown Creek Marion East
Jake Creek Marion West
Jarrett Creek Old Fort
Johns Creek Marion West
Jordan Branch Moffitt Hill
Katy Creek Dysartsville
Large Branch Marion East
Laurel Branch Linville Falls
Laurel Fork Creek Old Fort
Laurel Log Branch Old Fort
Left Prong Catawba River Moffitt Hill
Left Prong Mill Creek Montreat
Left Prong Newberry Creek Old Fort
Licklog Branch Old Fort
Licklog Creek Old Fort
Limekiln Creek Little Switzerland
Little Buck Creek Marion West
Little Camp Creek Marion East
Little Crooked Creek Moffitt Hill
Little Toe River Sugar Hill
Locust Creek Old Fort
Long Branch Marion West
Long Branch Little Switzerland
Long Branch Old Fort
Long Branch Old Fort
Long Branch Glen Alpine
Long Branch Moffitt Hill
Long Branch Marion West
Lonon Branch Little Switzerland
Loom Creek Moffitt Hill
Lower Creek Old Fort
Lytle Branch Moffitt Hill
Mace Branch Little Switzerland
Mackey Creek Marion West
Magazine Branch Dysartsville
Marks Creek Sugar Hill
Martin Branch Little Switzerland
McGegers Branch Marion West
Middle Fork Cow Creek Celo
Mill Branch Glenwood
Mill Creek Sugar Hill
Mill Creek Moffitt Hill
Mollys Branch Dysartsville
Moores Branch Glenwood
Morgan Creek Sugar Hill
Morgan Creek Sugar Hill
Muddy Branch Little Switzerland
Neighbors Branch Marion East
Newberry Creek Old Fort
Nix Branch Marion East
Nix Creek Marion West
North Fork Catawba River Marion East
North Fork Cow Creek Celo
North Muddy Creek Glen Alpine
ODear Creek Little Switzerland
Old Boney Creek Sugar Hill
Orchard Creek Marion West
Paddys Branch Old Fort
Parris Creek Old Fort
Paxton Creek Marion West
Pepper Creek Little Switzerland
Pine Cove Branch Moffitt Hill
Pond Branch Linville Falls
Pritchard Creek Old Fort
Pups Branch Little Switzerland
Rag Creek Little Switzerland
Rattlesnake Branch Little Switzerland
Reedy Branch Marion West
Right Prong Mill Creek Montreat
Right Prong South Toe River Old Fort
Roaring Fork Little Switzerland
Rock Creek Sugar Hill
Rockhouse Creek Glenwood
Roses Creek Little Switzerland
Sally Branch Moffitt Hill
Sams Creek Old Fort
Scrub Grass Branch Glenwood
Shadrick Creek Glen Alpine
Sheehan Creek Little Switzerland
Shehan Branch Marion East
Singecat Branch Old Fort
Slaty Branch Montreat
Slick Falls Branch Old Fort
Slim Creek Little Switzerland
South Fork Roses Creek Little Switzerland
South Fork Toms Creek Marion West
South Muddy Creek Glen Alpine
Spring Branch Moffitt Hill
Spruce Branch Glenwood
Stanfords Creek Glenwood
Stillhouse Branch Marion West
Stillhouse Branch Ashford
Straight Branch Old Fort
Sugar Cave Creek Old Fort
Swannanoa Creek Old Fort
Sycamore Branch Little Switzerland
Tantrough Branch Old Fort
Thompsons Fork Marion East
Three Mile Creek Little Switzerland
Toms Creek Marion West
Upper Creek Old Fort
Van Noy Branch Little Switzerland
Walnut Cove Creek Old Fort
Walton Crawley Branch Marion East
Weaver Branch Glenwood
West Fork Cove Creek Sugar Hill
West Fork Goose Creek Sugar Hill
Wheeler Branch Glenwood
White Branch Marion East
Wilson Branch Sugar Hill
Wolfpen Branch Glenwood
Wood Branch Sugar Hill
Youngs Fork Marion East
Youngs Fork Creek Moffitt Hill

Above is a map and a list of the streams in McDowell County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within McDowell County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.