Mitchell County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Mitchell County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aaron Branch Bakersville
Bad Creek Bakersville
Banjo Branch Spruce Pine
Barnett Branch Bakersville
Beans Creek Bakersville
Bear Creek Spruce Pine
Bearpen Creek Carvers Gap
Bearwallow Creek Huntdale
Beaver Creek Spruce Pine
Bee Branch Carvers Gap
Bee Creek Bakersville
Beech Creek Bakersville
Beetree Creek Carvers Gap
Big Branch Spruce Pine
Big Branch Bakersville
Big Crabtree Creek Micaville
Big Rock Creek Huntdale
Big Spring Creek Carvers Gap
Biggerstaff Branch Spruce Pine
Bill Davenport Branch Spruce Pine
Bird Creek Huntdale
Blevins Branch Bakersville
Bowling Green Creek Huntdale
Broad Branch Bakersville
Brummett Creek Huntdale
Brushy Creek Micaville
Burnett Branch Celo
Camping Fork Bakersville
Cane Creek Bakersville
Carvers Gap Creek Carvers Gap
Cathis Creek Spruce Pine
Charles Creek Carvers Gap
Chestnut Branch Micaville
Chestnut Branch Bakersville
Collis Branch Little Switzerland
Cook Creek Bakersville
Cooper Branch Huntdale
Cranberry Branch Spruce Pine
Cub Creek Bakersville
Dave Branch Iron Mountain Gap
Dobag Creek Micaville
Dobson Branch Carvers Gap
Dry Branch Carvers Gap
Duck Branch Micaville
East Fork Big Crabtree Creek Celo
East Fork Grassy Creek Spruce Pine
Edwards Branch Bakersville
English Creek Spruce Pine
Fall Creek Carvers Gap
Flat Branch Huntdale
Gouge Branch Micaville
Gouges Creek Spruce Pine
Grassy Creek Spruce Pine
Graveyard Creek Spruce Pine
Greasy Creek Bakersville
Greene Cove Creek Carvers Gap
Greene Creek Carvers Gap
Griffith Branch Huntdale
Gutches Creek Bakersville
Hanging Rock Branch Spruce Pine
Hawk Creek Carvers Gap
Holder Creek Carvers Gap
Holley Branch Spruce Pine
Hollow Poplar Creek Huntdale
Honeycutt Branch Bakersville
Hughes Branch Bakersville
Hughes Creek Huntdale
Jakes Creek Spruce Pine
Johns Camp Branch Carvers Gap
Laurel Branch Carvers Gap
Laurel Creek Carvers Gap
Leathermans Fork Huntdale
Left Fork Beans Creek Bakersville
Left Fork Cane Creek Carvers Gap
Lily Branch Micaville
Little Bear Creek Spruce Pine
Little Bear Creek Spruce Pine
Little Laurel Branch Spruce Pine
Little Rock Creek Bakersville
Little Rose Creek Spruce Pine
Long Branch Celo
Lyddies Creek Bakersville
Melton Branch Bakersville
Middle Ridge Branch Spruce Pine
Miller Branch Huntdale
Mine Creek Bakersville
Mine Fork Branch Carvers Gap
North Fork Grassy Creek Little Switzerland
Pate Creek Huntdale
Pigeonroost Creek Huntdale
Pine Branch Spruce Pine
Pine Branch Bakersville
Pineroot Branch Bakersville
Piney Branch Bakersville
Powers Branch Carvers Gap
Pump Branch Bakersville
Raccoon Creek Huntdale
Rebels Creek Micaville
Reddick Branch Little Switzerland
Reuben Creek Carvers Gap
Rich Branch Bakersville
Right Fork Beans Creek Bakersville
Right Fork Cane Creek Carvers Gap
Right Fork Pigeonroost Creek Huntdale
Roaring Branch Micaville
Rockhouse Creek Spruce Pine
Rose Branch Micaville
Rose Creek Micaville
Roses Creek Spruce Pine
Sams Branch Huntdale
Sandy Branch Carvers Gap
Shinbone Creek Huntdale
Shop Branch Huntdale
Silver Run Spruce Pine
Sink Hole Creek Micaville
Smith Branch Spruce Pine
Snow Creek Micaville
Soapstone Branch Carvers Gap
South Toe River Micaville
Spring Creek Bakersville
Stagger Weed Creek Carvers Gap
Stewart Branch Spruce Pine
Sugartree Branch Carvers Gap
Sullins Branch Spruce Pine
Sweet Creek Bakersville
Toms Creek Iron Mountain Gap
Warrick Branch Huntdale
Waterfall Branch Bakersville
White Oak Creek Bakersville
Whitson Branch Bakersville
Wiles Creek Bakersville
Wing Branch Micaville
Young Cove Creek Bakersville

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Mitchell County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Mitchell County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.