Onslow County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Onslow County

Place USGS Topo Map
Bachelors Delight Swamp Jacksonville North
Barnes Branch Jacksonville NE
Bear Creek Browns Inlet
Bear Prong Jacksonville NW
Bearhead Creek Camp Lejeune
Beaverdam Creek Camp Lejeune
Bell Swamp Hubert
Big Shakey Swamp Folkstone
Biglins Creek Sneads Ferry
Blue Creek Jacksonville North
Brick Kiln Branch Stella
Brinson Creek Jacksonville South
Browns Creek Browns Inlet
Browns Swamp New River Inlet
Bumps Creek New River Inlet
Burnt House Branch Jacksonville North
Calebs Creek Stella
Cartwhell Branch Hubert
Chaney Creek Jacksonville North
Charles Creek Sneads Ferry
Chinkapin Branch Jacksonville NE
Clay Bank Branch New River Inlet
Cogdels Creek Camp Lejeune
Cowford Branch Richlands
Cowhead Creek Camp Lejeune
Cowhorn Swamp Catherine Lake
Cypress Branch Holly Ridge
Deep Run Haws Run
Dicks Creek Hubert
Duck Creek Camp Lejeune
Edwards Creek Jacksonville South
Everett Creek Sneads Ferry
Fannie Creek Sneads Ferry
Flat Swamp Folkstone
Fork Branch Jacksonville NE
Freeman Creek Browns Inlet
Freemans Creek Stella
Frenchs Creek Camp Lejeune
Fullard Creek New River Inlet
Gillets Creek New River Inlet
Goose Creek New River Inlet
Goose Creek Hubert
Grants Creek Stella
Half Moon Creek Jacksonville North
Halls Branch Stella
Hargetts Creek Hubert
Harris Creek Haws Run
Haws Run Haws Run
Hell Gate Creek New River Inlet
Hewitts Branch Jacksonville North
Hicks Run Jacksonville South
Holland Mill Creek Hubert
Holover Creek New River Inlet
Huffmans Branch Jacksonville North
Jenkins Swamp Richlands
Jumping Run Camp Lejeune
Kings Creek Spicer Bay
Lewis Creek Jacksonville South
Little Creek Jacksonville North
Little Northeast Creek Camp Lejeune
Little Sandy Run Swamp Folkstone
Margaret Branch Jacksonville NW
Mill Creek Hubert
Mill Creek Sneads Ferry
Mill Creek Jacksonville North
Mill Creek Sneads Ferry
Mill Run Jacksonville South
Mill Swamp Richlands
Millstone Creek Sneads Ferry
Mirey Branch New River Inlet
Mirey Branch Maysville
Mott Creek Camp Lejeune
Muddy Creek Sneads Ferry
Mulberry Creek Stella
New River New River Inlet
Northeast Creek Jacksonville South
Parrot Swamp Hubert
Pasture Branch Hubert
Queen Creek Hubert
Rocky Run Camp Lejeune
Sanders Creek Hubert
Sanders Creek Browns Inlet
Sandy Run Branch Jacksonville North
Scales Creek Jacksonville South
Sneads Creek Sneads Ferry
Socoe Creek Jacksonville North
South Prong White Oak River Jacksonville NE
Southwest Creek Jacksonville South
Spring Branch Camp Lejeune
Spring Branch Stella
Squires Run Richlands
Starkys Creek Stella
Stevens Creek Swansboro
Stick Creek Jacksonville South
Stones Creek Sneads Ferry
Strawhorn Creek Jacksonville South
Tank Creek Jacksonville South
Tenmile Creek Lyman
Toms Creek New River Inlet
Town Creek Jacksonville South
Traps Creek New River Inlet
Turkey Creek Spicer Bay
Two Pole Branch New River Inlet
Wallace Creek Camp Lejeune
Webb Creek Stella
Wheeler Creek Sneads Ferry
White Oak River Swansboro
Whitehurst Creek Camp Lejeune
Whitside Branch Jacksonville South
Wolf Swamp Kellum

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Onslow County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Onslow County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.