Pender County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Pender County

Place USGS Topo Map
Angola Creek Maple Hill
Ashes Creek Stag Park
Batts Mill Creek Holly Ridge
Bear Branch Currie
Bear Den Branch Costin
Beckys Creek Holly Ridge
Bee Branch Costin
Big Branch Point Caswell
Big Branch Currie
Big Branch Point Caswell
Big Rattlesnake Creek Atkinson
Birch Creek Rocky Point
Black River Leland
Black River Cut Leland
Black Swamp Creek Point Caswell
Buckle Swamp Creek Currie
Bull Branch Wallace West
Bullhead Branch Wallace West
Bulltail Creek Wallace West
Burgaw Creek Stag Park
Butler Creek Hampstead
Buxton Branch Costin
Came Branch Stag Park
Cane Creek Currie
Catskin Creek Mooretown
Cedar Snag Creek Hampstead
Collins Branch Currie
Colly Creek Point Caswell
Colvins Creek Point Caswell
County Line Branch Holly Ridge
Cowpen Branch Castle Hayne
Crab Branch Atkinson
Crooked Run Wallace West
Cross Way Creek Currie
Cypress Creek Stag Park
Cypress Creek Costin
Deer Valley Branch Currie
Doctors Creek Wallace West
Dry Branch Costin
East Prong of Osgood Branch Burgaw
Field Creek Leland
Futch Creek Hampstead
Godfrey Creek Topsail
Guffords Branch Currie
Gum Branch Harrells
Harrisons Creek Mooretown
Haw Mill Creek Point Caswell
Holly Shelter Creek Stag Park
Horse Branch Burgaw
Howard Channel Hampstead
Howards Channel Hampstead
Island Creek Mooretown
Jones Creek Atkinson
Jumping Run Branch Currie
Juniper Branch Currie
Juniper Creek Maple Hill SW
Juniper Swamp Maple Hill SW
Keith Branch Burgaw
Kellys Creek Rocky Point
Kings Creek Hampstead
Lagoon Creek Castle Hayne
Laurel Creek Wallace West
Lee Ditch Currie
Lewis Branch Currie
Lewis Creek Wallace East
Lillington Creek Stag Park
Line Creek Leland
Little Burgaw Creek Burgaw
Long Creek Rocky Point
Lyon Creek Leland
Lyon Thorofare Leland
Machine Creek Leland
Merricks Creek Mooretown
Mill Branch Currie
Mill Branch Atkinson
Mill Branch Costin
Mill Branch Costin
Mill Creek Hampstead
Mill Creek Currie
Mill Creek Atkinson
Mill Creek Rocky Point
Mill Creek Wallace West
Mill Pond Stag Park
Mill Run Currie
Moores Creek Maple Hill
Moores Creek Currie
Morgans Creek Rocky Point
Mulberry Branch Currie
Mullet Run Holly Ridge
Nixon Creek Topsail
Old Mill Creek Holly Ridge
Old Topsail Creek Hampstead
Osgood Branch Burgaw
Pike Creek Mooretown
Pole Branch Wallace East
Red Bank Branch Costin
Resoe Creek Burgaw
Rileys Creek Currie
Rizzo Creek Rocky Point
Rollins Branch Point Caswell
Ross Creek Rocky Point
Sandy Run Swamp Maple Hill SW
Sawyer Creek Wallace East
Shaken Creek Stag Park
Shelter Swamp Creek Maple Hill SW
Sills Creek Wallace East
Taylor Branch Costin
Thorofare Currie
Tonys Creek Castle Hayne
Trumpeter Swamp Mooretown
Tuckahoe Branch Atkinson
Turkey Creek Rocky Point
Virginia Creek Holly Ridge
Washington Creek Wallace East
Watermelon Run Burgaw
West Prong of Osgood Branch Burgaw
White Oak Branch Costin

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Pender County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Pender County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.