Robeson County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Robeson County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abram Branch Northeast Lumberton
Alligator Swamp Lake View
Ausley Branch Northwest Lumberton
Back Swamp Southwest Lumberton
Bear Swamp Southwest Lumberton
Beaverdam Branch Saint Pauls
Beaverdam Creek Gaddysville
Bee Branch Southeast Lumberton
Big Branch Gaddysville
Big Branch Fairmont
Big Branch Northwest Lumberton
Big Branch Saint Pauls
Big Cowpen Swamp Lake View
Big Indian Swamp Fairmont
Big Marsh Swamp Duart
Big Swamp Evergreen
Black Branch Rennert
Black Branch Johns
Blounts Branch Southeast Lumberton
Bogue Swamp Parkton
Bracey Swamp Rowland
Brisson Branch Saint Pauls
Bryant Branch Fairmont
Buckhorn Swamp Saint Pauls
Bull Branch Minturn
Bullard Branch Northeast Lumberton
Bullard Branch Rowland
Burnt Swamp Northwest Lumberton
Cold Camp Creek Saint Pauls
Contrary Swamp Rowland
Cotton Mill Branch Southwest Lumberton
Cowford Swamp Gaddysville
Cowpen Branch Northeast Lumberton
Cowpen Swamp Gaddysville
Cox Branch Southeast Lumberton
Cypress Branch Pembroke
Double Branch Tar Heel
Double Branch Pembroke
Duck Bait Slough Evergreen
Dunns Marsh Hope Mills
First Swamp Rowland
Fivemile Branch Northwest Lumberton
Frazier Branch Parkton
Fullermore Swamp Rowland
Gallberry Swamp Duart
Georges Marsh Parkton
Gin Branch Fairmont
Gravel Branch Northeast Lumberton
Gum Branch Rennert
Gum Swamp Maxton
Hillburn Branch Southeast Lumberton
Holy Swamp Northwest Lumberton
Horn Camp Swamp Gaddysville
Horns Millrace Gaddysville
Horse Branch Saint Pauls
Horsepen Branch Southwest Lumberton
Horsepen Branch Hope Mills
Humphrey Branch Rennert
Indian Swamp Fair Bluff
Ivey Branch Northwest Lumberton
Jacks Branch Southwest Lumberton
Jackson Branch Northeast Lumberton
Jackson Swamp Bladenboro
Jacob Branch Southeast Lumberton
Jacob Swamp Southeast Lumberton
Jordan Swamp Wakulla
Jowers Branch Maxton
Juniper Branch Red Springs
Kersey Branch Southwest Lumberton
Lees Branch Northeast Lumberton
Leith Creek Minturn
Lewis Mill Branch Tar Heel
Little Back Swamp McDonald
Little Bear Swamp Pembroke
Little Bull Branch Johns
Little Burnt Swamp Pembroke
Little Cowpen Branch Gaddysville
Little Indian Swamp Fairmont
Little Jacob Swamp Southwest Lumberton
Little Juniper Branch Maxton
Little Raft Swamp Rennert
Little Swamp Bladenboro
Little Tenmile Swamp Northwest Lumberton
Long Branch Bladenboro
Long Branch Southeast Lumberton
Long Branch Southeast Lumberton
Long Branch Hope Mills
Long Swamp Red Springs
McColl Branch Fairmont
McEacher Branch Northwest Lumberton
McGregor Branch Minturn
McLeans Branch Red Springs
McLeod Mill Branch Gaddysville
McRae Branch Maxton
Meadow Branch Northwest Lumberton
Mercer Branch Saint Pauls
Middle Branch Wilkinson Creek Rowland
Mill Branch Fair Bluff
Mill Branch Gaddysville
Mill Branch Northwest Lumberton
Mill Branch Northwest Lumberton
Mill Branch Pembroke
Mill Swamp Tar Heel
Mirey Branch Rennert
Miry Branch Fairmont
Mitchell Swamp Rowland
Moss Neck Swamp Pembroke
Old Field Branch Northeast Lumberton
Panther Branch Southeast Lumberton
Panther Branch Pembroke
Pats Branch Northeast Lumberton
Persimmon Swamp Rowland
Peters Branch Southeast Lumberton
Pitman Mill Branch Fairmont
Poplar Pole Branch Northwest Lumberton
Powell Branch Northwest Lumberton
Raft Swamp Northwest Lumberton
Red Hill Branch Fairmont
Redden Branch Rennert
Reedy Branch Southeast Lumberton
Richland Swamp Northwest Lumberton
Rocky Branch Northwest Lumberton
Sand Island Slough Evergreen
Sassfrass Branch Parkton
Short Swamp Rowland
Smith Branch Rennert
Tenmile Branch Southeast Lumberton
Tenmile Swamp Tar Heel
Thick Branch Northeast Lumberton
Tuckleberry Branch Bladenboro
Turkey Branch Southwest Lumberton
Turkey Branch McDonald
Watering Hole Swamp Rowland
Watering Hole Swamp Pembroke
White Oak Branch Northwest Lumberton
White Oak Swamp Tar Heel
Wildcat Branch Northeast Lumberton
Wilkinson Creek Rowland
Wilson Branch Southeast Lumberton

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Robeson County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Robeson County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.