Rutherford County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Rutherford County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Branch Dysartsville
Bailey Creek Moffitt Hill
Beaverdam Creek Benn Knob
Big Branch Dysartsville
Big Camp Creek Rutherfordton North
Big Horse Creek Chesnee
Big Spring Branch Forest City
Bills Creek Shingle Hollow
Bowen Branch Boiling Springs North
Box Creek Glenwood
Bracketts Creek Forest City
Brier Creek Benn Knob
Buck Branch Boiling Springs North
Buck Branch Forest City
Buck Hollow Branch Dysartsville
Buffalo Creek Lake Lure
Buncomb Branch Rutherfordton North
California Branch Glenwood
Cane Creek Chesnee
Cane Creek Rutherfordton North
Cane Creek Lake Lure
Case Branch Rutherfordton North
Catheys Creek Forest City
Cedar Creek Shingle Hollow
Chalk Creek Sugar Hill
Charles Creek Rutherfordton South
Cherry Creek Rutherfordton North
Cleghorn Creek Rutherfordton South
Cobb Branch Glenwood
Collins Creek Dysartsville
Copper Mine Branch Forest City
Cove Branch Glenwood
Cove Creek Shingle Hollow
Crawley Branch Rutherfordton North
Cub Creek Polkville
Devils Fork Dysartsville
Dills Creek Fingerville East
Duncans Creek Polkville
East Branch Mountain Creek Shingle Hollow
Fall Creek Bat Cave
Floyds Creek Chesnee
Fork Creek Dysartsville
Frog Creek Rutherfordton North
Gap Branch Glenwood
Goodes Creek Chesnee
Grays Creek Rutherfordton South
Grayson Creek Dysartsville
Greasy Creek Sugar Hill
Green Branch Dysartsville
Green Branch Polkville
Green River Rutherfordton South
Gringer Branch Sugar Hill
Hardburgain Branch Dysartsville
Harris Creek Rutherfordton North
Harrison Branch Dysartsville
Heaveners Creek Sunshine
Hills Creek Chesnee
Hogpen Branch Forest City
Hollands Creek Rutherfordton North
Hunting Creek Sunshine
Isham Fork Polkville
Island Creek Lake Lure
Jarretts Creek Fingerville East
Johanna Branch Dysartsville
Kelly Branch Dysartsville
Knob Creek Shingle Hollow
Koon Branch Moffitt Hill
Lewis Creek Sugar Hill
Little Camp Creek Rutherfordton North
Little First Broad River Dysartsville
Long Branch Rutherfordton South
Maple Creek Pea Ridge
McKinney Creek Fingerville East
Mill Creek Rutherfordton North
Molly Fork Dysartsville
Morrow Creek Forest City
Mountain Creek Rutherfordton South
Mountain Creek Sunshine
Mountain Creek Polkville
Negro Creek Dysartsville
Newcomb Branch Glenwood
North Fork First Broad Creek Dysartsville
North Fork Sally Queen Creek Dysartsville
Otter Creek Sugar Hill
Pheasant Creek Benn Knob
Piney Creek Shingle Hollow
Piney Knob Creek Shingle Hollow
Pool Creek Lake Lure
Pot Branch Benn Knob
Puzzle Creek Forest City
Queen Branch Dysartsville
Richardson Creek Fingerville East
Riddles Creek Chesnee
Roberson Creek Forest City
Roper Creek Dysartsville
Rosy Branch Moffitt Hill
Second Broad River Chesnee
Shoal Branch Glenwood
Shoal Creek Dysartsville
Smalley Creek Dysartsville
Smart Branch Dysartsville
Somey Creek Dysartsville
South Creek Dysartsville
South Fork Hoppers Creek Dysartsville
Stone Creek Sugar Hill
Stonecutter Creek Rutherfordton South
Stoney Creek Glenwood
Sudlow Branch Dysartsville
Taylor Branch Polkville
Taylor Creek Moffitt Hill
Thompson Branch Polkville
Three Springs Branch Dysartsville
Walker Branch Dysartsville
Wash Branch Moffitt Hill
Webbs Creek Forest City
West Branch Mountain Creek Shingle Hollow
West Fork Sandy Run Boiling Springs North
Wolf Creek Lake Lure
Youngs Creek Shingle Hollow

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Rutherford County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Rutherford County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.