Union County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Union County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Branch Monroe
Austin Branch Watson
Barkers Branch Marshville
Bates Branch Waxhaw
Bearskin Creek Monroe
Beaverdam Creek Marshville
Beaverdam Creek Monroe
Becky Branch Olive Branch
Blue Branch Unity
Blythe Creek Waxhaw
Booger Branch Unity
Brandon Branch Watson
Buck Branch Watson
Buck Branch Monroe
Buffalo Creek Tradesville
Bull Branch Stanfield
Bull Branch Watson
Camp Branch Monroe
Carolina Creek Pageland
Cedar Branch Wingate
Chinkapin Creek Watson
Cool Spring Branch Marshville
Cow Branch Catawba NE
Cowhorn Branch Catawba NE
Cowpens Branch Wingate
Crisco Branch Oakboro
Crooked Creek Stanfield
Culvert Branch Waxhaw
Davis Branch Van Wyck
Davis Mine Creek Matthews
Dry Fork Monroe
Duck Creek Midland
East Fork Stewarts Creek Bakers
East Fork Twelvemile Creek Catawba NE
Flag Branch Wingate
Flag Branch Watson
Flag Pond Branch Van Wyck
Gibbs Branch Pageland
Glen Branch Waxhaw
Gold Branch Watson
Gold Branch Olive Branch
Goose Creek Midland
Gourdvine Creek Olive Branch
Grassy Branch Stanfield
Grassy Creek Stanfield
Gum Log Branch Pageland
Haney Branch Wingate
Haw Branch Watson
Horsepen Branch Wingate
Horsepen Branch Bakers
Jacks Branch Olive Branch
Joes Branch Wingate
Keener Branch Van Wyck
Lacey Branch Olive Branch
Lee Branch Waxhaw
Lick Branch Marshville
Lick Branch Bakers
Little Brown Creek Hornsboro
Little Mill Creek Watson
Little Richardson Creek Monroe
Little Twelvemile Creek Waxhaw
Little Water Branch Olive Branch
Long Branch Midland
Machine Branch Waxhaw
Maness Branch Olive Branch
Maple Springs Branch Wingate
Marvin Branch Weddington
McBride Branch Weddington
McNeely Branch Waxhaw
Meadow Branch Watson
Middle Fork Rays Fork Wingate
Mill Creek Watson
Mill Creek Pageland
Missouri Branch Unity
Molly Branch Waxhaw
Mountain Springs Branch Wingate
Mundys Run Waxhaw
Norkett Branch Marshville
North Fork Crooked Creek Bakers
Paddle Branch Bakers
Polecat Creek Tradesville
Price Mill Creek Waxhaw
Racoon Branch Tradesville
Rays Fork Watson
Reason Branch Stanfield
Reedy Branch Wingate
Robin Branch Unity
Rone Branch Catawba NE
Salem Creek Olive Branch
Simpson Branch Unity
South Fork Crooked Creek Bakers
Spring Branch Watson
Stegall Branch Olive Branch
Stewart Branch Unity
Stewarts Creek Watson
Stumplick Branch Bakers
Underwood Creek Waxhaw
Wallace Branch Hornsboro
Water Branch Olive Branch
Watson Creek Watson
Waxhaw Branch Wingate
Waxhaw Creek Van Wyck
West Fork Twelvemile Creek Catawba NE
Wicker Branch Pageland
Wide Mouth Branch Marshville
Windrow Branch Matthews

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Union County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Union County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.