Wilkes County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Wilkes County

Place USGS Topo Map
Basin Creek Whitehead
Bear Branch Osbornville
Bear Den Branch Horse Gap
Bee Branch Traphill
Bee Tree Branch Wilkesboro
Bell Branch McGrady
Big Branch Traphill
Big Bugaboo Creek Ronda
Big Sandy Creek Traphill
Big Warrior Creek Boomer
Blood Creek Boomer
Bowlin Creek Horse Gap
Brier Creek Roaring River
Brooks Branch Whitehead
Buckwheat Branch Horse Gap
Bullhead Creek Glade Valley
Bumgarner Branch Horse Gap
Bussels Creek Osbornville
Camp Branch Traphill
Camp Branch Traphill
Camp Creek Whitehead
Cane Creek Traphill
Caudill Branch Whitehead
Cheatwood Branch Traphill
Church Branch McGrady
Clear Branch Horse Gap
Clercy Branch Osbornville
Coal Creek Purlear
Cook Branch McGrady
Cub Creek Wilkesboro
Darnell Creek Horse Gap
Dehart Branch McGrady
Dogwood Branch Horse Gap
Double Creek Traphill
Dugger Creek Osbornville
Dugger Creek Grandin
Dungeon Creek McGrady
East Prong Roaring River Traphill
East Swan Creek Ronda
Elk Branch Buffalo Cove
Elk Creek Grandin
Fall Creek Maple Springs
Fish Dam Creek Wilkesboro
Fishing Creek Roaring River
Fletcher Creek Maple Springs
Fox Branch Maple Springs
Gambill Creek McGrady
Garden Creek Glade Valley
Gladys Fork Boomer
Grassy Fork Thurmond
Grays Creek Ronda
Halls Creek McGrady
Handy Branch McGrady
Harris Creek Traphill
Hay Meadow Creek Wilkesboro
Hoopers Branch Wilkesboro
Huffman Branch Purlear
Hughes Branch Ronda
Jones Creek Purlear
Joshua Creek McGrady
Kilby Branch Wilkesboro
Laurel Branch Maple Springs
Left Prong Stony Fork Maple Springs
Lewis Fork Boomer
Little Bugaboo Creek Ronda
Little Creek Maple Springs
Little Cub Creek Wilkesboro
Little Dugger Creek Buffalo Cove
Little Elkin Creek Ronda
Little Fork Glendale Springs
Little Fork Creek Purlear
Little Hunting Creek Osbornville
Little Sandy Creek Traphill
Little Warrior Creek Boomer
Long Branch Thurmond
Long Branch Traphill
Lousy Creek Wilkesboro
Lovelace Creek Whitehead
Matts Branch Buffalo Cove
Meadow Branch Purlear
Meadow Branch Maple Springs
Middle Fork Reddies River Purlear
Middle Prong Roaring River Traphill
Mill Creek Horse Gap
Mill Creek Maple Springs
Millers Creek Wilkesboro
Moravian Creek Wilkesboro
Muddy Branch Traphill
Mulberry Creek Roaring River
Naked Creek Purlear
Noel Branch McGrady
North Fork Reddies River Purlear
North Prong Lewis Fork Purlear
Old Taylor Branch Horse Gap
Osborn Creek Osbornville
Osborn Creek Horse Gap
Pegs Branch Buffalo Cove
Pike Creek McGrady
Pine Mountain Branch McGrady
Pumpkin Creek Boomer
Pumpkin Run Maple Springs
Purlear Creek Purlear
Quarry Branch Purlear
Ready Branch Purlear
Reddies River Wilkesboro
Richardson Branch McGrady
Roaring River Roaring River
Robbins Branch Horse Gap
Rock Creek Roaring River
Roten Creek Horse Gap
Sam Branch Osbornville
Sandy Creek Purlear
Shell Creek Maple Springs
Simmons Branch Buffalo Cove
Smitheys Creek Purlear
Snider Branch Horse Gap
South Fork Reddies River Purlear
South Prong Lewis Fork Purlear
Sparks Creek Traphill
Stanley Branch Horse Gap
Stewart Creek Traphill
Stone Mountain Creek Glade Valley
Stony Fork Boomer
Swan Creek Ronda
Tucker Hole Creek Wilkesboro
Tumbling Shoals Creek Wilkesboro
Turkey Cove Branch McGrady
Twin Branch McGrady
Twomile Branch Purlear
Warrior Creek Boomer
West Camp Branch Whitehead
West Prong Moravian Creek Moravian Falls
West Prong Roaring River Traphill
West Swan Creek Ronda
Whites Creek Boomer
Widows Creek Glade Valley
Wingler Creek Horse Gap
Wolf Branch Traphill
Wooten Creek McGrady
Yates Creek Grandin
York Creek Traphill

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Wilkes County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Wilkes County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.