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Jefferson County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Jefferson County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allman Run Salineville
Barbers Run Steubenville West
Blockhouse Run Steubenville West
Blues Run Tiltonsville
Brimstone Run Wellsville
Brimstone Run Salineville
Brush Creek Wellsville
Burgett Run Bergholz
Cabbage Run Dillonvale
Carter Run Wellsville
Cedar Creek Knoxville
Cedar Lick Creek Smithfield
Cedar Lick Run Steubenville West
Clay Lick Creek Smithfield
Coal Run Harrisville
Cross Creek Steubenville East
Croxton Run Weirton
Culp Run Richmond
Dennis Run Wellsville
Dry Fork Steubenville West
Dry Fork Dillonvale
Dry Run Wellsville
Dry Run Wellsville
Dry Run Salineville
Elk Lick Amsterdam
Elkhorn Creek Bergholz
Flag Run Harrisville
Georges Run Steubenville East
Goose Creek Amsterdam
Goose Run Wellsville
Goose Run Dillonvale
Granny Bour Salineville
Grassy Run Richmond
Gungeon Hollow Run Steubenville West
Hale Run Knoxville
Harrah Run Smithfield
Henderson Run Smithfield
Hildebrand Run Richmond
Hollow Rock Run Wellsville
Hump Run Bergholz
Island Creek Weirton
Jeddo Run Weirton
Jeremy Run East Liverpool South
Jug Run Dillonvale
Keyhole Run Knoxville
Leas Branch Richmond
Limestone Run Tiltonsville
Little Island Creek Weirton
Little McIntyre Creek Smithfield
Little Piney Fork Smithfield
Little Rush Run Tiltonsville
Little Salt Run Steubenville West
Little Short Creek Tiltonsville
Long Run Steubenville West
Long Run Salineville
Long Run Dillonvale
Lowery Run Wellsville
Mathews Run Salineville
McIntyre Creek Steubenville West
McKims Run Steubenville East
McLain Run Salineville
Nancy Run Salineville
North Branch Cross Creek Smithfield
North Fork Short Creek Dillonvale
North Fork Wills Creek Knoxville
North Fork Yellow Creek Wellsville
Permars Run Steubenville East
Perrin Run Dillonvale
Pine Run Smithfield
Piney Fork Dillonvale
Plum Run Steubenville West
Possum Hollow Run Steubenville West
Ralston Run Salineville
Riddles Run Steubenville West
Righthand Fork Croxton Run Weirton
Riley Run Salineville
Rippy Run Richmond
Roach Run Salineville
Roach Run Salineville
Rocky Run Wellsville
Rose Run Salineville
Rush Run Tiltonsville
Rush Run Knoxville
Salem Creek Smithfield
Salt Run Tiltonsville
Salt Run Wellsville
Shelley Run Knoxville
Short Creek Tiltonsville
Slab Run Steubenville West
Slabcamp Creek Steubenville West
South Branch Island Creek Knoxville
South Branch Wills Creek Knoxville
Tarburner Run Wellsville
Tarrs Run Steubenville East
Thompson Run Smithfield
Town Fork Wellsville
Town Fork Richmond
Upper North Fork Bergholz
Wells Run Steubenville West
Williamson Run Tiltonsville
Wills Creek Knoxville
Wolf Run Amsterdam
Woods Run Smithfield
Yellow Creek Wellsville

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Jefferson County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Jefferson County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.