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Lawrence County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Lawrence County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aaron Creek Waterloo
Ankrims Run Catlettsburg
Asbury Creek Sherritts
Bakers Fork Buffalo Creek Sherritts
Bear Creek Huntington
Bear Run Pedro
Beech Fork Buffalo Creek Sherritts
Bent Creek Huntington
Big Branch Creek Huntington
Big Spring Creek Aid
Brushy Branch Waterloo
Brushy Buckeye Creek Sherritts
Brushy Fork South Webster
Buck Creek Kitts Hill
Buck Creek Waterloo
Buckeye Creek Sherritts
Buckeye Creek Waterloo
Buffalo Creek Huntington
Buffalo Creek Waterloo
Cambria Creek Gallia
Camp Branch Long Creek Aid
Cannons Creek Pedro
Carpenter Creek Patriot
Caulley Creek Sherritts
Charley Creek Huntington
Clean Fork Athalia
Coffee and Tea Creek Waterloo
Coffee Creek Aid
Cooney Branch Pedro
Corbin Creek Aid
Darby Creek Pedro
DeLoss Creek Aid
Dicks Creek Aid
Dirty Fork Athalia
Dog Fork Kitts Hill
Drift Creek Aid
Elkins Creek Sherritts
Ellisonville Creek Pedro
Federal Creek Athalia
Fivemile Creek Huntington
Fourmile Creek Huntington
Gervais Run Greenup
Hagley Creek Barboursville
Haines Branch Buffalo Creek Catlettsburg
Handley Branch Sherritts
Hecla Branch Storms Creek Ironton
Hog Run Ironton
Ice Creek Ashland
Indian Creek Gallia
Indian Guyan Creek Huntington
Islington Run Ironton
Johns Creek Waterloo
Kettle Run Pedro
Kimble Creek Pedro
Laurel Branch Aid
Leatherwood Creek Aid
Lick Creek Catlettsburg
Little Buffalo Creek Waterloo
Little Ice Creek Ironton
Little Indian Guyan Creek Aid
Little Paddy Creek Barboursville
Little Pine Creek Pedro
Little Storms Creek Kitts Hill
Long Creek Waterloo
Markin Fork Kitts Hill
McCall Creek Barboursville
McKinney Creek Huntington
Michaels Run Barboursville
Middle Leatherwood Creek Catlettsburg
Middle Paddy Creek Barboursville
Mounts Branch Aid
Nancy Branch Aid
Ned Fork Kitts Hill
Negro Creek Pedro
Norman Run Ironton
Norris Branch Ironton
Olive Creek South Webster
Osborne Run Ironton
Paddle Creek Sherritts
Paddy Creek Barboursville
Painter Creek Pedro
Perkins Branch Aid
Peters Run Sherritts
Pine Creek Athalia
Polecat Branch Hag Run Ironton
Poplar Fork Pedro
Prickley Ash Creek Pedro
Rankin Creek Huntington
Reeves Creek Aid
Sandusky Creek Huntington
Saw Mill Run Pedro
Scarey Creek Catlettsburg
Sharps Creek Aid
Skin Creek Kitts Hill
Slab Fork Johns Creek Sherritts
Slate Run Aid
Solida Creek Catlettsburg
Spring Branch Kitts Hill
Steel Trap Creek Aid
Storms Creek Ironton
Sugar Creek Kitts Hill
Symmes Creek Huntington
Tar Kiln Run Pedro
Trace Creek Aid
Turkey Creek Waterloo
Turkey Fork Kitts Hill
Twomile Creek Athalia
Union Branch Ironton
Venisonham Creek Aid
Wagner Branch Aid
Wall Creek Aid
Watson Creek Aid
Willow Creek Catlettsburg
Wolf Creek Aid
Yellow Branch Ironton
Yellow Creek Aid

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Lawrence County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Lawrence County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.