Comanche County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Comanche County

Place USGS Topo Map
Apache Lake Quanah Mountain
Beef Pond Arbuckle Hill
Burford Lake Quanah Mountain
Burford Lake Quanah Mountain
Caddo Lake Quanah Mountain
Caddo Lake Quanah Mountain
Canyon Lake Quanah Mountain
Cletus White Reservoir Fletcher
Comanche Lake Saddle Mountain
Crater Lake Quanah Mountain
Cut Throat Lake Cooperton
Duck Pond Elgin
Elgin Pond Arbuckle Hill
Elmer Thomas Lake Mount Scott
Engineer Pond Mount Scott
Fish Lakes Quanah Mountain
French Lake Quanah Mountain
French Lake Quanah Mountain
Geronimo Pond Fort Sill
Grama Lake Saddle Mountain
Gramma Lake Saddle Mountain
Hollis Pond Saddle Mountain
Hunting Horse Pond Elgin
Jed Johnston Lake Mount Scott
Jump Pond Fort Sill
Ketch Lake Mount Scott
Kiowa Lake Saddle Mountain
Kiowa Lake Quanah Mountain
Lake Ellsworth Elgin
Lake George Arbuckle Hill
Lake Jed Johnson Mount Scott
Lake Lawton Lawton
Lake Lawtonka Mount Scott
Lake Lawtonka Meers
Lake Rush Mount Scott
Lake Unity Taupa
Legion Pond Fort Sill
Little Washita Creek Site 18 Reservoir Rocky Ford
Little Washita Creek Site 19 Reservoir Fletcher
Little Washita Creek Site 21 Reservoir Fletcher
Little Washita Creek Site 22 Reservoir Fletcher
Little Washita Creek Site 31 Reservoir Fletcher
Little Washita Creek Site 32 Reservoir Rocky Ford
Little Washita Creek Site 33 Reservoir Rocky Ford
Little Washita River Site 30 Reservoir Fletcher
Little Washita Site 50 Reservoir Rocky Ford
Logan Lake Mount Scott
Lonell Hays Reservoir Fletcher
Lost Lake Quanah Mountain
Lost Lake Quanah Mountain
Love Pond Elgin
Menard Pond Elgin
Mercer Minnow Ponds Lawton
Nineteen Seventy-six Pond Fort Sill
Northeast Corner Pond Elgin
Northeast Corner Pond Elgin
O’Connell Pond Elgin
Oknoname 031001 Reservoir Elgin
Oknoname 031002 Reservoir Fletcher
Oknoname 031003 Reservoir Sterling
Oknoname 031004 Reservoir Sterling
Oknoname 031005 Reservoir Sterling
Oknoname 031006 Reservoir Arbuckle Hill
Oknoname 031007 Reservoir Fletcher
Oknoname 031009 Reservoir Fletcher
Oknoname 031010 Reservoir Fletcher
Oknoname 031011 Reservoir Sterling
Oknoname 031012 Reservoir Sterling
Oknoname 031013 Reservoir Sterling
Oknoname 031014 Reservoir Ninemile Creek
Oknoname 031015 Reservoir Fletcher
Oknoname 031016 Reservoir Elgin
Oknoname 031017 Reservoir Odetta
Oknoname 031018 Reservoir Post Oak Creek
Oknoname 031019 Reservoir Post Oak Creek
Oknoname 031020 Reservoir Post Oak Creek
Oknoname 031021 Reservoir Post Oak Creek
Oknoname 031022 Reservoir Faxon
Oknoname 031023 Reservoir Chattanooga
Oknoname 031024 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031025 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031026 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031027 Reservoir Walters NE
Oknoname 031028 Reservoir Walters NE
Oknoname 031029 Reservoir Walters NE
Oknoname 031030 Reservoir Temple NW
Oknoname 031031 Reservoir Letitia
Oknoname 031032 Reservoir Letitia
Oknoname 031033 Reservoir Ninemile Creek
Oknoname 031034 Reservoir Letitia
Oknoname 031035 Reservoir Letitia
Oknoname 031036 Reservoir Arbuckle Hill
Oknoname 031037 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031038 Reservoir Mount Scott
Oknoname 031039 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031040 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031041 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031042 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031043 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031044 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031045 Reservoir Taupa
Oknoname 031047 Reservoir Lawton
Oknoname 031048 Reservoir Lawton
Oknoname 031049 Reservoir Lawton
Oknoname 031050 Reservoir Lawton
Oknoname 031051 Reservoir Lawton
Oknoname 031052 Reservoir Lawton
Oknoname 031053 Reservoir Ninemile Creek
Oknoname 031054 Reservoir Ninemile Creek
Oknoname 031055 Reservoir Letitia
Oknoname 031055 Reservoir Ninemile Creek
Oknoname 031057 Reservoir Letitia
Oknoname 031058 Reservoir Ninemile Creek
Oknoname 031059 Reservoir Ninemile Creek
Oknoname 031060 Reservoir Geronimo
Oknoname 031061 Reservoir Whites Lake
Oknoname 031062 Reservoir Lawton
Oknoname 031063 Reservoir Faxon
Oknoname 031064 Reservoir Faxon
Oknoname 031065 Reservoir Odetta
Oknoname 031066 Reservoir Indiahoma
Oknoname 031067 Reservoir Indiahoma
Oknoname 031068 Reservoir Faxon
Oknoname 031070 Reservoir Lawton
Osage Lake Quanah Mountain
Osceola Pond Mount Scott
Owl Pond Fort Sill
Post Oak Lake Quanah Mountain
Potawatomi Twins Reservoir Quanah Mountain
Pottawatomie Pond Quanah Mountain
Quanah Lake Mount Scott
Quanah Parker Lake Quanah Mountain
Quanah Parker Lake Mount Scott
Quannett Pond Elgin
Richard Cox Reservoir Denton
Rocket Pond Fort Sill
Rudd Pond Elgin
Rumbough Pond Fort Sill
Rush Lake Mount Scott
Snow Pond Fort Sill
Sun Set Pool Quanah Mountain
Three Crows Pond Mount Scott
Treasure Lake Quanah Mountain
Upper Canyon Lake Quanah Mountain
Upper Frisco Pond Elgin
Upper Strange Pond Fort Sill
West Lake Mount Scott

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Comanche County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Comanche County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.