McCurtain County Fishing Streams

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Streams in McCurtain County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ash Creek De Queen NW
Bad Branch Acworth
Bear Creek Hee Creek
Beaver Creek Stephens Gap
Bee Branch Stephens Gap
Bee Creek Stephens Gap
Beech Creek Watson
Beeman Creek Rocky Creek
Benningfield Creek Golden
Big Branch Alikchi
Big Hudson Creek Watson
Biggam Creek Stephens Gap
Black Creek Goodwater
Black Sulphur Creek Alikchi
Blackwell Branch Battiest
Blue Creek Smithville
Bluff Creek Battiest
Boji Creek Stephens Gap
Bokchito Creek Acworth
Boktuklo Creek Smithville
Boss Creek Idabel SE
Briar Branch Old Glory Mountain
Brigham Young Branch Old Glory Mountain
Buck Creek Hee Creek
Buffalo Creek Hee Creek
Bull Creek Bog Springs
Burke Branch Stephens Gap
Buzzard Creek Millerton
Camp Branch Eagletown
Campbell Creek Garvin
Cane Creek Hee Creek
Caney Creek Bear Mountain
Caney Creek Watson
Canyon Creek Bethel
Carnasaw Creek Broken Bow
Carpenter Branch Bethel
Carson Creek Stephens Gap
Carter Creek Bear Mountain
Cedar Creek Bear Mountain
Cedar Creek Stephens Gap
Clear Creek Millerton
Colbert Creek Golden
Coon Creek Broken Bow
Coon Creek Bethel
Cooper Creek Eagletown
Courthouse Creek Golden
Cow Creek Cove
Crooked Creek Goodwater
Crooked Creek Shults
Cypress Creek Wright City
Deadman Branch Idabel SE
Death Creek Eagletown
Deer Creek Alikchi
Dog Creek Battiest
Dry Branch Goodwater
Dry Branch Stephens Gap
Dry Creek Watson
Dyer Creek Stephens Gap
East Boktuklo Creek Smithville
East Creek Battiest
East Fork Glover River Rocky Creek
East Fork Lukfata Creek Old Glory Mountain
East Fork Yanubbee Creek Broken Bow
East Otter Creek Tablerville
East Terrapin Creek Rocky Creek
Edwards Creek Battiest
Egypt Creek Stephens Gap
Fifteen Creek Golden
Fish Fry Creek Broken Bow
Gar Creek Hee Creek
Garland Creek Millerton
Garvin Creek Garvin
Gibbs Creek Golden
Glover River Golden
Goodwater Creek Goodwater
Harkin Franklin Creek Golden
Hee Creek Hee Creek
Hickory Branch Stephens Gap
Holly Branch De Kalb NW
Holly Creek Idabel
Holly Creek Hee Creek
Horse Head Creek Golden
Horsepen Branch Broken Bow
Hudson Creek Hee Creek
Hurricane Creek Smithville
Lamas Branch Stephens Gap
Lewis Slough Idabel SE
Lick Creek Eagletown
Lick Creek Eagletown
Liksuklo Creek Eagletown
Linson Creek Hee Creek
Little Dry Creek Watson
Little Grassy Slough Idabel SE
Little Pine Creek Bethel
Little Rock Creek Tablerville
Little Silver Creek Battiest
Little White Oak Creek Wright City
Little Wolf Creek Alikchi
Long Branch Steel Junction
Long Creek Alikchi
Lost Springs Creek Golden
Lower Cedar Creek Stephens Gap
Lukfata Creek Idabel
Luksuklo Creek Tablerville
Martin Creek Golden
McKinsey Slough Acworth
Middle Caney Creek Arkinda
Middle Carter Creek Old Glory Mountain
Middle Fork Lukfata Creek Old Glory Mountain
Middle Fork Yanubbee Creek Broken Bow
Middle Rock Creek Tablerville
Mine Creek Watson
Mitchell Creek Golden
Mountain Fork Goodwater
Mud Creek Shults
Mud Creek Bethel
Mud Lick Creek Watson
Nancy Branch Stephens Gap
North Bee Creek Stephens Gap
North Carter Creek Bear Mountain
North Cedar Creek Bear Mountain
North Cedar Creek Stephens Gap
North Holly Creek Hee Creek
North Linson Creek Hee Creek
North Long Creek Alikchi
North Otter Creek Stephens Gap
North Watson Creek Clebit
Norwood Creek Tom
Otter Creek Stephens Gap
Panther Branch Hee Creek
Panther Creek Hee Creek
Panther Creek Watson
Parker Creek Bokhoma
Pero Creek Chapel Hill
Perry Creek Acworth
Pine Creek Tom
Pine Creek Wright City
Pine Creek Rocky Creek
Pine Lake Slough Golden
Ponka Bok Creek Goodwater
Prairie Branch Chapel Hill
Push Creek Tom
Ramos Creek Smithville
Red Branch Goodwater
Rock Creek Chapel Hill
Rock Creek Shults
Rock Creek Wright City
Rock Creek Alikchi
Rock Creek Smithville
Rock Creek Cove
Rocky Creek Rocky Creek
Roosevelt Creek Smithville
Rough Branch Broken Bow
Rough Branch Stephens Gap
Salt Creek Idabel
Sand Creek Golden
Sand Springs Branch Wright City
Sandy Creek Bokhoma
Shell Rock Creek Bear Mountain
Silver Creek Battiest
Sixmile Creek Watson
Slate Branch Broken Bow
Slate Creek Chapel Hill
South Boktuklo Creek Golden
South Carter Creek Old Glory Mountain
South Cedar Creek Old Glory Mountain
South Holly Creek Hee Creek
South Linson Creek Hee Creek
South Long Creek Alikchi
South Watson Creek Clebit
Stephens Branch Steel Junction
Stephens Creek Stephens Gap
Stephens Gap Branch Stephens Gap
Stevens Creek Wright City
Sunk Lake Slough Garvin
Tanyard Branch English
Terrapin Creek Shults
Terrapin Creek Sobol
Tidwell Creek Bear Mountain
Turkey Creek Hee Creek
Turkey Creek Spencerville
Walford Creek Stephens Gap
Ward Creek Smithville
Waterfall Creek Idabel SE
Waterhole Creek Acworth
Watson Branch Battiest
West Fork Glover River Rocky Creek
West Fork Lukfata Creek Old Glory Mountain
West Fork Middle Rock Creek Tablerville
West Fork Yanubbee Creek Broken Bow
Wheeler Branch Goodwater
Wheelock Creek Golden
Whisky Branch Bear Mountain
White Oak Creek Arkinda
White Oak Creek Wright City
Whitegrass Creek Acworth
Willis Creek Rocky Creek
Wilson Creek Alikchi
Winship Branch Battiest
Wolf Creek Alikchi
Yanubbee Creek Shults
Yashau Creek Shults

Above is a map and a list of the streams in McCurtain County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within McCurtain County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.