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Osage County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Osage County

Place USGS Topo Map
Antelope Creek Grainola
Baconrind Creek Bluestem Lake
Battle Creek Avant
Bayliss Creek Grainola
Bedford Creek Doga Creek
Big Drum Creek Prettyhair Creek
Bigheart Creek Sand Springs
Birch Creek Barnsdall
Birch Creek Whippoorwill
Bitter Creek Hominy
Black Dog Creek Cleveland
Blackbird Creek Hominy
Boar Creek Hominy NE
Boggy Creek Wekiwa
Brush Creek Watchorn
Buck Creek Woolaroc
Buck Creek New Prue
Buck Creek Pearsonia NE
Buffalo Creek Nelagoney
Bug Creek Bug Creek
Bull Creek Avant NW
Bull Creek Avant
Camp Creek Bowring SE
Candy Creek Avant
Cedar Creek Avant NW
Cedar Creek Bowring SE
Cedar Creek Barnsdall
Cedar Creek New Prue
Cedar Creek Whippoorwill
Cedar Creek Pawhuska
Charley Creek Charley Creek West
Choteau Creek Barnsdall
Claremore Creek Hominy
Clear Creek Pawhuska
Clear Creek Doga Creek
Clem Creek Avant
Cochahee Creek Barnsdall
Coon Creek Whippoorwill
Coon Creek Bowring
Cotton Creek Whippoorwill
Dad Creek Avant SE
Daniels Run Lucy Creek
Dog Creek Pearsonia NW
Dog Thresher Creek Barnsdall
Doga Creek Doga Creek
Dry Creek Skedee
Dry Creek Pearsonia NE
Dry Creek Pearsonia
Dugout Creek Shidler
Eagle Creek Avant NW
East Choteau Creek Barnsdall
East Fork Doga Creek Charley Creek East
East Hickory Creek Bowring
East Prong Quapaw Creek Avant
Elm Creek Herd
Elm Creek Shidler
Fourmile Creek Barnsdall
Goose Creek Avant SE
Gray Horse Creek Skedee
Haines Creek Shidler
Hay Creek Shidler
Hellroaring Creek Happy Hollow
Hickory Creek Bowring
Hickory Creek Pearsonia
Higgins Creek Bluestem Lake
Jim Creek Burbank
Little Candy Creek Wolco
Little Chief Creek Burbank
Little Drum Creek Prettyhair Creek
Little Hominy Creek Hominy
Little Rock Creek Woolaroc
Little Sand Creek Nanos
Little Waresha Creek Keystone Dam
Lone Tree Creek Grainola
Lost Creek Bowring
Lost Creek Nelagoney
Lost Creek Avant SW
Lost Man Creek Burbank
Lucy Creek Lucy Creek
Mahala Creek Hominy NE
Maher Creek Bluestem Lake
McCormick Creek Pawhuska
Mechetsemoi Creek Cleveland
Middle Bird Creek Pawhuska
Middle Fork Doga Creek Charley Creek East
Mill Creek New Prue
Mission Creek Bowring SE
Moshetomoie Creek Hominy NE
Mud Creek Burbank
Mud Creek Keystone Dam
Mud Creek Pawhuska
Mud Creek Pawhuska
Mud Creek Nanos
Nelagoney Creek Nelagoney
Nicicola Creek Hominy
North Bird Creek Pearsonia
North Fox Creek Pearsonia NE
Opossum Creek Bowring
Otter Creek Grainola
Panther Creek Woolaroc
Paula Creek Nelagoney
Penn Creek Hominy NE
Pennel Creek Barnsdall
Pond Creek Whippoorwill
Potato Creek Shidler
Prettyhair Creek Prettyhair Creek
Quapaw Creek Avant SE
Quapaw Creek Pawhuska
Rainbow Creek Happy Hollow
Ranch Creek Herd
Red Eagle Branch Barnsdall
Rock Creek Avant SE
Rock Creek Keystone Dam
Rock Creek Nelagoney
Rock Creek Burbank
Rush Creek Pawhuska
Salt Creek Fairfax
Sand Creek Hominy NE
Sand Creek Cleveland
Sarge Creek Kaw City
Saucy Calf Creek Nelagoney
Scanlon Creek Cleveland
Shell Creek Wekiwa
Simpkins Creek Prettyhair Creek
Skull Creek Bowring
Smith Creek Pearsonia NW
Soldier Creek Pawhuska
Solomon Creek Burbank
South Bird Creek Bluestem Lake
South Buck Creek Pearsonia NW
South Fork Pond Creek Pearsonia NE
Spring Creek Grainola
Spring Creek Whippoorwill
Stewart Creek Burbank
Sunset Creek Hominy NE
Sycamore Creek Skedee
Tall Chief Creek Avant SE
Tate Creek Fairfax
Thunderbolt Creek Bowring
Tucker Creek Avant
Turkey Creek Avant NW
Turkey Creek Avant SE
Turkey Creek Woolaroc
Turkey Creek Whippoorwill
Turkey Creek Whippoorwill
Turkey Run Happy Hollow
Twomile Creek Hominy NE
Tyner Creek Avant
Vandruff Creek Cleveland
Walnut Creek Keystone Dam
Wamsley Creek Shidler
Waresha Creek Keystone Dam
West Fork Doga Creek Charley Creek East
West Hickory Creek Bowring
West Prong Quapaw Creek Avant
Wild Creek Fairfax
Wild Hog Creek Nanos
Wild Horse Creek Burbank
Wildhorse Creek Avant NW

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Osage County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Osage County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.