Pushmataha County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Pushmataha County

Place USGS Topo Map
Albion Creek Albion
Anderson Creek Yanush
Beaver Creek Antlers East
Beulah Creek Dunbar
Big Branch Caney Mountain
Big Waterhole Creek Rattan
Bitter Creek Kosoma
Black Fork Nashoba
Blowup Creek Dunbar
Briar Branch Creek Kosoma
Brushy Creek Cloudy
Brushy Creek Honobia
Bryant Branch Kiamichi
Buck Creek Moyers
Buffalo Creek Yanush
Bull Creek Dunbar
Bullpen Creek Cloudy
Buzzard Creek Nashoba
Buzzard Creek Wildhorse Mountain
Can Creek Caney Mountain
Caney Creek Sobol
Caney Creek Snow
Caney Creek Jumbo
Caroline Creek Kosoma
Cedar Creek Kosoma
Cedar Creek Honobia
Chickasaw Creek Kosoma
Clay Branch Moyers
Clear Creek Farris
Clear Creek Albion
Clear Creek Adel
Cloudy Creek Caney Mountain
Coffee Creek Antlers West
Colby Creek Farris
Cole Creek Moyers
Cripple Creek Nashoba
Crooked Creek Spencerville
Crumb Creek Adel
Davenport Creek Farris
Davis Branch Nashoba
Dog Creek Finley
Dog Creek Cloudy
Dry Branch Daisy
Dry Creek Albion SW
Duck Creek Rattan
Dumpling Creek Antlers East
Elm Creek Moyers
Fish Creek Rattan
Fobb Creek Dunbar
Frederick Creek Moyers
Garland Creek Nashoba
Glade Branch Rattan
Grassy Creek Kosoma
Hackett Creek Dunbar
Haggerman Creek Antlers East
Hampton Creek Moyers
Hardy Creek Wildhorse Mountain
Harris Creek Caney Mountain
Harris Creek Nashoba
Hog Creek Rattan
Holly Creek Caney Mountain
Holly Creek Honobia
Honobia Creek Honobia
Horsehead Creek Moyers
Horsehead Creek Moyers
Houston Creek Caney Mountain
Hurd Creek Clayton
Jack Creek Nashoba
Jackfork Creek Clayton
Johns Creek Dunbar
Judge Cox Branch Kosoma
Kimbrough Creek Moyers
Leflore Creek Nashoba
Lick Branch Rattan
Lily Pond Creek Kosoma
Little Cedar Creek Antlers East
Little Cedar Creek Stanley
Little Davenport Creek Farris
Little Kimbrough Creek Moyers
Little Tenmile Creek Jumbo
Little Turkey Creek Sobol
Little Waterhole Creek Finley
Little Wildhorse Creek Moyers
Long Bell Creek Dunbar
Long Creek Albion SW
Maddox Creek Dunbar
Marble Creek Dunbar
Maxwell Creek Sardis
Middle Branch Clear Creek Daisy
Middle One Creek Cloudy
Middle Terrapin Creek Signal Mountain
Mill Creek Rattan
Mill Creek Cloudy
Monkeywrench Creek Dunbar
Mud Creek Dunbar
Negro Creek Rattan
Nelson Branch Rattan
North Branch Elm Creek Farris
North Brushy Creek Cloudy
North Cedar Creek Wildhorse Mountain
North Harris Creek Nashoba
North Holly Creek Caney Mountain
North Jack Creek Nashoba
North Jackfork Creek Sardis
North One Creek Cloudy
North Turkey Creek Sobol
One Creek Rattan
One Creek Finley
Paley Creek Nashoba
Panther Creek Moyers
Patterson Creek Moyers
Peal Creek Clayton
Peterson Creek Clayton
Peveyhouse Creek Adel
Pickens Creek Nashoba
Pine Creek Dunbar
Pine Creek Farris
Pole Creek Jumbo
Polecat Creek Albion SE
Possum Creek Rattan
Possum Creek Dunbar
Post Oak Creek Whitesboro
Rain Creek Caney Mountain
Robison Creek Kosoma
Rock Creek Rattan
Rock Creek Moyers
Rock Creek Adel
Rock Pen Creek Caney Mountain
Salt Creek Sobol
Satterfield Branch Adel
Shorty Creek Jumbo
Silver Creek Jumbo
Slicker Creek Wildhorse Mountain
Snow Creek Snow
South Branch Elm Creek Farris
South Branch Frazier Creek Spencerville
South Fork Walnut Creek Kiamichi
South Holly Creek Caney Mountain
Spring Branch Jumbo
Spring Branch Jumbo
Stink Branch Moyers
Stovepipe Creek Dunbar
Taylor Creek Dunbar
Tenmile Creek Moyers
Tombstone Creek Whitesboro
Turkey Creek Snow
Uphill Creek Albion SE
Walnut Creek Albion
Watson Creek Nashoba
West Dog Creek Cloudy
West Fork Snow
West Terrapin Creek Signal Mountain
Whisky Branch Signal Mountain
Whisky Creek Moyers
Wildcat Creek Dunbar
Wildcat Creek Adel
Wildhorse Creek Moyers
Wildhorse Creek Albion SE
Yerby Branch Farris

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Pushmataha County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Pushmataha County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.