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Baker County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Baker County

Place USGS Topo Map
A Reservoir Oxman
Adobe Pond Sumpter
Ant Waterhole Oxman
Anthony Lake Anthony Lakes
Anthony Lakes Anthony Lakes
Bacher Creek Reservoir Glasgow Butte
Badsky Pond Rock Creek
Balm Creek Reservoir Balm Creek Reservoir
Bearwallow Reservoir Halfway
Beaverdam Pond Beaverdam Creek
Bedsprings Flat Reservoir Lawrence Creek
Benchmark Waterhole Lost Basin
Bennehoff Reservoir Bowen Valley
Bennett Reservoir French Gulch
Benson Reservoir Huntington
Between Pond Eldorado Pass
Black Lake Anthony Lakes
Buck Flat Waterhole Rye Valley
Bucket Lake Elkhorn Peak
Bug Waterhole Oxman
Butler Reservoir Wingville
China Creek Corral Pond Beaverdam Creek
China Lake Unity Reservoir
Clear Creek Reservoir Cornucopia
Constance Reservoir Keating
Cougar Pond Elkhorn Peak
Cow Waterhole Oxman
Coyote Waterhole Lost Basin
Cranston Reservoir Keating
Crater Lake Krag Peak
Crow Reservoir Posy Valley
Curtis Lake Krag Peak
D Reservoir Oxman
De Vos Pond Wingville
Denny Pond Unity
Densley Reservoir Posy Valley
Divide Pond Rastus Mountain
Dooley Gulch Pond Unity Reservoir
Downie Lake Mount Ireland
Dutch Flat Lake Anthony Lakes
E T Reservoir Lime
East Fork Reservoir Dooley Mountain
East Lakes Reservoir Cornucopia
Elms Reservoir Unity
F Reservoir Oxman
Feller Pond Rastus Mountain
Fish Lake Deadman Point
G Reservoir Oxman
Goodrich Lake Elkhorn Peak
Goose Lake Balm Creek Reservoir
Gover Reservoir Balm Creek Reservoir
Gulch Reservoir Posy Valley
Haines Pond Number One Haines
Haines Pond Number Two Rock Creek
Hanby Reservoir Unity Reservoir
Haskell Reservoir Blue Canyon
Higgins Reservoir Hereford
Highway 203 Pond Baker City
Hoffer Lakes Anthony Lakes
Homesite Reservoir Keating NW
Inman Reservoir Haines
Iris Pond Sumpter
J Reservoir Oxman
Juniper Mountain Waterhole Lime
Juniper Mountain Waterhole Number Two Lime
K Reservoir Oxman
Killamacue Lake Bourne
Kirby Reservoir Lost Basin
Kivett Reservoir Number 1 Birch Creek Meadow
Kivett Reservoir Number 2 Birch Creek Meadow
Kivett Reservoir Number 3 Birch Creek Meadow
Kolb Reservoir Baker City
L Reservoir Oxman
Laird Reservoir Posy Valley
Licklider Reservoir Bowen Valley
Lilypad Lake Anthony Lakes
Lone Pine Waterhole Baker City
Long Creek Reservoir Rastus Mountain
Lost Lake Anthony Lakes
Lost Lake Reservoir Deadman Point
Love Reservoir Keating
Lower Pine Lake Krag Peak
Maxwell Pond Haines
Meadow Lake Anthony Lakes
Mehlhorn Reservoir Cornucopia
Midway Pond Sumpter
Miles Pond Blue Canyon
Mill Pond Richland
Morfitt Reservoir Unity
Motley Reservoir Jimtown
Mud Lake Jimtown
Mud Lake Deadman Point
Mud Lake Anthony Lakes
Mud Spring Pond Unity Reservoir
Munn Reservoir Pogue Point
Murray Reservoir Eldorado Pass
N Reservoir Oxman
Nault Reservoir Bowen Valley
North Powder Pond Number One North Powder
O Reservoir Oxman
Old Auburn Reservoir Blue Canyon
Old Camp Pond Whitney
Oxbow Reservoir Cuddy Mountain
Oxbow Reservoir Oxbow
P Reservoir Oxman
Phillips Lake Phillips Lake
Pierce Waterhole Oxman
Pine Creek Reservoir Elkhorn Peak
Pine Lakes Krag Peak
Pole Gulch Reservoir Wendt Butte
Powell Creek Reservoir Durkee
Prowell Reservoir Bowen Valley
Q Reservoir Oxman
R Reservoir Oxman
Railroad Pond Sumpter
Red Mountain Lake Anthony Lakes
Red Mountain Reservoir Cornucopia
Rock Creek Lake Elkhorn Peak
Rock Creek Reservoir Rock Creek
Rock Pond Pogue Point
S Reservoir Oxman
S V Reservoir Bowen Valley
Sackos Pond Rock Creek
Schuck Waterhole Lawrence Creek
Seig Ponds Wingville
Sheep Waterhole Oxman
Smith Lake Baker City
Soda Lake Daly Creek
South Guzzler Waterhole Lawrence Creek
Steele Reservoir Cornucopia
Stices Gulch Reservoir Dooley Mountain
Stoddard Reservoir Sparta Butte
Sugarloaf Reservoir Deadman Point
Summit Lake Anthony Lakes
Sumpter Reservoir Bourne
Sunflower Flat Pond Beaverdam Creek
Swale Pond Sumpter
T Reservoir Oxman
Tammy Pond Rastus Mountain
Taylor Reservoir Lawrence Creek
Thief Valley Reservoir Telocaset
Timber Canyon Waterhole Posy Valley
Toney Reservoir Haines
Triangle Reservoir Lime
Trout Creek Reservoir Whitney
True Blue Reservoir Lost Basin
Truscot Waterhole Oxman
Twin Lakes Elkhorn Peak
Two Color Lake Krag Peak
Unity Reservoir Unity Reservoir
Upper Pine Lake Krag Peak
Van Patten Lake Anthony Lakes
Vaughn Reservoir Bowen Valley
Vogel Reservoir Blue Canyon
Welch Reservoir Lawrence Creek
Wendt Reservoir Oxman
West Fork Reservoir Dooley Mountain
Whited Reservoir Unity
Widman Reservoir Glasgow Butte
Willow Creek Lake Elkhorn Peak
Wirth Reservoir Keating NW
Wyatt Reservoir Sparta
Y Reservoir Lime

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Baker County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Baker County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.