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Benton County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Benton County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Creek Corvallis
Alder Creek Alsea
Alexander Creek Kings Valley
Arbor Creek Lewisburg
Arnold Creek Alsea
Bailey Creek Alsea
Bailey Creek Summit
Baker Creek Alsea
Baker Creek Airlie South
Banton Creek Prairie Peak
Bark Creek Marys Peak
Beaty Creek Alsea
Beaver Creek Greenberry
Belknap Creek Monroe
Benner Creek Digger Mountain
Blackberry Creek Prairie Peak
Blair Creek Wren
Blakesley Creek Wren
Blue Lake Slough Harrisburg
Bonner Creek Kings Valley
Booneville Slough Corvallis
Bottger Creek Summit
Bounds Creek Wren
Bowers Slough Lewisburg
Briar Creek Digger Mountain
Brown Creek Greenberry
Brown Creek Prairie Peak
Bull Run Creek Greenberry
Bummer Creek Prairie Peak
Bump Creek Kings Valley
Burch Creek Digger Mountain
Burchard Creek Summit
Burgett Creek Kings Valley
Buttermilk Creek Corvallis
Cabin Creek Alsea
Calloway Creek Lewisburg
Camp Creek Five Rivers
Cathcart Creek Alsea
Cedar Creek Five Rivers
Cedar Creek Prairie Peak
Cedar Creek Flat Mountain
Cheyenne Creek Flat Mountain
Chintimini Creek Marys Peak
Clark Creek Marys Peak
Clark Slough Peoria
Coal Bank Creek Digger Mountain
Coleman Creek Glenbrook
Connection Creek Wren
Crooked Creek Five Rivers
Crooked Creek Alsea
Devitt Creek Marys Peak
Digger Creek Grass Mountain
Dinner Creek Flat Mountain
Dixon Creek Corvallis
Dodge Slough Harrisburg
Dry Creek Corvallis
Dubuque Creek Prairie Peak
Duffy Creek Flat Mountain
Dunawi Creek Corvallis
East Fork Marys River Summit
Easter Creek Alsea
Elk Creek Five Rivers
Enos Creek Wren
Ernest Creek Alsea
Ervin Creek Flat Mountain
Evergreen Creek Corvallis
Fall Creek Glenbrook
Five Rivers Five Rivers
Foster Creek Kings Valley
Frazier Creek Riverside
Fuller Creek Airlie South
Gardner Creek Glenbrook
Gellatly Creek Wren
Gellatly Creek Wren
Gleason Creek Flat Mountain
Gravel Creek Alsea
Gray Creek Greenberry
Gray Creek Wren
Greasy Creek Wren
Griffith Creek Wren
Hammer Creek Monroe
Happy Hollow Creek Summit
Hawley Creek Monroe
Hayden Creek Alsea
Headrick Creek Prairie Peak
Henderson Creek Flat Mountain
Honey Grove Creek Alsea
Howell Creek Glenbrook
Hull Creek Greenberry
Hyde Creek Flat Mountain
Hymes Creek Marys Peak
Ingram Slough Harrisburg
Jackson Creek Riverside
Jones Creek Wren
Kiger Creek Alsea
Kimble Ridge Creek Grass Mountain
Kiser Creek Flat Mountain
Kopplein Creek Summit
La Bare Creek Wren
Lake Ridge Creek Grass Mountain
Lake Slough Monroe
Lamprey Creek Corvallis
Larsen Creek Monroe
Lasky Creek Marys Peak
Little Alder Creek Alsea
Little Lobster Creek Digger Mountain
Long Tom River Peoria
Lytle Creek Laurel Mountain
Maltby Creek Digger Mountain
Martha Creek Digger Mountain
Marys River Corvallis
Mason Creek Grass Mountain
Maxfield Creek Kings Valley
McGlynn Creek Five Rivers
Meadow Creek Digger Mountain
Mercer Creek Flat Mountain
Middle Fork Berry Creek Airlie South
Middle Fork Rock Creek Wren
Mill Creek Alsea
Miller Creek Monroe
Miller Creek Glenbrook
Miller Creek Wren
Millrace Corvallis
Moss Creek Flat Mountain
Mountain View Creek Lewisburg
Muddy Creek Corvallis
Mulkey Creek Corvallis
Narrow Creek Digger Mountain
Newton Creek Corvallis
Nichols Creek Monroe
North Fork Alsea River Alsea
North Fork Berry Creek Airlie South
North Fork Mill Creek Grass Mountain
North Fork Rock Creek Wren
North Fork Salmonberry Creek Digger Mountain
Norton Creek Marys Peak
Nye Creek Glenbrook
Oak Creek Corvallis
Oleman Creek Summit
Oliver Creek Monroe
Parker Creek Alsea
Peak Creek Prairie Peak
Perkins Slough Harrisburg
Phillips Creek Five Rivers
Plunkett Creek Kings Valley
Powell Creek Flat Mountain
Price Creek Kings Valley
Rambo Creek Glenbrook
Read Creek Wren
Record Creek Prairie Peak
Reese Creek Monroe
Rickard Creek Flat Mountain
Ridenour Creek Flat Mountain
Roberts Creek Alsea
Rock Creek Wren
Rock Creek Prairie Peak
Ryder Creek Alsea
Salmon Creek Alsea
Salmonberry Creek Digger Mountain
Scheele Creek Marys Peak
Schoolhouse Creek Digger Mountain
Seeley Creek Alsea
Shafer Creek Monroe
Shingle Creek Summit
Skunk Creek Corvallis
Slate Creek Grass Mountain
Slide Creek Alsea
South Creek Flat Mountain
South Fork Alsea River Alsea
South Fork Berry Creek Airlie South
South Fork Rock Creek Wren
South Fork Salmonberry Creek Digger Mountain
Spencer Creek Flat Mountain
Spring Branch Airlie South
Staats Creek Airlie South
Starr Creek Greenberry
Stewart Slough Riverside
Stilson Creek Wren
Swamp Creek Prairie Peak
Tatum Creek Wren
Taylor Creek Five Rivers
Tobe Creek Prairie Peak
Trout Creek Prairie Peak
Vincent Creek Kings Valley
Watkins Creek Wren
Watson Creek Kings Valley
Weaver Creek Glenbrook
Wells Creek Flat Mountain
West Fork Marys River Summit
West Fork Mill Creek Grass Mountain
Westwood Creek Flat Mountain
Wilkinson Creek Digger Mountain
Williams Creek Glenbrook
Wilson Creek Prairie Peak
Woods Creek Wren
Woods Creek Kings Valley
Writsman Brook Airlie South
Yew Creek Alsea
Zahn Creek Alsea

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Benton County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Benton County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.