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Clatsop County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Clatsop County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abercrombie Creek Gearhart
Adair Slough Warrenton
Alder Creek Vinemaple
Alder Creek Vinemaple
Alder Creek Warrenton
Alder Creek Necanicum Junction
Arch Cape Creek Arch Cape
Asbury Creek Arch Cape
Austin Creek Arch Cape
Barrett Creek Astoria
Barrett Slough Astoria
Barrow Creek Knappa
Battle Creek Slough Olney
Bayney Creek Olney
Bear Creek Cathlamet Bay
Bear Creek Sunset Spring
Beaver Creek Saddle Mountain
Beerman Creek Tillamook Head
Beneke Creek Sager Creek
Bergsvik Creek Necanicum Junction
Big Creek Elsie
Big Creek Knappa
Big Creek Slough Cathlamet Bay
Big Noise Creek Cathlamet
Blind Slough Knappa
Boxer Creek Marshland
Brandis Creek Necanicum Junction
Brower Creek Olney
Brown Creek Astoria
Buchanan Creek Soapstone Lake
Bull Heifer Creek Vinemaple
Buster Creek Vinemaple
Calendar Slough Cathlamet Bay
Canyon Creek Tillamook Head
Carmen Creek Knappa
Casey Slough Olney
Cedar Creek Arch Cape
Cedar Creek Vinemaple
Cedar Creek Elsie
Charlie Creek Necanicum Junction
Chisana Creek Arch Cape
Circle Creek Tillamook Head
Clayton Creek Arch Cape
Coal Creek Clear Creek
Columbia River Clatsop Spit
Coon Creek Wickiup Mountain
Cooperage Slough Olney
Cougar Creek Soapstone Lake
Cow Creek Vinemaple
Cow Creek Nicolai Mountain
Craig Creek Astoria
Crawford Creek Sager Creek
Crescent Creek Tillamook Head
Crosel Creek Astoria
Cullaby Creek Olney
Cullaby Slough Gearhart
David Creek Birkenfeld
Davis Creek Cathlamet Bay
Destruction Creek Saddle Mountain
Dogwood Creek Knappa
Driscoll Slough Cathlamet
East Humbug Creek Vinemaple
Ecola Creek Tillamook Head
Elk Creek Wickiup Mountain
Eskeline Creek Cathlamet Bay
Fall Creek Arch Cape
Fall Creek Soapstone Lake
Fall Creek Hamlet
Fall Creek Saddle Mountain
Ferris Creek Cathlamet Bay
Fertile Valley Creek Knappa
Fishhawk Creek Vinemaple
Fox Creek Green Mountain
Furtado Creek Vinemaple
George Creek Elsie
George Creek Vinemaple
Gilmore Creek Vinemaple
Ginger Creek Clear Creek
Gnat Creek Knappa
Gods Valley Creek Hamlet
Gold Creek Elsie
Grassy Lake Creek Soapstone Lake
Green Slough Astoria
Griffin Creek Arch Cape
Grindy Creek Saddle Mountain
Grizzly Slough Knappa
Grub Creek Birkenfeld
Hamilton Creek Vinemaple
Hanson Slough Cathlamet
Heckard Creek Olney
Hillcrest Creek Cathlamet Bay
Hortill Creek Olney
Hug Creek Arch Cape
Humbug Creek Elsie
Hunt Creek Cathlamet
Indian Creek Tillamook Head
Jack Creek Astoria
Jack Horner Creek Soapstone Lake
Jeffers Slough Astoria
Joe Creek Necanicum Junction
John Day Creek Green Mountain
John Day River Cathlamet Bay
Johnson Creek Tillamook Head
Johnson Creek Olney
Johnson Slough Olney
Josie Creek Vinemaple
Kale Creek Sager Creek
Kelly Creek Cathlamet
Klaskanine River Olney
Klickitat Creek Olney
Klines Creek Vinemaple
Klootchie Creek Tillamook Head
Knappa Slough Knappa
Knotts Creek Cathlamet
Larsen Creek Elsie
Laws Creek Olney
Lewis and Clark River Astoria
Lindsley Creek Necanicum Junction
Little Bear Creek Cathlamet Bay
Little Creek Knappa
Little Ferris Creek Cathlamet Bay
Little Fishhawk Creek Vinemaple
Little Humbug Creek Necanicum Junction
Little Joe Creek Necanicum Junction
Little Muddy Creek Tillamook Head
Little North Fork Nehalem River Hamlet
Little South Fork Lewis and Clark River Necanicum Junction
Little Wallooskee River Astoria
Logan Creek Tillamook Head
Loowit Creek Olney
Lost Creek Hamlet
Lost Lake Creek Elsie
Lousignont Creek Sager Creek
Mabel Creek Saddle Mountain
Mail Creek Necanicum Junction
Marsh Island Creek Knappa
Martin Creek Sunset Spring
Marys Creek Cathlamet Bay
Mason Creek Arch Cape
McClure Creek Elsie
McFarlane Creek Cathlamet
McNary Creek Cathlamet
Meyer Creek Tillamook Head
Middle Fork North Fork Klaskanine River Green Mountain
Military Creek Sunset Spring
Mill Creek Knappa
Mill Creek Astoria
Mill Creek Gearhart
Moores Creek Vinemaple
Moosmoos Creek Olney
Mud Creek Wickiup Mountain
Mulak Creek Sager Creek
Neacoxie Creek Gearhart
Neawanna Creek Gearhart
Necanicum River Gearhart
Nelson Creek Birkenfeld
North Fork Abercrombie Creek Gearhart
North Fork Cronin Creek Elsie
North Fork Ecola Creek Tillamook Head
North Fork Klaskanine River Green Mountain
North Fork Necanicum River Necanicum Junction
North Fork North Fork Klaskanine River Green Mountain
North Fork Quartz Creek Elsie
North Fork Rock Creek Sunset Spring
Northrup Creek Sager Creek
Old Skipanon Creek Warrenton
Olson Creek Sunset Spring
Osgood Creek Green Mountain
Osweg Creek Elsie
Pearse Creek Olney
Peterson Slough Olney
Pigpen Creek Wickiup Mountain
Plympton Creek Cathlamet
Quartz Creek Elsie
Red Rock Creek Arch Cape
Red Slough Cathlamet
Rock Creek Knappa
Rock Creek Cathlamet Bay
Rock Creek Green Mountain
Sager Creek Sager Creek
Salmon Creek Tillamook Head
Shangrila Creek Tillamook Head
Shark Creek Arch Cape
Shweeash Creek Olney
Skipanon River Warrenton
Skipanon Slough Warrenton
Skookum Creek Gearhart
Slaughters Creek Sager Creek
Soapstone Creek Soapstone Lake
South Fork Klaskanine River Green Mountain
South Fork Lewis and Clark River Necanicum Junction
South Fork Necanicum River Necanicum Junction
South Fork Quartz Creek Elsie
South Fork Rock Creek Sunset Spring
South Fork Spruce Run Creek Elsie
South Fork Youngs River Green Mountain
Spear Creek Cathlamet Bay
Speelyai Creek Olney
Spruce Run Creek Elsie
Stanley Creek Sager Creek
Stavebolt Creek Olney
Stewart Creek Astoria
Strum Creek Sager Creek
Supply Creek Knappa
Svensen Slough Cathlamet Bay
Sweet Home Creek Hamlet
Tansy Creek Warrenton
Thompson Creek Gearhart
Tillangora Creek Tillamook Head
Trail Creek Soapstone Lake
Tucker Creek Olney
Tucker Slough Olney
Vera Creek Warrenton
Volmer Creek Tillamook Head
Walford Johnson Creek Olney
Walker Creek Sager Creek
Walker Creek Sager Creek
Wallooskee River Astoria
Warner Creek Necanicum Junction
Warner Creek Marshland
Warren Slough Knappa
Waterfall Creek Tillamook Head
Waterworks Creek Green Mountain
Wawa Creek Olney
Weed Creek Sunset Spring
West Branch Mulak Creek Sager Creek
West Creek Nassa Point
West Fork Ecola Creek Tillamook Head
West Fork Plympton Creek Nicolai Mountain
West Humbug Creek Vinemaple
Westport Slough Cathlamet
Williamson Creek Tillamook Head
Wolf Creek Necanicum Junction
Youngs River Astoria

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Clatsop County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Clatsop County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.