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Columbia County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Columbia County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Creek Deer Island
Adams Creek Marshland
Alder Creek Chapman
Alder Creek Chapman
Apilton Creek Trenholm
Archibald Creek Pittsburg
Battle Creek Pittsburg
Bear Creek Vernonia
Beaver Creek Marshland
Beaver Creek Vernonia
Beaver Creek Oak Point
Beaver Slough Oak Point
Bishop Creek Trenholm
Bradbury Slough Oak Point
Brush Creek Chapman
Buck Creek Delena
Calvin Creek Marshland
Carcus Creek Delena
Carr Slough Rainier
Cedar Creek Pittsburg
Cedar Creek Chapman
Cedar Creek Vernonia
Clatskanie River Clatskanie
Clear Creek Clear Creek
Coal Creek Dixie Mountain
Coal Creek Vernonia
Conyers Creek Clatskanie
Cook Creek Pittsburg
Coon Creek Vernonia
Cougar Creek Birkenfeld
Cox Creek Chapman
Cries Creek Oak Point
Crooked Creek Saint Helens
Crooked Creek Pittsburg
Cunningham Slough Saint Helens
Dairy Creek Sauvie Island
Dart Creek Saint Helens
Deep Creek Chapman
Deep Creek Birkenfeld
Deer Creek Pittsburg
Dell Creek Vernonia
Dobbins Slough Oak Point
Dog Creek Baker Point
Dooly Creek Chapman
East Branch Fox Creek Rainier
East Creek Clatskanie
East Fork Nehalem River Pittsburg
Eastman Creek Clatskanie
Eilertsen Creek Marshland
Elk Creek Delena
Elk Creek Bacona
Endicott Creek Trenholm
Evans Slough Saint Helens
Fall Creek Clatskanie
Fall Creek Chapman
Fall Creek Pittsburg
Fall Creek Clear Creek
Falls Creek Delena
Favorite Creek Marshland
Fishhawk Creek Birkenfeld
Fishhawk Creek Marshland
Flume Creek Coal Creek
Ford Creek Marshland
Fox Creek Rainier
Frogmore Slough Saint Helens
Gilbert River Saint Helens
Girt Creek Rainier
Goble Creek Rainier
Gourlay Creek Dixie Mountain
Graham Creek Marshland
Green Creek Coal Creek
Green Timber Creek Clear Creek
Gus Creek Pittsburg
Harrie Creek Deer Island
Honeyman Creek Saint Helens
Ivy Creek Birkenfeld
Jack Falls Rainier
Jackson Creek Saint Helens
Jim George Creek Bacona
John Slough Oak Point
Johnson Creek Pittsburg
Joy Creek Sauvie Island
Kelli Slough Nassa Point
Kenusky Creek Bacona
Keystone Creek Clatskanie
Kinnunen Cut Oak Point
Kist Creek Clear Creek
Knickerson Creek Vernonia
Lane Creek Birkenfeld
Langfeld Creek Clatskanie
Larson Slough Oak Point
Lava Creek Baker Point
Lazy Creek Dixie Mountain
Lindgren Creek Marshland
Little Clatskanie River Baker Point
Little Deer Creek Pittsburg
Little Jack Falls Rainier
Lizzie Creek Chapman
Lost Creek Delena
Lower North Fork Clear Creek
Ludviksen Slough Nassa Point
Lyons Creek Marshland
Martin Creek Clatskanie
Maynard Creek Birkenfeld
McBride Creek Deer Island
McCoon Creek Marshland
McLafferty Creek Chapman
McLean Slough Oak Point
McNulty Creek Saint Helens
Merril Creek Clatskanie
Merrill Creek Deer Island
Messing Creek Clatskanie
Michigan Slough Oak Point
Miller Creek Clatskanie
Milton Creek Saint Helens
Mollenhour Creek Bacona
Mud Creek Dixie Mountain
Mud Fork Pittsburg
Neer Creek Rainier
Nice Creek Rainier
North Fork Clatskanie River Delena
North Fork Fishhawk Creek Marshland
North Fork Green Timber Creek Clear Creek
North Fork McNulty Creek Saint Helens
North Fork Stewart Creek Oak Point
North Fork Wolf Creek Clear Creek
North Scappoose Creek Saint Helens
Oak Ranch Creek Pittsburg
Oasis Creek Rainier
OK Creek Marshland
Olsen Creek Marshland
Owl Creek Rainier
Page Creek Clatskanie
Palm Creek Delena
Pebble Creek Vernonia
Perkins Creek Green Mountain
Perry Creek Saint Helens
Petes Slough Saint Helens
Piedmont Creek Rainier
Poysky Slough Oak Point
Randa Slough Nassa Point
Raymond Creek Dixie Mountain
Rinearson Slough Coal Creek
Roaring Creek Clatskanie
Rock Creek Vernonia
Ross Creek Marshland
Salmon Creek Chapman
Salmonberry Creek Trenholm
Salt Creek Dixie Mountain
Santosh Slough Saint Helens
Scappoose Creek Saint Helens
Selder Creek Birkenfeld
Sly Creek Chapman
Smith Creek Trenholm
South Fork Battle Creek Pittsburg
South Fork Beaver Creek Delena
South Fork Clear Creek Clear Creek
South Fork Goble Creek Rainier
South Fork Green Timber Creek Clear Creek
South Olsen Creek Marshland
South Prong Clear Creek Clear Creek
South Scappoose Creek Saint Helens
Stewart Creek Oak Point
Swamp Creek Vernonia
Tandy Creek Marshland
Tank Creek Oak Point
Teal Creek Saint Helens
Tide Creek Deer Island
Trailover Creek Sager Creek
Upper North Fork Clear Creek
Vonberg Creek Clatskanie
Wallace Slough Nassa Point
Warren Creek Saint Helens
Weed Creek Clear Creek
Welter Creek Rainier
West Creek Clatskanie
West Fork Carcus Creek Delena
West Fork Pebble Creek Vernonia
Whiskey Joe Slough Nassa Point
Wilson Creek Delena
Wolf Creek Dixie Mountain
Wood Creek Marshland
Wrong Way Creek Marshland

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Columbia County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Columbia County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.