Douglas County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Douglas County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Lake Twin Lakes Mountain
Alsea Log Pond Winston
Amos Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Andy Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Barnhart Reservoir Camas Valley
Bear Creek Reservoir Yoncalla
Beaver Lake Pickett Butte
Beaver Pond Tyee
Berry Creek Reservoir Tenmile
Bradley Lake Staley Ridge
Briggs Reservoir White Rock
Buckeye Lake Buckeye Lake
Bug Lake Emigrant Butte
Bullpup Lake Reynolds Ridge
Burchard Lake Scottsburg
Butterfly Lake Tahkenitch Creek
Calamut Lake Tolo Mountain
Carmen Lake Buckeye Lake
Carter Lake Tahkenitch Creek
Castor Lake Buckeye Lake
Cavitt Lake Red Butte
Clear Lake Winchester Bay
Clearwater Number One Forebay Potter Mountain
Clearwater Number Two Forebay Toketee Falls
Cleveland Log Ponds Tenmile
Cliff Lake Buckeye Lake
Combs Reservoir Camas Valley
Cooper Creek Reservoir Sutherlin
Corder Log Pond Canyonville
Crown Z Lake Tahkenitch Creek
Cultus Lake Deadman Mountain
Dead Cow Lake Quartz Mountain
Denley Reservoir Oak Creek Valley
Denn Reservoir Camas Valley
Diamond Lake Diamond Lake
Dillard Log Pond Winston
Dixonville Log Pond Dixonville
Doerner Creek Reservoir Reston
Doerner Reservoir Garden Valley
Dollar Log Ponds Glendale
Drain Plywood Company Log Pond Drain
Drew Lake Richter Mountain
Edward Wageman Reservoir Tenmile
Elbow Lake Tahkenitch Creek
Eleanor Reservoir Dodson Butte
Elkton Pond Elkton
Engles and Worth Log Pond Myrtle Creek
Esmond Lake Gunter
Eugene Log Pond Roseburg East
Fawn Lake Fish Creek Desert
Fish Creek Forebay Toketee Falls
Fish Creek Reservoir Fish Creek Desert
Fish Lake Buckeye Lake
Flagg Reservoir Putnam Valley
Fords Pond Sutherlin
Fox Pond Bone Mountain
Fuller Lake Staley Ridge
Gardiner Reservoir Reedsport
Glendale Reservoir Glendale
Grier Reservoir Callahan
Harpham Lake Quartz Mountain
Harris Reservoir Roseburg West
Hawkins Lake Callahan
Hayward Pond McCullough Creek
Heart Lake Tiller
Hemlock Lake Quartz Mountain
Herbert Log Pond Canyonville
Hidden Valley Reservoir Garden Valley
Hiles Reservoir Canyonville
Hillman Reservoir Canyonville
Horse Lake Diamond Lake
Hubbard Pond Roseburg West
Indigo Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Iverson Log Ponds Roseburg East
Joseph Reed Reservoir Tiller
June Lake Emigrant Butte
Keystone Log Pond Canyonville
Kinnan Reservoir Camas Valley
Lake Charline Tolo Mountain
Lake Diane Curtin
Lake Edna Winchester Bay
Lake in the Woods Quartz Mountain
Lake Lucile Tolo Mountain
Lake Marie Winchester Bay
Lake Patricia Tolo Mountain
Lake Stomar Reservoir Nickel Mountain
Lammys Reservoir Roseburg West
Lawrence Reservoir Curtin
Lemolo Forebay Toketee Falls
Lemolo Lake Lemolo Lake
Lemolo Number 2 Forebay Toketee Falls
Linda Lake Tolo Mountain
Little Fish Lake Buckeye Lake
Little Reservoir Number Five Drain
Little River Log Pond Glide
Lizard Lake Rigdon Point
Loletta Lakes Staley Ridge
Loon Lake Loon Lake
Lost Lake Tahkenitch Creek
Lost Lake Callahan
Maidu Lake Tolo Mountain
Mar-Linn Log Pond Winchester
Mar-Linn Timber Corporation Log Pond Winchester
Marsh Creek Pond Twin Sisters
Marsh Reservoir Roseburg West
Martin Mill Pond Sutherlin
McCaffery Pond Lane Mountain
Melton Reservoir Roseburg East
Mill Creek Reservoir Glendale
Mosquito Lake Fish Mountain
Mount Baldy Log Pond Drain
Mud Lake Twin Lakes Mountain
Nordic Log Pond Roseburg East
North Douglas Log Ponds Sutherlin
Opal Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Pacific Plywood Corporation Log Pond Winston
Paris Reservoir Old Fairview
Park Lake Roseburg East
Pearl Lake Gunter
Pearson Log Pond Canyonville
Perkins Lake Tahkenitch Creek
Perkins Log Pond Roseburg East
Platt 1 Reservoir Nonpareil
Poole Lake Fish Mountain
Rattlesnake Gulch Reservoir Kellogg
Red Top Spring Helipond Deadman Mountain
Rieke Reservoir Roseburg West
Rinaldi Reservoir Tyee
Ringtail Pond Toketee Falls
Rodger Iverson Reservoir Camas Valley
Sampson Lake Lane Mountain
Scott Pond Canyonville
Skipper Lakes Toketee Falls
Skookum Lake Garwood Butte
Skookum Pond Buckeye Lake
Slide Creek Reservoir Toketee Falls
Smith Reservoir Reston
Smith River Lumber Company Log Pond Drain
Soda Springs Reservoir Toketee Falls
Stump Lake Garwood Butte
Sun Studs Log Pond Roseburg East
Superior Log Pond Glendale
Sutherlin Log Pond Sutherlin
Tahkenitch Lake Fivemile Creek
Teal Lake Winchester Bay
Teal Lake Diamond Lake
Three Lakes Garwood Butte
Threemile Lake Tahkenitch Creek
Thrush Reservoir Camas Valley
Thurman Weaver Reservoir Yoncalla
Timpanogas Lake Cowhorn Mountain
Tinhat Pond Tiller
Toad Lake Fish Mountain
Toketee Lake Toketee Falls
Triangle Lake Fish Mountain
Turquoise Pond Camas Valley
Twin Harbor Log Pond Glendale
Twin Lakes Twin Lakes Mountain
Umpqua Log Pond Roseburg East
Updegrave Reservoir Glide
Vaughn Log Pond Quines Creek
Wasson Lake Scottsburg
Weaver Reservoir Yoncalla
West Lake Pumice Desert West
Whistlers Bend Reservoir Oak Creek Valley
Win Walker Reservoir Quines Creek
Winchester Reservoir Winchester
Wolf Lake Fish Creek Desert
Wylie Reservoir Reston
Yellow Lake Gunter
Yoder Reservoir Roseburg West
Yoncalla Log Pond Yoncalla
Yoncalla Lumber Company Log Pond Yoncalla
Youngs Bay Lumber Company Pond Roseburg East

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Douglas County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Douglas County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.