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Grant County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Grant County

Place USGS Topo Map
Art Reservoir Suplee Butte
Balance Lake Susanville
Baldy Lake Mount Ireland
Bates Pond Bates
Battle Creek Mountain Reservoir Dayville
Beaver Reservoir Big Mowich Mountain
Big Mowich Reservoir Suplee Butte
Breaks Reservoir Buck Trough Spring
Bronco Reservoir Powell Mountain
Buffalo Lake Trout Creek
Bull Prairie Lake Whitetail Butte
Bull Run Reservoir Seneca
Burned Tree Reservoir Flag Prairie
Canyon City Reservoir John Day
Canyon Meadows Lake Big Canyon
Carpenter Pond John Day
Cayuse Reservoir Suplee Butte
Chalk Reservoir Buck Trough Spring
Chappel Gulch Reservoir Lewis Creek
Congleton Creek Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Connor Creek Reservoir Dayville
Coyote Reservoir Suplee Butte
Crawfish Lake Crawfish Lake
Davis Creek Reservoir Suplee Butte
Dead Horse Reservoir Buck Trough Spring
Division Reservoir Powell Mountain
Dry Gulch Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Dual Reservoir Suplee Butte
Dutch Oven Reservoir Flag Prairie
Elk Reservoir Suplee Butte
Forks Reservoir Buck Trough Spring
Fort Reservoir Suplee Butte
Frog Lake Roberts Creek
Gilson Pond Meadow Brook Summit
Gordon Lakes Mount Vernon
Greenwater Reservoir Suplee Butte
Guernsey Pond Canyon Mountain
H S Johnson Reservoir Seneca
Halls Lake Pine Creek Mountain
Happy Reservoir Aldrich Gulch
Hard Scrabble Reservoir Suplee Butte
Herburger Pond Mount Vernon
High Lake Strawberry Mountain
Hines Log Pond Mount Vernon
Hobnail Reservoir Suplee Butte
JB Reservoir Flag Prairie
Jumpoff Joe Lake Desolation Butte
Kelsey Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Klink Reservoir Scotty Creek
Little Mud Lake Strawberry Mountain
Little Slide Lake Strawberry Mountain
Little Strawberry Lake Strawberry Mountain
Long Creek Reservoir Long Creek
Lost Creek Reservoir Logdell
Lost Dog Reservoir Flag Prairie
Lost Indian Reservoir Aldrich Gulch
Lost Lake Desolation Butte
Magone Lake Magone Lake
Middle Bronco Reservoir Powell Mountain
Mud Flat Reservoir Flag Prairie
Mud Lake Canyon Mountain
Mud Lake Strawberry Mountain
Nash Reservoir Dayville
North Corner Reservoir Aldrich Gulch
Officers Reservoir Whiskey Mountain
Olive Lake Olive Lake
Palmer Reservoir Powell Mountain
Patterson Pond John Day
Pewee Creek Reservoir Graylock Butte
Pinchot Lake Aldrich Mountain North
Porcupine Reservoir Suplee Butte
Powder Spring Reservoir Buck Trough Spring
Prairie City Reservoir Prairie City
Pronghorn Reservoir Silvies
Rex Reservoir Seneca
Rickman Reservoir Alsup Mountain
Ringsmeyer Reservoir Aldrich Gulch
Rock Pit Reservoir Aldrich Gulch
Roosevelt Lake Aldrich Mountain North
Rush Pond Meadow Brook Summit
San Juan Log Ponds John Day
Sedge Reservoir Suplee Butte
Sedge Two Reservoir Suplee Butte
Seven Sixty Reservoir Aldrich Gulch
Sixtynine Reservoir Buck Trough Spring
Skagway Reservoir Buck Trough Spring
Slate Reservoir Buck Trough Spring
Slide Lake Strawberry Mountain
South Wind Creek Reservoir Wolf Mountain
Sproul Reservoir Logdell
Stanbro Reservoir Roberts Creek
Stewart Lake Aldrich Mountain North
Strawberry Lake Strawberry Mountain
Stump Creek Reservoir Powell Mountain
Tamarack Swamp Belshaw Meadows
The Potholes Five Hundred Flat
Thicket Reservoir Aldrich Gulch
Thomas Cavender Reservoir Monument
TJW Reservoir Buck Trough Spring
Turnpike Reservoir Powell Mountain
Twin Ponds Austin
Upper Bronco Reservoir Powell Mountain
Viewpoint Reservoir Suplee Butte
Waller Reservoir Number Four Bologna Basin
Waller Reservoir Number Four Miller Flat
Waller Reservoir Number One Miller Flat
Waller Reservoir Number Three Miller Flat
Waller Reservoir Number Two Miller Flat
Wigwam Reservoir Aldrich Gulch
Wildhorse Falls Reservoir Suplee Butte
Wildhorse Reservoir Suplee Butte
WPA Reservoir Flag Prairie
Yokum Reservoir Wolfinger Butte

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Grant County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Grant County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.