Hood River County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Hood River County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Brook Hood River
Alder Creek Parkdale
Ash Creek Dog River
Baldwin Creek Parkdale
Bear Creek Mount Hood North
Beaver Creek Ketchum Reservoir
Birdie Creek Dee
Boomer Creek Mount Hood North
Buck Creek Dog River
Buck Point Creek Wahtum Lake
Cabin Creek Mount Defiance
Camp Creek Carson
Camp Creek Dee
Campbell Creek White Salmon
Casey Creek Carson
Cat Creek Dog River
Cedar Branch Dee
Cedar Creek Hood River
Clark Creek Badger Lake
Clear Branch Mount Hood North
Coe Branch Mount Hood North
Cold Spring Creek Dog River
Collins Creek Parkdale
Compass Creek Mount Hood North
Crystal Spring Creek Dog River
Culvert Creek Dog River
Dead Point Creek Dee
Ditch Creek Hood River
Ditch Creek Dog River
Divers Creek Dee
Doe Creek Dog River
Dog River Dog River
Drop Creek Flag Point
Dry Creek Bonneville Dam
Dry Run Dee
East Fork Eagle Creek Wahtum Lake
East Fork Herman Creek Carson
East Fork Hood River Dee
Eliot Branch Mount Hood North
Elk Creek Bull Run Lake
Emil Creek Parkdale
Engineers Creek Badger Lake
Evans Creek Parkdale
Fall Creek Dog River
Ferguson Creek Hood River
Flume Creek Hood River
Fret Creek Flag Point
Gate Creek Dee
Goat Creek Flag Point
Gorton Creek Carson
Graham Creek Parkdale
Grays Creek Carson
Green Apple Creek Mount Hood South
Green Point Creek Dee
Griswell Creek Parkdale
Gumjuwac Creek Badger Lake
Harphan Creek Carson
Hazel Creek Carson
Hellroaring Creek Badger Lake
Henderson Creek Hood River
Herman Creek Carson
Hood River Hood River
Indian Creek Hood River
Indian Creek Wahtum Lake
Inlet Creek Bull Run Lake
Iron Creek Badger Lake
Jalland Creek Flag Point
Jones Creek Bull Run Lake
Kershaw Creek Parkdale
Ladd Creek Bull Run Lake
Lake Branch Dee
Laurel Creek Dee
Lenz Creek Hood River
Lindsey Creek Mount Defiance
Little Creek Dee
Little Herman Creek Carson
Long Branch Creek Dee
Lunch Creek Badger Lake
Marco Creek Wahtum Lake
McGee Creek Bull Run Lake
Meadows Creek Badger Lake
Middle Fork Hood River Dee
Midget Creek Wahtum Lake
Mine Creek Badger Lake
Mineral Creek Mount Hood South
Mitchell Creek Mount Hood South
Moody Creek Bonneville Dam
Mosquito Creek Dee
Mullinix Creek Carson
Neal Creek Hood River
Newton Creek Badger Lake
No Name Creek Wahtum Lake
North Fork Cold Spring Creek Dog River
North Fork Green Point Creek Dee
North Fork Iron Creek Mount Hood South
North Fork Mineral Creek Mount Hood South
Odell Creek Hood River
Opal Creek Wahtum Lake
Palmateer Creek Mount Hood South
Perham Creek Mount Defiance
Phelps Creek Hood River
Pine Creek Parkdale
Pine Creek Flag Point
Pinnacle Creek Mount Hood North
Pocket Creek Badger Lake
Polallie Creek Dog River
Puppy Creek Dog River
Red Hill Creek Bull Run Lake
Rhoades Creek Hood River
Rimrock Creek Dog River
Robinhood Creek Badger Lake
Rock Creek White Salmon
Rogers Creek Parkdale
Ruckel Creek Bonneville Dam
Rudolph Creek Bonneville Dam
Shelley Creek Hood River
Shelly Creek Hood River
Shingle Creek Dee
Simmons Creek Wahtum Lake
Skipper Creek Wahtum Lake
Slide Creek Carson
Snakehead Creek Ketchum Reservoir
Sorenson Creek Bonneville Dam
South Fork Cold Spring Creek Badger Lake
South Fork Iron Creek Mount Hood South
South Fork Mineral Creek Mount Hood South
South Pine Creek Dee
Spring Creek Hood River
Squeegee Creek Mount Hood North
Starvation Creek Mount Defiance
Stump Creek Bull Run Lake
Summit Creek Mount Defiance
Tilly Jane Creek Dog River
Tish Creek Tanner Butte
Tolo Creek Badger Lake
Tony Creek Dee
Trout Creek Parkdale
Tumble Creek Dog River
Tumbledown Creek Wahtum Lake
Viento Creek Mount Defiance
Ward Creek Dog River
Warren Creek Mount Defiance
Washout Creek Wahtum Lake
West Fork Evans Creek Dog River
West Fork Hood River Dee
West Fork Neal Creek Ketchum Reservoir
Whiskey Creek Hood River
Whisky Creek Carson
Wisehart Creek Parkdale
Wonder Creek Mount Defiance
Yellowjacket Creek Parkdale

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Hood River County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Hood River County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.