Jackson County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Jackson County

Place USGS Topo Map
Agate Reservoir Eagle Point
Applegate Lake Carberry Creek
Badcock Reservoir Wimer
Barrats Reservoir Siskiyou Pass
Barton Reservoir Eagle Point
Bassett Reservoir Whetstone Point
Big Lake Grizzly Peak
Billings Reservoir Ashland
Bingham Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Black Swan Lake Ashland
Blair Reservoir McConville Peak
Blue Canyon Lake Rustler Peak
Bounds Reservoir Emigrant Lake
Bradshaw Reservoir Brownsboro
Bradshaw Reservoir Number Two Rio Canyon
Brockway Reservoir Rio Canyon
Brown Reservoir Sterling Creek
Cable Reservoir Eagle Point
Chapman Lake Emigrant Lake
Chirgwin Reservoir Sams Valley
Cold Springs Reservoir Rogue River
Corp Reservoirs Ashland
Coulter Reservoir Number One Boswell Mountain
Coulter Reservoir Number Two Boswell Mountain
Crowson Reservoir Ashland
Dean Reservoir Sams Valley
Del Rio Reservoir Gold Hill
Despain Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Elk Creek Lake McLeod
Elk Creek Reservoir McLeod
Emigrant Lake Emigrant Lake
Estramado Reservoir Gold Hill
F P Number One Reservoir Brownsboro
F-P Reservoir Brownsboro
Fall Creek Reservoir Parker Mountain
Fish Lake Mount McLoughlin
Francis L Reservoir Medford East
Gammill Reservoir Medford East
Gardener Reservoir Lakecreek
Gates Reservoir Shady Cove
Gibson Reservoir Tallowbox Mountain
Gibson Reservoir Emigrant Lake
Gold Ray Reservoir Sams Valley
Goodrich Reservoir Medford West
Granger Reservoir Gold Hill
Granite Street Reservoir Ashland
Grassy Pond Rustler Peak
Gregory Reservoir McConville Peak
Gribble Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Guidottie Reservoir Grizzly Peak
Hammel Reservoir Shady Cove
Harper Reservoir Eagle Point
Harrison Reservoir Sams Valley
Harrison Reservoir Brownsboro
Hefferman Reservoir Medford West
Hilldale Reservoir Medford East
Hixson Reservoir Sams Valley
Hobart Lake Soda Mountain
Holmes Reservoir Medford East
Hoover Pond Number Three Eagle Point
Hoover Pond Number Two Eagle Point
Hoover Reservoirs Eagle Point
Howard Prairie Lake Hyatt Reservoir
Humphrey Reservoirs Shady Cove
Hunt Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Hunter-Best Reservoirs Ruch
Hyatt Reservoir Hyatt Reservoir
Ice House Lake Emigrant Lake
Indian Lake Reservoir Obenchain Mountain
Jackson Reservoir Wimer
Jacksonville Reservoir Mount Isabelle
James Reservoir Sams Valley
Juniper Glade Pond Parker Mountain
Keene Creek Reservoir Hyatt Reservoir
Kendall Slough Sams Valley
Kerby Reservoir Talent
Kettle Lake Dutchman Peak
Kinworthy Reservoir Tallowbox Mountain
Kirkham Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Koellner Reservoir Sams Valley
Korner Reservoir Sams Valley
La Marre Reservoir Ashland
Lake Creek Reservoir Rio Canyon
Lake of the Cedars Sams Valley
Lane and Shephard Reservoirs Trail
Larson Creek Reservoir Medford East
Lester James Reservoir Sams Valley
Lester James Reservoir Number 3 Sams Valley
Lily Pond Rustler Peak
Ling Reservoir Parker Mountain
Little Hyatt Reservoir Hyatt Reservoir
Lomoha Reservoir Sams Valley
Long Branch Reservoir Brownsboro
Lost Creek Lake McLeod
Lost Lake Grizzly Peak
Lower Reservoir Ashland
Lowry Reservoir Medford East
Mack Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Magerly Reservoir Gold Hill
Manley Reservoir Brown Mountain
Marlin Reservoir Sams Valley
Martin Reservoir Sams Valley
Martin Reservoir Medford West
Mayes Reservoir Eagle Point
McCollum Reservoir Rogue River
McCormick Reservoir Sams Valley
McKee Lake Rustler Peak
Medco Number 3 Pond Eagle Point
Medco Pond Prospect South
Merriman Reservoir Ashland
Meyer Memorial Lake Ashland
Military Slough Reservoirs Sams Valley
Minear Reservoir Medford West
Modoc Pond Sams Valley
Modoc Reservoirs Sams Valley
Monogram Lakes Siskiyou Peak
Moore Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Morris Reservoir Sams Valley
Nelson Reservoir Sams Valley
Nelson Reservoir Medford East
North Blue Lake Group Rustler Peak
North Fork Diversion Reservoir Prospect North
Nygren Reservoir Rio Canyon
Oregon Gulch Reservoir Number One Parker Mountain
Osborne Reservoir Brownsboro
Owen Reservoir Brownsboro
Owens Reservoir Brownsboro
Parsnip Lakes Soda Mountain
Persist Ranch Reservoirs Whetstone Point
Petrehn Reservoir Sams Valley
Peyton Reservoir Cascade Gorge
Pierce Reservoir Rio Canyon
Porcupine Reservoir Siskiyou Pass
Price Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Quackenbush Reservoir Sams Valley
Red Blanket Reservoir Prospect North
Reeder Reservoir Ashland
Rim Reservoir Parker Mountain
Robinson Reservoir Shady Cove
Rosebud Helipond Soda Mountain
Rosebud Reservoir Parker Mountain
Round Lake Rustler Peak
Sams Valley Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Schlesinger Reservoir Sterling Creek
Schmidt Reservoirs Boswell Mountain
Secluded Lake Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Shale City Reservoirs Grizzly Peak
Simpson Reservoir Boswell Mountain
Sims Reservoir Shady Cove
Skou Reservoir Sams Valley
Smith Reservoir Rogue River
Spruce Lake Thousand Springs
Squaw Lakes Squaw Lakes
Standard Basin Reservoir Wimer
Stanley Reservoir Brownsboro
Star Lake Reservoir Lakecreek
Straus Reservoir Sams Valley
Summit Lake Squaw Lakes
Summit Lake Mount McLoughlin
Swaggerty Reservoir Eagle Point
Swamp Creek Reservoir Willow Lake
Todd Reservoir Shady Cove
Trammel Reservoir Brownsboro
Twin Ponds Mount McLoughlin
Vincent Reservoirs Gold Hill
Wade Reservoir Lakecreek
Weltman Reservoir Shady Cove
Wertz Reservoirs Rio Canyon
Whetstone Pond Eagle Point
Willow Lake Willow Lake
Winningham Reservoir Mount Isabelle
Wiwona Reservoir Gold Hill
Woodrat Knob Reservoir Brownsboro
Woolfolk Reservoir Brownsboro
Woolfolk Reservoir Number Two Brownsboro
Yankee Creek Reservoir Brownsboro
Zwan Reservoir Wimer

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Jackson County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Jackson County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.