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Lake County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Lake County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Creek Gearhart Mountain
Ana River Summer Lake
Antelope Creek West Side
Antelope Creek Morgan Butte
Antone Creek Big Baldy
Auger Creek Thompson Reservoir
Augur Creek Big Baldy
Augur Creek Coleman Point
Avery Creek Morgan Butte
Bachelor Creek Arkansas Flat
Barley Camp Creek Collins Rim
Barnes Slough West Side
Barrington Creek Beaver Mountain
Bauers Creek Big Baldy
Bear Creek Bridge Creek Draw
Bear Creek Morgan Butte
Beaver Creek Coffeepot Creek
Ben Young Creek Shoestring Butte
Benefiel Creek Drake Peak NE
Benny Creek Thompson Reservoir
Big Cove Creek Crook Peak
Big Swamp Creek Arkansas Flat
Blue Creek Sage Hen Butte
Bond Creek Campbell Lake
Bottle Creek Coffeepot Creek
Boulder Creek Harvey Creek
Bowers Bridges Creek Horse Prairie
Box Creek Warner Peak
Bridge Creek Silver Lake
Buck Creek Silver Lake
Buckboard Creek Gearhart Mountain
Bullard Creek Lakeview
Bunyard Creek Tuff Butte
Burnt Creek Crane Mountain
Calahan Creek Hamelton Butte
Camas Creek Sage Hen Butte
Camp Creek Lakeview Airport
Camp Creek Gearhart Mountain
Chandler Creek Drews Reservoir
Cheney Slough West Side
Chewaucan River Lake Abert South
Chocktoot Creek Sycan Marsh East
Church Creek Crane Creek
Clover Creek Valley Falls
Clover Creek Drake Peak NE
Coffeepot Creek Morgan Butte
Cogswell Creek Crane Creek
Cold Creek Lake Abert South
Cold Creek Cox Flat
Cold Creek Coffeepot Creek
Coleman Creek Coleman Lake
Colt Creek Coffeepot Creek
Colvin Creek Drake Peak NE
Conley Creek Tuff Butte
Corral Creek Morgan Butte
Corral Creek Gearhart Mountain
Corral Creek Warner Peak
Cottonwood Creek West Side
Cougar Creek Gearhart Mountain
Cougar Creek Cougar Peak
Cow Head Slough Lake Annie
Cox Creek Big Baldy
Coyote Creek Valley Falls
Coyote Creek Sycan Marsh East
Crane Creek Crane Creek
Crane Creek Sage Hen Butte
Cressler Creek Crane Mountain
Crooked Creek Coglan Buttes SE
Cummings Creek Harvey Creek
Dairy Creek Shoestring Butte
Dead Cow Creek Lee Thomas Crossing
Dead Horse Creek Coleman Point
Deadman Creek Lakeview
Deep Creek Calderwood Reservoir
Deer Creek Swede Knoll
Deer Creek Gearhart Mountain
Dent Creek Drews Reservoir
Dent Creek Drake Peak NE
Deppy Creek Drake Peak NE
Dicks Creek Valley Falls
Dismal Creek Crane Mountain
Dog Creek Drews Reservoir
Dog Creek Morgan Butte
Dog Mountain Creek Dog Lake
Drake Creek Sage Hen Butte
Drews Creek West Side
Drews Creek Slough West Side
Dry Creek Tuff Butte
Dry Creek McCarty Butte
Dry Creek West Side
Dry Creek Sycan Marsh West
Duke Creek Crane Creek
Dukes Canyon Creek Lakeview
Duncan Creek Duncan Reservoir
East Branch Thomas Creek Lakeview
East Camp Creek Big Baldy
East Duncan Creek Duncan Reservoir
East Fork McCoin Creek Fitzwater Point
East Willow Creek Strawberry Butte
East Witham Creek Coffeepot Creek
Elder Creek Shoestring Butte
Ennis Creek Tucker Hill
Fall Creek Dog Lake
Farrow Creek Shoestring Butte
Fawn Creek Big Baldy
Fifteenmile Creek Lake Annie
First Swale Creek Little Honey Creek
Fish Creek Crump Lake
Fish Creek Priday Reservoir
Fish Creek Fitzwater Point
Fish Creek Drews Reservoir
Fisher Creek Morgan Butte
Fisher Slough Coglan Buttes
Foley Creek Rabbit Hills NW
Fort Creek Drake Peak NE
Fort Jones Creek Coleman Lake
Foster Creek Fremont Point
Givens Slough Hart Lake
Goat Creek Warner Peak
Gold Creek Lee Thomas Crossing
Graham Creek Thompson Reservoir
Green Creek Clover Flat
Green Creek Dog Lake
Grizzly Creek Cougar Peak
Guano Creek Guano Lake
Guyer Creek Thompson Reservoir
Hadley Creek Slide Mountain
Hammersley Creek Lakeview
Hammond Creek Gearhart Mountain
Hampton Creek Slide Mountain
Harvey Creek Harvey Creek
Hawk Creek Thompson Reservoir
Hay Creek Drews Reservoir
Helphenstein Creek Cox Flat
Hole Creek Lee Thomas Crossing
Honey Creek Hart Lake
Horse Creek May Lake
Horse Creek Horse Prairie
Horseshoe Creek Dog Lake
Howard Creek Cougar Peak
Indian Creek Thompson Reservoir
Indigo Creek Quartz Valley
Island Branch Silver Lake
Jack Creek Piute Reservoir
Jack Creek Gearhart Mountain
Jade Creek Gearhart Mountain
Johnson Creek Sheeplick Draw
Jones Creek Crooked Creek Valley
Juniper Creek Lake Abert South
Juniper Creek Coglan Buttes SE
Juniper Creek Flagstaff Lake
Juniper Creek Paisley
Kelley Creek Crane Creek
Kelly Creek Slide Mountain
Kelly Creek Harvey Creek
King Creek Tucker Hill
La Sere Creek Drews Reservoir
Leonard Creek Gearhart Mountain
Little Bear Creek Coffeepot Creek
Little Coffeepot Creek Coffeepot Creek
Little Cougar Creek Gearhart Mountain
Little Cove Creek Crook Peak
Little Honey Creek Little Honey Creek
Little Muddy Creek Drews Gap
Little Parsnip Creek Sage Hen Butte
Loftus Creek Crooked Creek Valley
Long Creek Sycan Marsh West
Long Creek Sycan Marsh East
Long John Creek Crook Peak
Lost Creek Tired Horse Butte
Loveless Creek Valley Falls
Mapes Creek Drake Peak
McCall Creek Duncan Reservoir
McCoin Creek Dog Lake
McDowell Creek Drake Peak NE
Mesman Creek Cox Flat
Middle Fork Crooked Creek Crook Peak
Middle Fork Deep Creek Crane Mountain
Mill Creek Paisley
Mill Creek West Side
Mill Flat Creek Clover Flat
Morgan Creek Coleman Point
Mosquito Creek Crane Mountain
Moss Creek Tucker Hill
Moss Creek Valley Falls
Mud Creek Horse Prairie
Muddy Creek Lakeview Airport
Murdock Creek Tuff Butte
Newell Creek Tucker Hill
Nixon Creek Harvey Creek
North Creek Lee Thomas Crossing
North Fork Augur Creek Coleman Point
North Fork Chocktoot Creek Sycan Marsh East
North Fork Cogswell Creek Crane Creek
North Fork Cox Creek Clover Flat
North Fork Crane Creek Crane Creek
North Fork Crooked Creek Crook Peak
North Fork Deep Creek Crane Mountain
North Fork King Creek Tucker Hill
North Fork McDowell Creek Drake Peak
North Fork Silver Creek Partin Butte
North Fork Twelvemile Creek Lake Annie
Norton Creek Hart Lake
Nottin Creek Lee Thomas Crossing
Paiute Creek Campbell Lake
Parker Creek Crooked Creek Valley
Parsnip Creek Sage Hen Butte
Peddlers Creek Sage Hen Butte
Peters Creek Peters Creek Sink
Pine Creek Valley Falls
Pine Creek Willow Ranch
Piute Creek Piute Reservoir
Poison Creek Lake Abert South
Polander Creek Crane Mountain
Pole Creek Lee Thomas Crossing
Porcupine Creek Crook Peak
Pothole Creek Gearhart Mountain
Puppydog Creek Coffeepot Creek
Quartz Creek Quartz Valley
Rabbit Creek Rabbit Hills NE
Rifle Creek Shake Butte
Ring Corral Creek Coffeepot Creek
Rock Creek Harvey Creek
Rosa Creek Horse Prairie
Rye Branch Morgan Butte
Sage Creek Crook Peak
Sage Hen Creek Paisley
Sage Hen Creek Rocky Canyon
Sage Hen Creek Sage Hen Butte
Sagehen Creek Drews Reservoir
Salt Creek Crooked Creek Valley
School Creek Lee Thomas Crossing
Schoolhouse Creek Tucker Hill
Scotts Cabin Creek Dog Lake
Second Swale Creek Little Honey Creek
Seventy Creek Drews Reservoir
Shake Creek Sycan Marsh East
Shingle Mill Creek Big Baldy
Shoestring Creek Shoestring Butte
Silver Creek Tuff Butte
Small Creek Paisley
Snyder Creek Drake Peak NE
Snyder Meadow Creek Big Baldy
South Creek Shoestring Butte
South Fork Beaver Creek Coffeepot Creek
South Fork Bridge Creek Poverty Basin North
South Fork Coffeepot Creek Coffeepot Creek
South Fork Cogswell Creek Crane Creek
South Fork Crooked Creek Crook Peak
South Fork Deep Creek Crane Mountain
South Fork King Creek Tucker Hill
South Fork McDowell Creek Drake Peak
South Fork Snyder Creek Cooper Draw
South Fork Sycan River Harvey Creek
Spring Creek Big Baldy
Spring Creek Coleman Point
Squaw Butte Creek Horse Prairie
Squaw Creek Adel
Squaw Creek Thompson Reservoir
Stevenson Creek Drews Reservoir
Stockade Creek Warner Peak
Strawberry Creek Thompson Reservoir
Strawberry Creek Arkansas Flat
Sucker Creek Coleman Lake
Sugar Creek Crane Creek
Suipe Creek Drake Peak
Swamp Creek Shoestring Butte
Tamarack Creek Coffeepot Creek
Tandy Creek Crane Creek
Teepee Creek Coleman Point
Thomas Creek West Side
Tim Long Creek Tucker Hill
Timothy Creek Bridge Creek Draw
Tom Young Creek Cox Flat
Trapper Creek Gearhart Mountain
Traverse Creek Beaver Mountain
Twelvemile Creek Plush
Upset Creek Drews Reservoir
Venator Creek Fitzwater Point
Wagon Wheel Creek Lee Thomas Crossing
Walker Creek Peters Creek Sink
Walker Creek Horse Prairie
Walker Creek Lee Thomas Crossing
Warner Creek Lakeview Airport
Warner Creek Jacobs Reservoir
Watson Creek Shake Butte
Welker Creek Thompson Reservoir
West Fork Dismal Creek Crane Mountain
West Fork Shoestring Creek Shoestring Butte
West Fork Silver Creek Hager Mountain
Whiskey Creek Fitzwater Point
Whiskey Creek Horse Prairie
White Creek Tucker Hill
White Hill Creek Slide Mountain
White Horse Creek Lee Thomas Crossing
Whitworth Creek Quartz Valley
Wildcat Creek Gearhart Mountain
Willow Creek Coglan Buttes SE
Willow Creek Egli Rim
Willow Creek Drews Gap
Willow Creek Crane Mountain
Willow Creek Campbell Lake
Wilson Creek Arkansas Flat
Witham Creek Coffeepot Creek
Withers Creek Slide Mountain
Wooley Creek Slide Mountain
Worlow Creek Slide Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Lake County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Lake County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.