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Lane County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Lane County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abernethy Lake Willamette Pass
Ackerley Lake Mercer Lake
Aerial Lake Elk Lake
Alameda Lake Emigrant Butte
Alder Lake Mercer Lake
Alpine Lake Emigrant Butte
Barrette Lake Florence
Bear Lake Florence
Bedortha Reservoir Marcola
Benson Lake Linton Lake
Betty Lake Waldo Lake
Billy Lake Waldo Mountain
Bingo Lake Waldo Lake
Birthday Lake Waldo Lake
Blair Lake Blair Lake
Blue Lake Diamond Peak
Blue River Lake Blue River
Bongo Lake Waldo Lake
Boo Boo Lake Waldo Lake
Boot Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Booth-Kelly Lumber Company Log Pond Blue Mountain
Bounty Lake South Sister
Brittany Lake Waldo Mountain
Bryant Lake Junction City
Buck Lake Mercer Lake
Campers Lake North Sister
Cardiac Lake Waldo Lake
Carrol Reservoir High Point
Catching Reservoir Westfir East
Cervus Lake Waldo Mountain
City View Reservoir Eugene West
Clay Creek Recreational Reservoir Clay Creek
Clear Lake Mercer Lake
Clear Lake Eugene West
Cleawox Lake Florence
Cliff Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Coffee Lake Linton Lake
Collard Lake Mercer Lake
Colt Lake Elk Lake
Conim Lake Waldo Mountain
Copepod Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Corner Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Corrigan Lake Diamond Peak
Cottage Grove Lake Cottage Grove Lake
Cougar Reservoir Cougar Reservoir
Craig Lake North Sister
Crawfish Lake Rose Hill
Crystal Lake Fairview Peak
Dans Lake Waldo Mountain
Davis Reservoir Veneta
Deer Camp Lake Waldo Lake
Denude Lake South Sister
Derr Pond Jasper
Devils Lake Blair Lake
Dew Lake South Sister
Dexter Reservoir Lowell
Dillion Lake Substitute Point
Dorena Lake Dorena Lake
Drury Lake Substitute Point
Dumbbell Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Dune Lake Mercer Lake
East Fisher Lake Packsaddle Mountain
East McFarland Lake Irish Mountain
East Quinn Lake Waldo Mountain
Eastern Brook Lake Waldo Mountain
Eddeeleo Lakes Waldo Mountain
Edna Lake Waldo Mountain
Eileen Lake North Sister
Elbow Lake Waldo Lake
Elephant Lake Fairview Peak
Elf Lake Linton Lake
Emerald Lake Waldo Lake
Emma Lake Waldo Mountain
Eppenbaugh Reservoir Cottage Grove
Erhart Lake Tahkenitch Creek
Erma Bell Lakes Waldo Mountain
Ernie Lake Waldo Mountain
Erskine Log Pond Mapleton
Fadeley Reservoir Creswell
Fall Creek Lake Fall Creek Lake
Fern Ridge Lake Veneta
Fields Lake Waldo Mountain
Fig Lake Waldo Lake
Fir Lake Emigrant Butte
Fishbird Lake Reservoir Cottage Grove
Forcia and Larsen Reservoir Noti
Ford Farms Reservoir Crow
Gander Lake Waldo Mountain
Garden Lake Creswell
Georgia Lake Tahkenitch Creek
Gertrude Lake Bearbones Mountain
Glaze Lake Linton Lake
Glenada Ponds Florence
Gnat Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Gold Lake Waldo Lake
Goodman Lake Monroe
Goose Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Gosling Lakes Waldo Mountain
Graham Lake Monroe
Green Lake Waldo Lake
Green Reservoir Lowell
Griffith Reservoir Veneta
Hand Lake Linton Lake
Happy Lake Diamond Peak
Harris Reservoir Cottage Grove
Harvey Lake Waldo Mountain
Hawkins Hill Reservoir Eugene West
Heceta Junction Lake Mercer Lake
Helen Lake Waldo Mountain
Hemlock Lake Emigrant Butte
Herb Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Hidden Lake Cougar Reservoir
Hills Creek Lake Oakridge
Honey Lake South Sister
Honey Lakes Substitute Point
Horse Lake South Sister
Horse Lakes Substitute Point
Horsefly Lake Waldo Lake
Horseshoe Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Howkum Lake Waldo Lake
Huckleberry Lake Huckleberry Mountain
Huckleberry Lake North Sister
Hulbert Lake Monroe
Hult Log Storage Reservoir Horton
Husband Lake North Sister
Irish Camp Lake Linton Lake
Island Lake Linton Lake
Island Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Jo Ann Lake Waldo Lake
John Griffith Reservoir Triangle Lake
Junction Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Karl Lake French Mountain
Kidney Lake Substitute Point
King Lake Waldo Lake
Kinglet Lake Waldo Lake
Krag Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Lake Chetlo Waldo Mountain
Lake Kiwa Waldo Mountain
Lake Louise Letz Creek
Lake Marr Mercer Lake
Lake Murphy Fairview Peak
Lancelot Lake South Sister
Last Lake Waldo Lake
Leaburg Reservoir Vida
Ledge Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Lilly Lake Florence
Lily Lake Mercer Lake
Lindh Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Linton Lake Linton Lake
Little Hahnee Reservoir Noti
Little Lake Triangle Lake
Little North Woahink Lake Florence
Long Lake Waldo Mountain
Lookout Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Lookout Point Lake Mount June
Loon Lake Tahkenitch Creek
Lopez Lake Diamond Peak
Lorin Lake Waldo Lake
Love Lake Junction City
Lower Betty Lake Waldo Lake
Lower Eddeeleo Lake Waldo Mountain
Lower Erma Bell Lake Waldo Mountain
Lower Horse Lake Substitute Point
Lower Hult Reservoir Horton
Lower Island Lake Waldo Lake
Lower Marilyn Lake Willamette Pass
Lower Quinn Lake Waldo Mountain
Lower Rigdon Lake Waldo Mountain
Lower Salmon Lake Waldo Mountain
Lucas Lake Mount David Douglas
Mac Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Marie Lake Emigrant Butte
Marilyn Lakes Willamette Pass
Marten Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Martin Lake Packsaddle Mountain
McBee Lake Packsaddle Mountain
McFarland Lake Irish Mountain
Melakwa Lake Linton Lake
Memaloose Lake Huckleberry Mountain
Mercer Lake Mercer Lake
Merrill Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Mickey Lake Waldo Mountain
Middle Erma Bell Lake Waldo Mountain
Middle Horse Lake Substitute Point
Midnight Lake Willamette Pass
Mile Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Mink Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Moody Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Moolack Lake Waldo Mountain
Moon Lake Warner Mountain
Moonlight Lake Substitute Point
Mosquito Lake Emigrant Butte
Mount Canary Company Log Pond Florence
Mud Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Mud Lake Waldo Mountain
Munsel Lake Mercer Lake
Mussel Lake Mercer Lake
Nash Lake Substitute Point
Neet Lake Emigrant Butte
Neil Lake Cheshire
Nightshade Lakes Packsaddle Mountain
North Torrey Lake Waldo Mountain
Nossaman Reservoir Lorane
Notch Lake Diamond Peak
Noti Creek Reservoir Noti
Nott Lake Mercer Lake
Otter Lake Waldo Mountain
Park Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Pembrook Reservoir Creswell
Penn Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Petes Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Photo Lake Waldo Lake
Piper Lake Irish Mountain
Platt Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Plumb Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Porky Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Prince Lake Linton Lake
Prosser Slough Florence
Questionmark Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Quinn Lakes Waldo Mountain
Reese Lake South Sister
Reflection Lake Emigrant Butte
Robberson Reservoir Jasper
Rock Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Rockpile Lake Emigrant Butte
Round Lake Waldo Mountain
Ruth Lake French Mountain
Ruth Lake Emigrant Butte
S Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Salmon Lakes Waldo Mountain
Sandy Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Sapphire Lake Waldo Lake
Scott Lake Linton Lake
Scout Lake Westfir East
Separation Lake Substitute Point
Shadow Lake Waldo Lake
Siltcoos Lagoon Goose Pasture
Siltcoos Lake Florence
Skookum Lake Waldo Mountain
Slipper Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Smith Lake Irish Mountain
Smith Reservoir Crow
Spirit Lake Mount David Douglas
Spirit Lake Waldo Lake
Spring Lake North Sister
Spruce Lake Emigrant Butte
Spy Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Square Lake Substitute Point
Strube Lake Blue River
Sump Lake Waldo Lake
Sunrise Lake Emigrant Butte
Sunset Lake Elk Lake
Sunset Lake Emigrant Butte
Sutton Lake Mercer Lake
Swan Lake Waldo Mountain
Teardrop Pool South Sister
Tenas Lakes Linton Lake
Tiny Lake Waldo Lake
Tokatee Lakes Substitute Point
Too Much Bear Lake Diamond Peak
Top Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Top Lake South Sister
Torrey Lake Waldo Mountain
Triangle Lake Triangle Lake
Trio Lake Number 1 Waldo Lake
Trio Lake Number 2 Waldo Lake
Trio Lake Number 3 Waldo Lake
Upper Eddeeleo Lake Waldo Mountain
Upper Erma Bell Lake Waldo Mountain
Upper Island Lake Waldo Lake
Upper Marilyn Lake Willamette Pass
Upper Quinn Lake Waldo Mountain
Upper Rigdon Lake Waldo Mountain
Upper Salmon Lake Waldo Mountain
Vera Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Verde Lake Waldo Lake
Vivian Lake Diamond Peak
Vogel Lake Packsaddle Mountain
W A Woodward Lumber Company Log Pond Cottage Grove
Wahanna Lake Waldo Mountain
Waldo Lake Waldo Lake
Walterville Reservoir Walterville
Waterdog Lake Groundhog Mountain
Waterhouse Slough Cottage Grove
West Fisher Lake Packsaddle Mountain
Whig Lake Waldo Mountain
Whittaker Creek Recreational Reservoir Roman Nose Mountain
Williams Lake Cottage Grove Lake
Williams Lake Waldo Mountain
Winchester Lake Waldo Mountain
Windfall Lake Bearbones Mountain
Woahink Lake Florence
Zinker Reservoir Eugene West
Zircon Lake Waldo Lake
Zowie Lake Elk Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Lane County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Lane County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.