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Linn County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Linn County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alford Pond Harrisburg
Alforja Lake Santiam Junction
Alice Lake Marion Lake
Bear Lake Idanha
Beaver Lake Riverside
Beaver Lakes Harter Mountain
Bentz Ponds Jordan
Berthelson Pond Onehorse Slough
Big Lake Mount Washington
Billy Lake Keel Mountain
Bingham Lake Marion Lake
Blue Lake Marion Lake
Bowerman Lake Marion Lake
Browns Reservoir Sweet Home
Bruno Lakes Idanha
Calvins Pond Onehorse Slough
Carmen Reservoir Tamolitch Falls
Cheadle Lake Lebanon
Chiquito Lake Marion Lake
Cincha Lake Santiam Junction
Clarks Pond Onehorse Slough
Clear Lake Clear Lake
Cleo Lake Marion Forks
Colorado Lake Riverside
Cougar Lake Echo Mountain
Coyote Lake Mount Jefferson
Crabtree Lake Yellowstone Mountain
Craig Lake Santiam Junction
Crescent Lake Echo Mountain
Daly Lake Coffin Mountain
Davenport Pond Onehorse Slough
Davis Lake Marion Forks
Don Lake Coffin Mountain
Donaca Lake Chimney Peak
Dozler Reservoir Stayton
Dry Lake Echo Mountain
Duffy Lake Santiam Junction
Durlam Reservoir Waterloo
Ernests Pond Crawfordsville
Fay Lake Marion Forks
Fennell Lake Crabtree
Fir Lake Marion Forks
First Lake Albany
Fish Lake Echo Mountain
Fisher Island Pond Riverside
Folsom Pond Crabtree
Foster Lake Sweet Home
Fourth Lake Albany
Freres Log Ponds Lyons
Gordon Lakes Tidbits Mountain
Green Peak Lake Marion Forks
Green Peter Lake Cascadia
Grenet Lake Marion Forks
Hafco Reservoir Jordan
Hanks Lake Mount Jefferson
Heart Lake Echo Mountain
Helms Reservoir Crabtree
Hills Pond Waterloo
Hoerauf Reservoir Lacomb
Horseshoe Lake Riverside
Howell Pond Mill City South
Hunts Lake Mount Jefferson
Idanha Log Pond Idanha
Indian Prairie Lake Snow Peak
Jazel Reservoir Sweet Home
Jenny Lake Marion Lake
Jo Jo Lake Idanha
Johnson Lake Onehorse Slough
Johnson Reservoir Crawfordsville
Jorn Lake Marion Lake
Kearns Reservoir Brownsville
Kirkpatrick Reservoir Crabtree
Kreilich Reservoir Stayton
Kuitan Lake Clear Lake
Lackner Pond Stayton
Lake Ann Marion Lake
Lake of the Woods Marion Lake
Lard Lake Clear Lake
Larson Ponds Jordan
Latigo Lake Santiam Junction
Lava Lake Echo Mountain
Little Bowerman Lake Marion Lake
Little Cincha Lake Santiam Junction
Little Duffy Lake Santiam Junction
Little Reservoir Onehorse Slough
Lizard Lake Mount Jefferson
Lost Lake Tidbits Mountain
Lost Lake Santiam Junction
Lower Berley Lake Santiam Junction
Lula Lake Marion Forks
Lutton Pond Crawfordsville
Lyons Log Pond Lyons
Maddys Pond Tangent
Marion Lake Marion Lake
Maude Lake Marion Forks
Maxwell Lake Santiam Junction
Melis Lake Marion Lake
Midget Lake Marion Lake
Monty Lake Marion Forks
Moose Lake Upper Soda
Mowich Lake Marion Forks
Mud Puppy Lake Idanha
Mystery Hills Reservoir Onehorse Slough
Nan-Scott Lake Marion Forks
North Dixie Lake Santiam Junction
O A Lake Marion Forks
Pamelia Lake Mount Jefferson
Papoose Lake Marion Lake
Parish Lake Coffin Mountain
Patjens Lakes Clear Lake
Peasley Lake Mount Bruno
Peck Reservoir Sweet Home
Permaneer Log Pond Indian Head
Pika Lake Marion Forks
Pilkens reservoir Sweet Home
Pine Ridge Lake Marion Forks
Pinet Lake Marion Forks
Piper Reservoir Sweet Home
Presley Lake Marion Forks
Prill Lake Marion Lake
Rainbow Lake Idanha
Ralphs Lake Santiam Junction
Red Butte Lake Marion Lake
Renound Reservoir Sweet Home
Rickmans Pond Waterloo
Riggs Lake Coffin Mountain
Robinson Lake Clear Lake
Rogers Mountain Ranch Reservoir Jordan
Sad Lake Marion Lake
Santiam Lake Santiam Junction
Schneider Log Pond Brownsville
Second Lake Albany
Shale Lake Mount Jefferson
Smith Reservoir Tamolitch Falls
Snow Peak Log Pond Onehorse Slough
South Dixie Lake Santiam Junction
Spring Branch Lebanon
Swallow Lake Marion Lake
Swan Lakes Albany
Tadmor Lake Sweet Home
Taylor Lake Halsey
Taylor Reservoir Onehorse Slough
Temple Lake Marion Forks
Teto Lake Marion Lake
Third Lake Albany
Timber-Linn Lake Albany
Tollgate Reservoir Sweet Home
Toms Lake Santiam Junction
Toni Lake Santiam Junction
Trail Bridge Reservoir Tamolitch Falls
Train Lake Santiam Junction
Tule Lake Coffin Mountain
Turpentine Lake Marion Forks
Twin Lakes Santiam Junction
Upper Berley Lake Santiam Junction
Walker Reservoir Sweet Home
Warner Lake Mohawk
Washington Ponds Mount Washington
Watters Reservoir Sweet Home
Waverly Lake Albany
Western Log Pond Onehorse Slough
Western Veneer and Plywood Log Pond Onehorse Slough
Whiskey Lake Marion Lake
Widgeon Lake Marion Forks
Wilkes Reservoir Jordan
Willamette Log Pond Sweet Home
Willamette National Lumber Company Reservoir Sweet Home
Wilson Lake Albany
Ziebart Reservoir Jordan
Zurfluhs Ponds Jordan

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Linn County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Linn County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.