Marion County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Marion County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aarhus Reservoir Silverton
Abiqua Lake Elk Prairie
Alder Creek Reservoir Stout Mountain
Art McKay Reservoir Saint Paul
Averill Lake Olallie Butte
Babe Lake Olallie Butte
Barnes Brothers Reservoir Stayton NE
Barnes Reservoir Stayton NE
Bays Lake Mount Jefferson
Bear Lake Mount Jefferson
Beaver Creek Reservoir Stayton NE
Berger Lake Salem West
Beyer Reservoir Silverton
Big Cliff Reservoir Lawhead Creek
Blue Gill Lake Salem East
Breitenbush Lake Olallie Butte
Bronec Reservoir Woodburn
Brook Lake Olallie Butte
Bump Lake Olallie Butte
Butte Creek Scotts Mills
Butte Lake Gawley Creek
Bye Reservoir Stayton NE
Campbell Reservoir Stayton NE
Case Creek Reservoir Saint Paul
Cedar Lake Battle Ax
Claggett Lake Olallie Butte
Clear Lake Mission Bottom
Cold Spring Reservoir Idanha
Connor Lake Dayton
Copper Lake Gawley Creek
Crosby Reservoir Saint Paul
Crown Lake Breitenbush Hot Springs
Davey Lake Olallie Butte
Davidson Reservoir Salem East
Deep Lake Mission Bottom
Detroit Lake Detroit
Dicker Reservoir Monmouth
Double Peaks Lake Olallie Butte
Dunlap Lake Mother Lode Mountain
Eldriedge Slough Mission Bottom
Elk Lake Mother Lode Mountain
Elkhorn Lake Elkhorn
Eoff Reservoir Sidney
Fibre Lake Gawley Creek
Finley Lake Olallie Butte
Finney and Egan Lake Gervais
Firecamp Lakes Breitenbush Hot Springs
First Lake Olallie Butte
Fish Lake Olallie Butte
Fork Lake Olallie Butte
Fowler Reservoir Woodburn
Fox Reservoir Drake Crossing
Franzen Reservoir Turner
Fredericks Reservoir Woodburn
Fry Reservoir Woodburn
Funrue Reservoir Stayton NE
Gibson Lake Olallie Butte
Giebeler Lake Battle Ax
Gifford Lakes Olallie Butte
Goose Lake Mission Bottom
Grier Reservoir Stayton NE
Heater Reservoir Stout Mountain
Hoch Reservoir Woodburn
Holden Reservoir Silverton
Horseshoe Lake Dayton
Hubbard Lake Mission Bottom
Indian Lakes Olallie Butte
Jude Lake Olallie Butte
Keesneck Lake Sidney
Kinsey Reservoir Stout Mountain
Koehler Reservoir Drake Crossing
Kuenzi Reservoir Stayton NE
Lake Koinenia Deer Island
Leone Lake Mother Lode Mountain
Little Lake Olallie Butte
Loes Reservoirs Scotts Mills
Lorence Reservoir Stayton NE
Lower Lake Olallie Butte
McDonald Pond Turner
McKay Reservoir Saint Paul
McLaughlin Pond Silverton
Meridian Lake Albany
Middle Lake Olallie Butte
Mildred Lake Olallie Butte
Mission Creek Reservoir Saint Paul
Mission Lake Mission Bottom
Moss Lake Elk Prairie
Murrays Pond Sherwood
Nekbobets Lake Olallie Butte
Nelsons Pond Salem West
North Reservoir Salem East
Nuffer Reservoir Sherwood
O’Neal Reservoir Woodburn
Opal Lake Battle Ax
Opal Pool Battle Ax
Pansy Lake Bull of the Woods
Papoose Lakes Olallie Butte
Park Lake Mount Jefferson
Pawnee Lake Olallie Butte
Pettit Reservoir Stayton NE
Pichette Reservoir Drake Crossing
Pyramid Lake Olallie Butte
Quigley Reservoir Stayton NE
Red Lake Olallie Butte
Rhody Lake Gawley Creek
Rimrock Lake Olallie Butte
Ring Lake Olallie Butte
River Bend Reservoir Number Two Sidney
Rock Lake Mount Jefferson
Rose Lake Monmouth
Round Lake Mount Lowe
Russ Lake Olallie Butte
Russell Lake Mount Jefferson
Ryan Lake Mission Bottom
S M S Reservoir Number One Stayton NE
Schiedler Reservoir Silverton
Schmid Reservoir Stayton NE
Schumacher Reservoir Stayton
Scout Lake Mount Jefferson
Seclusia Reservoir Turner
Serres Reservoir Woodburn
Sheep Lake Olallie Butte
Sheep Lake Olallie Butte
Short Lake Breitenbush Hot Springs
Si Lake Olallie Butte
Siegmund Reservoir Stout Mountain
Silver Creek Reservoir Drake Crossing
Silver King Lake Battle Ax
Skookum Lakes Newberg
Slideout Lake Olallie Butte
Spada Reservoir Saint Paul
Spady Reservoir Stayton NE
Spinning Lake Olallie Butte
Sportsman Lakes Breitenbush Hot Springs
Sprague Lake Mount Jefferson
Spring Reservoir Sidney
Spring Reservoir Scotts Mills
Stadeli Reservoir Stayton NE
Stone Quarry Lake Salem West
Surprise Lake Olallie Butte
Swindle Lake Olallie Butte
Three Pools Elkhorn
Triangle Lake Olallie Butte
Tribbett Reservoir Saint Paul
Tub Lake Olallie Butte
Tumble Lake Detroit
Twin Lakes Mother Lode Mountain
Urban Reservoir Stayton NE
Valley View Reservoir Stayton NE
Waldo Lake Salem East
Wall Lake Olallie Butte
Webb Lake Silverton
Welcome Lakes Bull of the Woods
West Lake Bull of the Woods
Whitewater Lake Mount Jefferson
Wil-Lyn Reservoir Crabtree
Willa Lake Salem East
Willards Pool Drake Crossing
Willow Lake Mission Bottom
Wilmes Reservoir Saint Paul
Wirth Lake Salem East
Wright Sump Stayton NE
Young Lake Stayton
Zach Reservoir Silverton
Zorn Pond Saint Paul

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Marion County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Marion County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.