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Polk County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Polk County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aaron Mercer Reservoir Socialist Valley
Aebi Reservoir Dallas
Alsip Reservoir Airlie North
Bailey Reservoir Grand Ronde
Bass Reservoir Airlie North
Bauman Reservoir Airlie North
Beyers Pond Rickreall
Blanchard Reservoir Dallas
Boeder Pond Rickreall
Bowen Reservoir Airlie North
Bowles Reservoir Amity
Boyle Lakes Dallas
Branson Reservoir Dallas
Brier Pond Dallas
Bruinsma Reservoir Ballston
Brydon Reservoir Amity
Buchanan Reservoir Airlie North
Buhler Reservoir Ballston
Burns Reservoir Grand Ronde
Campbell Reservoir Ballston
Case Reservoirs Mission Bottom
Christianson Reservoir Monmouth
Classen Reservoir Dallas
Copp Reservoir Dallas
Cottonwood Pond Dallas
Courter Reservoir Dallas
Crider Pond Dallas
Croft Reservoir Salem West
DeJong Reservoir Ballston
Domaschofsky Reservoir Dallas
Downing Pond Sheridan
Drazdoff Reservoir Monmouth
Dyer Reservoir Dallas
Eagle Crest Reservoir Rickreall
Earl Kennel Reservoir Monmouth
Ediger Reservoir Dallas
Eliander Reservoir Dallas
Emerson Reservoir Sheridan
Falls City Reservoir Falls City
Fast Reservoir Ballston
Feldman Reservoir Amity
Fisher Reservoir Airlie North
Flickinger Reservoir Lewisburg
Four H Reservoir Amity
Friesen Reservoir Dallas
Frink Reservoir Falls City
Garber Reservoir Airlie North
Garrison Reservoir Monmouth
Gibson Reservoir Salem West
Goffrier Pond Mission Bottom
Green Acres Reservoir Ballston
Haines Reservoir Salem West
Halstead Reservoir Dallas
Hamilton Reservoir Airlie North
Hart Reservoir Sheridan
Harvstack Reservoir Socialist Valley
Hayden Lake Rickreall
Hidden Lake Reservoir Ballston
Hidout Reservoir Midway
Hiebenthal Reservoir Dallas
Hills Reservoir Mission Bottom
Hoekstre Reservoir Dallas
Humbug Lake Rickreall
Ingebrand Reservoir Ballston
Interstate Log Pond Monmouth
Jahn Reservoir Falls City
Joe Crow Reservoir Sheridan
Johnson Reservoir Airlie South
Jones Pond Sheridan
Kenney Reservoir Airlie South
Kester Pond Airlie South
Kinsey Reservoir Monroe
Kinsey Reservoir Dallas
Lamer Pond Airlie North
Larson Reservoir Ballston
Lenhard Reservoir Airlie North
Letteken Ponds Dallas
Lewis Pond Airlie North
Lewis Reservoirs Dallas
Libolt Reservoir Dallas
Lillie Walker Irrigation Pond Ballston
Lundeen Reservoir Monmouth
Maple Mound Reservoir Amity
Markee Reservoir Amity
Martin Brothers Flashboard Reservoir Amity
Marvin Fast Reservoir Ballston
Marx Reservoir Rickreall
McBee Reservoir Dallas
McCrae Reservoir Airlie North
McGuire Reservoir Airlie North
Monmouth Reservoir Monmouth
Morgan Lake Dallas
Morgan Reservoir Falls City
Mountain Springs Ranch Reservoir Grand Ronde
Muller Ponds Dallas
Muller Reservoir Ballston
Murray Reservoir Socialist Valley
Myers Reservoir Rickreall
Neighbors Reservoir Ballston
Neuschwanger Reservoir Ballston
Nisly Reservoir Monmouth
Oak Crest Farm Reservoir Salem West
Oakshire Reservoir Airlie South
Oberg Reservoir Airlie North
Olge Reservoir Monmouth
Osborn Pond Sheridan
Parks Lake Reservoir Rickreall
Peters Pond Dallas
Phoenix Reservoir Ballston
Pond A Airlie North
Ratzlaff Reservoir Airlie North
Reimer Reservoir Dallas
Riverbed Pond Salem West
Rohde Reservoir Amity
Ross Reservoir Rickreall
Scharf Reservoir Ballston
Schierling Reservoir Dallas
Sexton Reservoir Salem West
Solle Ponds Amity
South Slough Pond Dallas
Staats Reservoir Salem West
Stamy Reservoir Dallas
Stapleton Reservoir Ballston
Steen Reservoir Falls City
Stevens Reservoir Rickreall
Stewart Reservoir Amity
Stiles Reservoir Dallas
Suttner Reservoir Grand Ronde
Swearingen Reservoir Ballston
Sweet Reservoir Dallas
Tellin Reservoir Ballston
Trom Reservoir Dallas
Villwock Reservoir Dallas
Walker Reservoir Number Two Ballston
Wall Reservoir Dallas
Wendell Kreder Reservoir Monmouth
Willamette Log Pond Dallas
Willamina Reservoir Sheridan
Wilson Reservoir Amity
Wilson Reservoir Socialist Valley
Winegar Reservoir Airlie North

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Polk County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Polk County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.