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Polk County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Polk County

Place USGS Topo Map
Airlie Creek Airlie North
Applegate Creek Socialist Valley
Ash Creek Monmouth
Athey Creek Amity
Baskett Slough Rickreall
Bear Creek Socialist Valley
Beaver Creek Fanno Ridge
Beaver Creek Valsetz
Bend Creek Valsetz
Berry Creek Lewisburg
Berry Creek Falls City
Black Rock Creek Fanno Ridge
Blogett Creek Nortons
Bluff Creek Warnicke Creek
Boughey Creek Falls City
Boulder Creek Fanno Ridge
Boulder Creek Warnicke Creek
Bridge Forty Creek Warnicke Creek
Brush College Creek Salem West
Callahan Creek Fanno Ridge
Camp Creek Laurel Mountain
Camp Creek Fanno Ridge
Canyon Creek Socialist Valley
Canyon Creek Warnicke Creek
Carter Creek Grand Ronde
Cedar Creek Nortons
Cedar Creek Laurel Mountain
Central Line Creek Warnicke Creek
Chatnicka Creek Salem West
Clayton Creek Kings Valley
Cockerham Creek Sheridan
Coffee Creek Laurel Mountain
Coldwater Creek Laurel Mountain
Cooper Creek Airlie North
Cougar Creek Fanno Ridge
Cow Creek Grand Ronde
Crowley Creek Rickreall
Crowley Mine Creek Warnicke Creek
Doane Creek Sheridan
Drift Creek Valsetz
Dry Creek Airlie North
Duck Slough Monmouth
Dutch Creek Falls City
Dutch Creek Nortons
Eagle Creek Warnicke Creek
Ellendale Creek Dallas
Everz Creek Falls City
Fall Creek Valsetz
Fanno Creek Valsetz
Fern Creek Airlie North
Folk Creek Grand Ronde
Found Creek Valsetz
Fourth of July Creek Valsetz
Glaze Creek Falls City
Glenbrook Creek Sheridan
Glenn Creek Salem West
Gold Creek Grand Ronde
Goodwin Branch Mud Slough Rickreall
Gooseneck Creek Sheridan
Grant Creek Falls City
Handy Creek Valsetz
Harland Slough Rickreall
Harris Creek Summit
Hartman Slough Monmouth
Hayden Slough Salem West
Hays Creek Nortons
Hoekstre Slough Ballston
Hughs Creek Warnicke Creek
Jackass Creek Midway
Joe Day Creek Midway
Jont Creek Airlie North
King Creek Mission Bottom
Kinsey Creek Kings Valley
Lady Creek Grand Ronde
Lafollett Creek Grand Ronde
Laurel Creek Laurel Mountain
Lauterman Creek Dallas
Link Creek Falls City
Little Boulder Creek Warnicke Creek
Little Luckiamute River Airlie North
Little Rowell Creek Grand Ronde
Lost Creek Fanno Ridge
Love Creek Kings Valley
Lucas Creek Valsetz
Luckiamute River Monmouth
May Creek Dallas
McFall Creek Fanno Ridge
McMahan Branch Rickreall
McNary Branch Rickreall
McNary Creek Rickreall
McSheery Creek Valsetz
McTimmonds Creek Falls City
Meadow Creek Sheridan
Middle Fork Ash Creek Monmouth
Miller Creek Fanno Ridge
Mineral Creek Rickreall
Mud Slough Rickreall
Mule Tail Creek Grand Ronde
North Fork Ash Creek Monmouth
North Fork Pedee Creek Falls City
North Fork Siletz River Warnicke Creek
North Fork Teal Creek Falls City
Oak Point Creek Rickreall
Panther Creek Socialist Valley
Pedee Creek Kings Valley
Peterson Creek Airlie South
Pheasant Creek Midway
Pigeon Creek Valsetz
Pine Creek Laurel Mountain
Potter Creek Valsetz
Red Prairie Creek Sheridan
Richards Creek Rickreall
Rickreall Creek Salem West
Ritner Creek Kings Valley
Rock Creek Grand Ronde
Rock Pit Creek Fanno Ridge
Rockhouse Creek Socialist Valley
Rogers Creek Valsetz
Rogue River Grand Ronde
Rowell Creek Grand Ronde
Rowell Creek Sheridan
Sams Creek Falls City
Sand Creek Fanno Ridge
Sheythe Creek Kings Valley
Short Creek Valsetz
Shumway Creek Laurel Mountain
Skid Creek Socialist Valley
Slate Creek Valsetz
Slick Creek Fanno Ridge
Slide Creek Summit
Soap Creek Lewisburg
South Branch Mill Creek Socialist Valley
South Fork Ash Creek Monmouth
South Fork Pedee Creek Falls City
South Fork Rickreall Creek Laurel Mountain
South Fork Siletz River Warnicke Creek
South Fork Teal Creek Falls City
Teal Creek Falls City
Tillotson Creek Socialist Valley
Walker Creek Mission Bottom
Warnicke Creek Warnicke Creek
Waymire Creek Falls City
West Branch Ash Swale Amity
Whiskey Creek Valsetz
Wind Creek Laurel Mountain
Wolf Creek Fanno Ridge
Young Creek Valsetz

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Polk County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Polk County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.