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Umatilla County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Umatilla County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alexander Creek Gurdane
Allen Creek Huron
Bassey Creek Bassey Creek
Bear Creek Nye
Bear Creek Bingham Springs
Bear Creek Tollgate
Bear Creek Thimbleberry Mountain
Bear Creek Bassey Creek
Bear Wallow Creek Owens Butte
Beaver Creek Meacham
Bell Cow Creek Cabbage Hill
Birch Creek College Place
Birch Creek Barnhart
Bobsled Creek Gibbon
Bowman Creek Lehman Springs
Bridge Creek Nye
Bridge Creek Bridge Creek
Broken Creek Big Meadows
Buck Creek Bingham Springs
Buckaroo Creek Thorn Hollow
Buckhorn Creek Gurdane
Burley Creek Waterman
Butcher Creek Huron
Butcherknife Creek Lehman Springs
Butter Creek Hermiston
Cable Creek Owens Butte
Calamity Creek Cabbage Hill
Camas Creek Bridge Creek
Camp Creek Duncan
Canyon Creek Thimbleberry Mountain
Chilson Creek Bridge Creek
Cold Springs Drain Hat Rock
Cold Springs Wash Hat Rock
Coonskin Creek Cayuse
Cooper Creek Ukiah
Corley Creek Gurdane
Cottonwood Creek Walla Walla
Cottonwood Creek Cayuse
Couse Creek Bowlus Hill
Coyote Creek Bingham Springs
Darr Creek Cabbage Hill
Deerhorn Creek Deerhorn Creek
Deerlick Creek Ukiah
Dry Camas Creek Lehman Springs
Dry Creek Ukiah SE
Dry Creek Waterman
Dry Fivemile Creek Deerhorn Creek
Dugger Creek Waterman
Eagle Creek Athena
East Birch Creek Pilot Rock
East Crockett Branch Milton-Freewater
East Ford Milton-Freewater
East Fork Butter Creek Vinson
East Fork Coyote Creek Bingham Springs
East Fork Spring Hollow Creek Thorn Hollow
East Meacham Creek Huron
East Prong Little Walla Walla River College Place
Elbow Creek Blalock Mountain
Ely Creek Gurdane
Fivemile Creek Bridge Creek
Ford Branch Milton-Freewater
Frazier Creek Lehman Springs
Gerking Creek Adams
Goodman Spring Branch Milton-Freewater
Grandview Creek College Place
Greasewood Creek Cayuse
Haden Creek Bridge Creek
Hagar Creek Gibbon
Hagen Creek Gibbon
Hat Rock Drain Hat Rock
Hay Creek Athena
Heifer Creek Weston Mountain
Hellhole Creek Thimbleberry Mountain
Hidaway Creek Owens Butte
Hoskins Creek Thimbleberry Mountain
Hunter Creek Deerhorn Creek
Jake Creek Thimbleberry Mountain
Jericho Creek Deerhorn Creek
Johnson Creek Milton-Freewater
Johnson Creek Bassey Creek
Johnson Creek Pilot Rock
Johnson Creek Andies Prairie
Juniper Creek Ukiah SE
Klondike Creek Duncan
Knob Creek Drumhill Ridge
Lake Creek Bassey Creek
Lake Creek Bingham Springs
Lane Creek Owens Butte
Lick Creek Bingham Springs
Line Creek Gibbon
Line Creek Pearson Ridge
Little Beaver Creek Meacham Lake
Little Dry Creek Athena
Little Greasewood Creek Mission
Little Johnson Creek Bassey Creek
Little McKay Creek McKay Reservoir
Little Pearson Creek Sevenmile Creek
Little Rail Creek Bassey Creek
Little Sevenmile Creek Sevenmile Creek
Little Walla Walla River Milton-Freewater
Lost Pin Creek Cabbage Hill
Low Creek Big Meadows
Matlock Creek Thompson Flat
McCormmach Creek Mission
McKay Creek Pendleton
Meacham Creek Gibbon
Middle Fork Cottonwood Creek Peterson Ridge
Middle Fork Mount Emily Creek Drumhill Ridge
Middle Fork Wilkins Creek Deerhorn Creek
Middle Mud Creek Milton-Freewater
Mill Creek College Place
Mill Creek Meacham
Mission Creek Mission
Monahan Creek Gurdane
Moonshine Creek Cayuse
Morning Creek Tollgate
Morsay Creek Sugarbowl Creek
Mud Creek Owens Butte
Neeves Creek Pearson Ridge
Nelson Creek Pendleton
No Name Creek Thompson Flat
North Coyote Creek Mission
North Fork Bridge Creek Bridge Creek
North Fork Cable Creek Ukiah SE
North Fork Cottonwood Creek Peterson Ridge
North Fork McKay Creek Cabbage Hill
North Fork Meacham Creek Duncan
North Fork Owens Creek Ukiah
North Fork Umatilla River Bingham Springs
North Fork Walla Walla River Bowlus Hill
Nye Creek Ukiah SE
Owens Creek Ukiah
Owings Creek Nye
Owsley Creek Huron
Paradise Creek Kooskooskie
Patawa Creek Pendleton
Pearson Creek Sevenmile Creek
Pine Creek Ukiah
Pole Creek Weston Mountain
Pot Creek Thimbleberry Mountain
Rail Creek Bassey Creek
Rancheria Creek Sullivan Gulch
Rattlesnake Creek Duncan
Ray Creek Pilot Rock
Reser Creek Walla Walla
Reser Creek Bone Spring
Rock Creek Bingham Springs
Rush Creek Thompson Flat
Russell Creek Walla Walla
Ryan Creek Gibbon
Salsbury Creek Sullivan Gulch
Salt Creek Bassey Creek
Sawmill Creek Duncan
Scaffold Creek Thompson Flat
Sevenmile Creek Bassey Creek
Sheep Creek Bone Spring
Sheep Creek Meacham
Shimmiehorn Creek Bingham Springs
Silver Creek Deerhorn Creek
Skiphorton Creek Tollgate
Skookum Creek Jubilee Lake
Slusher Creek Thimbleberry Mountain
Snake Creek Bridge Creek
Snipe Creek Meacham Lake
Snipe Creek Ukiah
South Coyote Creek McKay Reservoir
South Fork Cable Creek Ukiah SE
South Fork Cottonwood Creek Peterson Ridge
South Fork Umatilla River Bingham Springs
South Fork Walla Walla River Bowlus Hill
South Fork Wilkins Creek Deerhorn Creek
South Patawa Creek Mission
Spring Creek Mission
Spring Creek Mission
Spring Creek Bingham Springs
Spring Hollow Creek Adams
Stanley Creek Pilot Rock
Stewart Creek McKay Reservoir
Sugarbowl Creek Sugarbowl Creek
Summer Creek Jubilee Lake
Swamp Creek Bingham Springs
Swartz Creek Waterman
Table Creek Tollgate
Taylor Creek Deerhorn Creek
Texas Bar Creek Ukiah SE
Thomas Creek Bingham Springs
Thompson Creek Thompson Flat
Thorn Hollow Creek Thorn Hollow
Tie Creek Duncan
Tie Creek Huron
Tiger Creek Big Meadows
Tillicum Creek Huron
Tod Creek Meacham
Trap Creek Thimbleberry Mountain
Trough Creek Ukiah SE
Tutuilla Creek Pendleton
Twomile Creek Meacham
Umapine Creek Sullivan Gulch
Umatilla River Umatilla
Warm Spring Creek Lehman Springs
Webb Creek Big Meadows
Webb Slough Vinson
Wegner Creek Pilot Rock
West Birch Creek Pilot Rock
West Branch West Crockett Branch Milton-Freewater
West Crockett Branch Milton-Freewater
West Ford Milton-Freewater
West Fork Coyote Creek Bingham Springs
West Fork Greasewood Creek Cayuse
West Fork Snipe Creek Ukiah
West Fork Spring Hollow Creek Adams
West Prong Little Walla Walla River College Place
Wildhorse Creek Pendleton
Wilkins Creek Ukiah
Woodward Creek Andies Prairie

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Umatilla County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Umatilla County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.