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Union County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Union County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Creek Flagstaff Butte
Ames Creek Little Catherine Creek
Antelope Creek Telocaset
Bailey Creek Sanderson Spring
Battle Creek Marley Creek
Bazine Creek Medical Springs
Bear Creek Kamela SE
Bear Creek McIntyre Creek
Beatty Creek Anthony Butte
Beaver Creek Kamela SE
Bell Creek Mount Fanny
Big Rattlesnake Creek Keating NW
Bluch Creek Mount Moriah
Bobington Branch Cove
Boot Hill Creek China Cap
Boswell Creek Cove
Bottle Creek Flagstaff Butte
Boulder Creek Mount Fanny
Boulder Creek Bennet Peak
Bridge Creek Mount Fanny
Brinker Creek Union
Buck Creek Partridge Creek
Buck Creek Little Catherine Creek
Burnt Corral Creek Marley Creek
Buzzard Creek Jubilee Lake
Byron Slough La Grande
Cabin Creek Rondowa
Camp Creek Flagstaff Butte
Camp Creek Gasset Bluff
Campbell Creek Marley Creek
Canyon Creek Summerville
Catherine Creek Cove
Chicken Creek Fly Valley
Chop Creek China Cap
Clark Creek Elgin
Clear Creek Tucker Flat
Clear Creek Limber Jim Creek
Clover Creek North Powder
Collins Creek Flagstaff Butte
Conley Creek Summerville
Coon Creek Summerville
Coon Creek Krag Peak
Copper Creek Bennet Peak
Corral Creek Flagstaff Butte
Cove Creek La Grande Reservoir
Crooked Creek La Grande
Curtis Creek Krag Peak
Cusick Creek Telocaset
Daley Creek Tucker Flat
Dark Canyon Creek McIntyre Creek
Deal Creek La Grande
Deer Creek Cove
Dennis Creek Eagle Cap
Dobbin Creek Mount Fanny
Dodge Creek Krag Peak
Dog Creek Kamela SE
Draper Creek Union
Dry Beaver Creek Little Beaver Creek
Dry Creek Summerville
Dry Creek Kamela SE
Dry Creek Fly Valley
Dry Fork Jordan Creek La Grande Reservoir
Duncan Creek Cove
Dutch Creek Tucker Flat
Eagle Creek Jubilee Lake
Eagle Creek Mount Moriah
East Branch Gordon Creek Elgin
East Burnt Corral Creek Marley Creek
East Fork Clear Creek Tucker Flat
East Fork Elk Creek Steamboat Lake
East Fork Grande Ronde River Limber Jim Creek
East Fork Indian Creek Mount Fanny
East Fork Rock Creek Glass Hill
East Fork West Eagle Creek Bennet Peak
East Phillips Creek Sanderson Spring
East Sheep Creek Fly Valley
Eckesley Creek Cove
Elk Creek Steamboat Lake
Elkhorn Creek Anthony Butte
End Creek Summerville
Ensign Creek Bally Mountain
Fake Creek Bennet Peak
Finley Creek Sanderson Spring
Fir Creek Summerville
Fireline Creek Mount Fanny
Five Points Creek Hilgard
Fly Creek Marley Creek
French Creek Krag Peak
Friday Creek Limber Jim Creek
Frizzell Creek Summerville
Fry Meadow Creek Fry Meadow
Gekeler Slough Conley
Gordon Creek Elgin
Graves Creek Hilgard
Grizzly Creek Mount Fanny
Grouse Creek Mount Moriah
Gussie Creek North Powder
Hacker Creek Sanderson Spring
Hoodoo Creek La Grande Reservoir
Horseshoe Creek Mount Fanny
Huckleberry Creek Mount Fanny
Hulick Branch Cove
Indian Creek Elgin
Indian Creek Anthony Butte
Indiana Creek Fly Valley
Jarboe Creek Rondowa
Jennings Creek Bally Mountain
Jerry Creek Jim White Ridge
Jim Creek China Cap
Jim Creek Bennet Peak
Jimmy Creek North Powder
Jordan Creek Kamela SE
Jungle Creek Jim White Ridge
Kelly Springs Creek Union
Knight Creek Eagle Cap
Lackey Creek China Cap
Ladd Creek Conley
Lanman Creek Sanderson Spring
Lawson Creek Krag Peak
Lewis Branch Summerville
Lick Creek Flagstaff Butte
Lick Creek Little Catherine Creek
Limber Jim Creek Limber Jim Creek
Little Bear Creek Sullivan Gulch
Little Beaver Creek Little Beaver Creek
Little Boulder Creek Bennet Peak
Little Catherine Creek Little Catherine Creek
Little Creek Craig Mountain
Little Creek North Powder
Little Dry Creek Sanderson Spring
Little Fly Creek Fly Valley
Little Graves Creek Hilgard
Little Indian Creek Gasset Bluff
Little John Day Creek Drumhill Ridge
Little Lookingglass Creek Jubilee Lake
Little Meadow Creek Limber Jim Creek
Little Minam River Mount Moriah
Little Park Creek Medical Springs
Little Phillips Creek Elgin
Little Pot Creek Jim White Ridge
Little Rattlesnake Creek Keating NW
Little Rock Creek Hilgard
Little Whiskey Creek Hilgard
Lobo Creek Mount Moriah
Lookingglass Creek Rondowa
Lookout Creek Fly Valley
Lost Creek Jubilee Lake
Marion Creek Limber Jim Creek
Marley Creek Marley Creek
McAlister Slough Conley
McCoy Creek McIntyre Creek
McCurry Creek Medical Springs
McDow Creek Little Catherine Creek
McIntyre Creek McIntyre Creek
Meadow Creek Fry Meadow
Meadow Creek McIntyre Creek
Meadowbrook Creek Limber Jim Creek
Medicine Creek Elgin
Metzler Creek Tucker Flat
Middle Fork Catherine Creek China Cap
Middle Fork Clark Creek Cricket Flat
Milk Creek Little Catherine Creek
Mill Creek Imbler
Mill Creek Cove
Mill Creek La Grande
Millard Branch Cove
Moses Creek Rondowa
Mount Emily Creek Drumhill Ridge
Muir Creek Limber Jim Creek
Mulholland Slough La Grande
Murphy Creek Cove
North Fork Anthony Creek Anthony Butte
North Fork Cabin Creek Partridge Creek
North Fork Catherine Creek Medical Springs
North Fork Clark Creek Cricket Flat
North Fork Indian Creek Gasset Bluff
North Fork Limber Jim Creek Limber Jim Creek
North Fork Wolf Creek Tucker Flat
Outhouse Creek Devils Heel
Partridge Creek Partridge Creek
Peach Creek North Powder
Pedro Creek Andies Prairie
Peet Creek Bally Mountain
Pelican Creek Hilgard
Phillips Creek Elgin
Phys Slough Cove
Pickle Creek Marley Creek
Pierce Slough Conley
Pilcher Creek Tucker Flat
Pine Creek Elgin
Pole Creek China Cap
Pole Creek Flagstaff Butte
Pop Creek Eagle Cap
Pot Creek China Cap
Potters Creek Union
Prescott Creek Telocaset
Proctor Creek Fry Meadow
Prong Creek Flagstaff Butte
Pyles Creek Craig Mountain
Ray Creek Bally Mountain
Robbs Creek Hilgard
Rock Creek Hilgard
Rock Creek China Cap
Sand Pass Creek Flagstaff Butte
Scout Creek Medical Springs
Second Creek Anthony Butte
Shaw Creek Imbler
Shaw Creek Elgin
Sheep Creek Hilgard
Sheep Creek Fly Valley
Slide Creek Summerville
Smith Creek Summerville
Smith Creek Bally Mountain
Snow Creek Krag Peak
South Fork Cabin Creek Partridge Creek
South Fork Catherine Creek Medical Springs
South Fork Limber Jim Creek Limber Jim Creek
South Fork Spring Creek Kamela SE
Spring Creek Sanderson Spring
Spring Creek Kamela SE
Spring Creek Telocaset
Spring Creek Cove
Spring Creek China Cap
Spring Slough Conley
Squaw Creek Minam
Squaw Creek Sullivan Gulch
Squaw Creek China Cap
Starkey Creek McIntyre Creek
Strapping Creek Sanderson Spring
Swamp Creek Jubilee Lake
Swan Creek Marley Creek
Syrup Creek McIntyre Creek
Taylor Creek La Grande
Third Creek Tucker Flat
Thorn Creek Keating NW
Threemile Creek Mount Fanny
Tie Creek Drumhill Ridge
Trail Creek Steamboat Lake
Tumbledown Creek Anthony Lakes
Waite Creek Summerville
Warm Creek Cove
Warm Spring Creek Marley Creek
Watermelon Creek Little Beaver Creek
Waucup Creek Bally Mountain
Webfoot Creek Anthony Butte
West Chicken Creek Fly Valley
West Eagle Creek Bennet Peak
West Fork Beaver Creek La Grande Reservoir
West Fork Clear Creek Glass Hill
West Fork Clear Creek Tucker Flat
Whiskey Creek Hilgard
Whitehorse Creek Marley Creek
Whoopee Creek Jim White Ridge
Willow Creek Imbler
Wilts Creek McIntyre Creek
Wisdom Creek Medical Springs
Wolf Creek North Powder
Wright Slough Conley

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Union County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Union County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.