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Wheeler County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Wheeler County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Creek Masiker Mountain
Back Creek Day Basin
Badger Creek Keyes Mountain
Baldy Creek Six Corners
Balm Creek Kimberly
Balm Creek Antone
Bear Creek Painted Hills
Bear Creek Antone
Bear Creek Mount Misery
Big Service Creek Kinzua
Birch Creek Picture Gorge West
Blann Creek Frog Hollow
Bologna Creek Kimberly
Branson Creek Mount Misery
Bridge Creek Painted Hills
Buckhorn Creek Picture Gorge West
Bug Creek Peterson Point
Burnt Cabin Creek Whitetail Butte
Butte Creek Chimney Springs
Cabbage Creek Derr Meadows
Camp Creek Lawson Mountain
Camp Creek Wheeler Point
Canyon Creek Spray
Carroll Creek Lawson Mountain
Cary Creek Richmond
China Hat Creek Kimberly
Clover Creek Lawson Mountain
Cockleburr Creek Antone
Corncob Creek Spray
Cottonwood Creek Fossil South
Cougar Creek Day Basin
Cove Creek Porcupine Butte
Crawford Creek Collins Butte
Cripple Creek Porcupine Butte
Cry Creek Spray
Davis Creek Collins Butte
Day Creek Day Basin
Dead Horse Creek Whitetail Butte
Deep Creek Picture Gorge West
Deep Creek Chimney Springs
Derr Creek Derr Meadows
Dippen Rig Creek Masiker Mountain
Donnely Creek Masiker Mountain
Double Corral Creek Derr Meadows
Dry Fork Brown Creek Lefevre Prairie
East Birch Creek Day Basin
East Fork Crazy Creek Peterson Point
East Wolf Creek Six Corners
Evans Creek Spray
Fir Tree Creek Antone
First Creek Mount Misery
First Creek Antone
Fopiano Creek Tubb Spring
Fort Creek Frog Hollow
Frank Creek Picture Gorge West
Fred Creek Antone
Fry Creek Frog Hollow
Gable Creek Mitchell
Gage Creek Lawson Mountain
Girds Creek Sutton Mountain
Grassy Dell Creek Masiker Mountain
Happy Camp Creek Johnson Heights
Happy Camp Creek Derr Meadows
Hardscrabble Creek Johnson Heights
Harper Creek Masiker Mountain
Harrison Creek Keyes Mountain
Haypress Creek Derr Meadows
Haystack Creek Spray
Henry Creek Whitetail Butte
Hide and Seek Creek Mount Misery
High Creek Antone
Hoffman Creek Peterson Point
Hogan Creek Richmond
Holmes Creek Spray
Honeymoon Creek Wolf Mountain
Hoover Creek Fossil North
Horseshoe Creek Masiker Mountain
Indian Creek Picture Gorge West
Indian Creek Keyes Mountain
Industry Creek Richmond
Ives Creek Kimberly
Jenkins Creek Service Creek
Joe Creek Antone
Johnson Creek Lonerock
Johnson Creek Mitchell
Jones Canyon Fossil South
Kahler Creek Spray
Keeton Creek Frog Hollow
Keyes Creek Mitchell
King Creek Buckhorn Canyon
Kitty Creek Peterson Point
Lake Creek Masiker Mountain
Left Hand Creek Spray
Limekiln Creek Toney Butte
Little Lake Creek Wheeler Point
Little Searcy Creek Kinzua
Little Service Creek Kinzua
Little Windy Creek Six Corners
Lone Pine Creek Porcupine Butte
Lost Cabin Creek Day Basin
Mac Creek Frog Hollow
Maley Creek Antone
Marshall Creek Keyes Mountain
Mathas Creek Masiker Mountain
Maxwell Creek Mount Pisgah
McGinnis Creek Mount Misery
McKay Creek Frog Hollow
Melvina Creek Toney Butte
Milk Creek Peterson Point
Mill Creek Service Creek
Mill Creek Mitchell
Monroe Creek Toney Butte
Morris Canyon Fossil South
Mountain Creek Picture Gorge West
Mud Creek Mitchell
Muddy Creek Kinzua
Muleshoe Creek Masiker Mountain
Nelson Creek Mitchell
North Fork Willow Creek Tubb Spring
O’Kelly Creek Lawson Mountain
Owl Creek Wolf Mountain
Parrish Creek Spray
Payne Creek Toney Butte
Pine Creek Clarno
Podo Creek Six Corners
Rail Creek Lawson Mountain
Rattlesnake Creek Toney Butte
Red Mud Creek Toney Butte
Ricks Creek Collins Butte
Rock Creek Masiker Mountain
Rowe Creek Rowe Creek
Searcy Creek Kinzua
Second Creek Kimberly
Second Creek Antone
Service Creek Service Creek
Sheet Iron Jack Creek Frog Hollow
Shingle Creek Antone
Shoofly Creek Service Creek
Sixshooter Creek Frog Hollow
Slide Creek Lawson Mountain
Snabel Creek Spray
Spring Creek Tubb Spring
Stephenson Creek Lawson Mountain
Stone Cabin Creek Fossil South
Straube Creek Johnson Heights
Straw Fork Butte Creek Fossil South
Tamarack Creek Toney Butte
Tamarack Creek Whitetail Butte
Tamarack Creek Johnson Heights
Third Creek Kimberly
Thompson Creek Mitchell
Thronson Creek Ochoco Butte
Toggle Creek Derr Meadows
Trent Creek Toney Butte
Tubb Creek Tubb Spring
Varmint Creek Peterson Point
Weddle Creek Mitchell
West Birch Creek Day Basin
West Branch Bridge Creek Mitchell
West Branch Rock Creek Antone
West Fork Butte Creek Buckhorn Canyon
West Fork McGraw Creek Homestead
West Nelson Creek Mitchell
Wheeler Creek Wheeler Point
Wheeler Creek Tubb Spring
Whisky Creek Frog Hollow
William Creek Masiker Mountain
Willow Branch Clarno
Willow Creek Tubb Spring
Windy Creek Six Corners
Wolf Creek Johnson Heights
Wood Camp Creek Keyes Mountain
Yellow Jacket Creek Johnson Heights

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Wheeler County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Wheeler County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.