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Yamhill County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Yamhill County

Place USGS Topo Map
Agency Creek Grand Ronde
Ash Creek Sheridan
Ash Swale Amity
Ayers Creek Laurelwood
Baker Creek McMinnville
Baltimore Creek Stony Mountain
Beaver Creek Fairdale
Beaver Creek Stony Mountain
Berkey Creek Ballston
Berry Creek McMinnville
Bolton Creek Fairdale
Bronson Creek Dundee
Bryan Creek Dundee
Burton Creek Springer Mountain
Canada Creek Springer Mountain
Canyon Creek Mission Bottom
Cedar Creek Midway
Cedar Creek Trask Mountain
Cedar Creek Fairdale
Cedar Creek Stony Mountain
Chehalem Creek Newberg
Coast Creek Stony Mountain
Cosper Creek Grand Ronde
Cozine Creek McMinnville
Crazy Creek Hebo
Cronin Creek Stony Mountain
Crooked Creek Midway
Deer Creek Muddy Valley
Devils Creek Muddy Valley
Dunning Creek Carlton
Dupee Creek Ballston
Ead Creek Midway
East Creek Stony Mountain
East Fork Muddy Creek Muddy Valley
Elkhorn Creek Gobblers Knob
Elmer Creek Midway
Fairchild Creek Fairdale
Fall Creek Fairdale
Falls Creek Fairdale
Gilbert Creek Springer Mountain
Gill Creek Muddy Valley
Goodin Creek Gaston
Grohe Creek Stony Mountain
Hanchet Creek Midway
Hanna Creek Fairdale
Harvey Creek Newberg
Haskins Creek Fairdale
Hawn Creek Dayton
Hawn Creek Turner Creek
Hay Creek Turner Creek
Henry Creek Dayton
Hess Creek Newberg
Hess Creek Newberg
Holdridge Creek Dayton
Hutchcroft Creek Carlton
Idlewild Creek Fairdale
Indian Creek Grand Ronde
Joe Creek Midway
Johnson Creek McMinnville
Kane Creek Fairdale
Kennedy Creek Springer Mountain
Kitten Creek Midway
Klees Creek Grand Ronde
Kutch Creek Fairdale
La Toutena Mary Creek Stony Mountain
Lambert Slough Dayton
Little Deer Creek Muddy Valley
Little Russell Creek Gaston
Maroney Creek Trask Mountain
Middle Fork Muddy Creek Muddy Valley
Mill Creek Sheridan
Miller Creek Dayton
Millican Creek Dayton
Muddy Creek Muddy Valley
Murray Creek Fairdale
North Branch Cozine Creek McMinnville
North Yamhill River McMinnville
Palmer Creek Dayton
Panther Creek McMinnville
Perkins Creek Trask Mountain
Petch Creek Fairdale
Pierce Creek Midway
Rock Creek Sheridan
Rowland Creek Carlton
Russel Creek Fairdale
Salt Creek McMinnville
Salt Creek Carlton
Severt Creek Turner Creek
Silver Creek Fairdale
Slide Mountain Creek Fairdale
Snake Creek Muddy Valley
South Yamhill River McMinnville
Spring Brook Newberg
Spring Valley Creek Mission Bottom
Springer Creek Springer Mountain
Stag Hollow Creek Carlton
Steep Creek Trask Mountain
Three Rivers Hebo
Tindle Creek Sheridan
Turner Creek Fairdale
Walker Creek Trask Mountain
Warner Creek Dayton
West Fork Agency Creek Niagara Creek
West Fork Palmer Creek Dayton
West Fork Yoncalla Creek Niagara Creek
Wildwood Creek Turner Creek
Wiley Creek Stony Mountain
Willamina Creek Sheridan
Wilson Creek Springer Mountain
Wind River Midway
Yamhill Creek Carlton
Yamhill River Saint Paul
Yoncalla Creek Niagara Creek

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Yamhill County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Yamhill County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.