Cameron County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Cameron County

Place USGS Topo Map
Arksill Run Sinnemahoning
Barr Run Rich Valley
Barrs Run Driftwood
Bear Run Rathbun
Beaverdam Run Driftwood
Bell Run West Creek
Bender Run Cameron
Bennett Branch Sinnemahoning Creek Driftwood
Big Run Cameron
Big Run Rich Valley
Big Run West Creek
Bobby Run Rich Valley
Boyer Run Driftwood
Brewer Fork Wildwood Fire Tower
Britton Run Rich Valley
Bronson Run First Fork
Brooks Run First Fork
Canoe Run Cameron
Chop Run Rich Valley
Clear Creek Rich Valley
Cooks Run Rich Valley
Cowley Run Emporium
Day Run Rich Valley
Dells Run Rich Valley
Downey Run Emporium
Driftwood Branch Sinnemahoning Creek Driftwood
Dry Run Driftwood
Eddy Run Rich Valley
Elk Fork Rich Valley
Ellicott Run Sinnemahoning
Finley Run Cameron
First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek Sinnemahoning
Fivemile Run Rich Valley
Foley Branch Driftwood
Fourmile Run Emporium
Franks Run Rich Valley
Frenchmans Branch Rathbun
Gillis Bliss Run West Creek
Gravel Lick Driftwood
Gravelly Run First Fork
Grove Run Sinnemahoning
Hart Run West Creek
Hicks Run Dents Run
Hunting Shanty Branch Emporium
Hunting Shanty Run Rich Valley
Hunts Run Cameron
Indian Camp Run Wildwood Fire Tower
Jenks Run Rich Valley
Joes Run First Fork
John Mason Run Cameron
Johns Run Rich Valley
Johnson Run Driftwood
Kimball Run Emporium
Left Branch Cooks Run Rich Valley
Left Fork Brooks Run First Fork
Left Fork Canoe Run Cameron
Left Fork Grove Run Sinnemahoning
Left Fork Miller Run Driftwood
Lewis Run Rich Valley
Lick Island Run Sinnemahoning
Little Bailey Run First Fork
Little Clear Creek Wildwood Fire Tower
Little Dent Run Driftwood
Logue Run First Fork
Lower Jerry Run Sinnemahoning
Lower Pine Run Driftwood
Lushbaugh Run First Fork
Mason Grove Run Cameron
May Hollow Run Cameron
McKinnon Branch Cameron
McNuff Branch Emporium
Middle Branch Hicks Run West Creek
Middle Jerry Run Sinnemahoning
Mill Run First Fork
Miller Run Driftwood
Mix Run Driftwood
Mooley Hollow Run Cameron
Moon Run Rich Valley
Mud Run West Creek
Mud Run Wildwood Fire Tower
Muley Run First Fork
Nanny Run Driftwood
Nelson Run Driftwood
Nichols Run Wildwood Fire Tower
Norcross Run First Fork
North Creek Rich Valley
Oviatt Branch Wildwood Fire Tower
Owl Run First Fork
Pepper Run Rich Valley
Pepperhill Run Sinnemahoning
Portable Run Cameron
Rattlesnake Run First Fork
Right Branch Cooks Run Rich Valley
Right Fork Big Run Cameron
Right Fork Brooks Run First Fork
Roaring Branch Rich Valley
Roaring Run First Fork
Robinson Run Wildwood Fire Tower
Rock Run Cameron
Rocky Run Rich Valley
Russell Hollow Run Cameron
Salt Run Emporium
Shanty Branch Wharton
Short Bend Run First Fork
Sinnemahoning Portage Creek Emporium
Sizer Run Emporium
Snodgrass Run Cameron
Square Timber Run Cameron
State Road Branch Wharton
Steam Mill Branch Cameron
Sterling Run Cameron
Stillhouse Run Cameron
Stone Quarry Run Driftwood
Tanglefoot Run Driftwood
Tannery Hollow Run Cameron
Thayer Run Rich Valley
Towner Run West Creek
Trout Hole Run Sinnemahoning
Twenty Seven Branch Rich Valley
Upper Jerry Run Sinnemahoning
Upper Logue Run First Fork
Waldy Run Rich Valley
Wash Mason Run Cameron
West Creek Emporium
White Oak Run Sinnemahoning
White Run Sinnemahoning
Whitehead Run Cameron
Woodrock Run First Fork
Wykoff Run Sinnemahoning

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Cameron County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Cameron County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.