Fayette County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Fayette County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Run New Salem
Antram Run Carmichaels
Back Creek Donegal
Bates Run Mather
Bear Run Mill Run
Beaver Creek Fort Necessity
Bennington Spring Run Uniontown
Blackberry Run South Connellsville
Bolden Run New Salem
Braddock Run Fort Necessity
Breakneck Run Connellsville
Browns Run Masontown
Bruner Run Rockwood
Buck Run Mill Run
Burnt Cabin Branch New Salem
Bute Run Uniontown
Camp Run Morgantown North
Camp Run Ohiopyle
Cats Run Masontown
Champion Creek Donegal
Chaney Run Fort Necessity
Cheat River Morgantown North
Clay Run Mill Run
Coal Lick Run Uniontown
Colvin Run Fayette City
Connell Run Connellsville
Coolspring Run Uniontown
Cove Run Uniontown
Cox Run Carmichaels
Crabapple Run Fayette City
Craig Branch Uniontown
Crooked Run Mill Run
Croziers Run Smithfield
Cucumber Run Fort Necessity
Deadman Run Fort Necessity
Dickerson Run Dawson
Downers Run Fayette City
Dunbar Creek Connellsville
Dunlap Creek California
Elk Rock Run South Connellsville
Fans Run Uniontown
Ferguson Run Uniontown
Fike Run Brandonville
Flat Rock Run South Connellsville
Fourmile Run New Salem
Fulton Run Mill Run
Furnace Run Dawson
Galley Run Connellsville
Georges Creek Masontown
Gist Run South Connellsville
Glade Run South Connellsville
Gossip Run Smithfield
Grassy Run Lake Lynn
Great Meadow Run Fort Necessity
Green Lick Run Connellsville
Hall Run Ohiopyle
Hen Run Confluence
Hickman Run Dawson
Indian Creek South Connellsville
Irish Run Connellsville
Irishtown Run South Connellsville
Jacobs Creek Smithton
Jacobs Creek Masontown
Jennings Run Uniontown
Jim Run Mill Run
Johnson Run Mill Run
Jonathan Run Mill Run
Kelley Run Carmichaels
Lamb Lick Run Fayette City
Latta Run Connellsville
Laurel Run Dawson
Laurel Run South Connellsville
Laurel Run Mill Run
Laurel Run Uniontown
Laurel Run Mill Run
Laurel Run Ohiopyle
Laurel Run Brownfield
Lick Run Uniontown
Lick Run Ohiopyle
Lilly Run Carmichaels
Limestone Run South Connellsville
Little Champion Creek Donegal
Little Redstone Creek Fayette City
Long Run Ohiopyle
Long Run Brownfield
McIntire Run Fort Necessity
Meadow Run Carmichaels
Meadow Run Ohiopyle
Middle Fork Laurel Run Mill Run
Middle Run Carmichaels
Mill Run Fayette City
Mill Run Mill Run
Mill Run Brownfield
Minnow Run Carmichaels
Minnow Run Donegal
Morgan Run South Connellsville
Mountain Creek Smithfield
Mounts Creek Connellsville
Muddy Run Smithfield
Neals Run Seven Springs
Newmyer Run Donegal
Noahs Glade Fort Necessity
North Branch Browns Run Smithfield
North Branch Cucumber Run Fort Necessity
Opossum Run Connellsville
Peck Run Ohiopyle
Piney Run Brownfield
Pinkham Run Friendsville
Poplar Run Donegal
Quebec Run Bruceton Mills
Ramcat Run Ohiopyle
Rankin Run Uniontown
Rasler Run Mill Run
Reason Run Friendsville
Reason Run Friendsville
Redstone Creek California
Richter Run South Connellsville
Rock Run South Connellsville
Rock Spring Run Ohiopyle
Rowes Run Fayette City
Rubles Run Lake Lynn
Rush Run California
Saltlick Run New Salem
Scotts Run Fort Necessity
Sheepskin Run Ohiopyle
Shutes Run Uniontown
Smiley Run Dawson
Smiley Run Fort Necessity
South Branch Browns Run Smithfield
South Spruce Run Donegal
Spruce Run Connellsville
Stony Fork Fort Necessity
Stony Run Mill Run
Stulls Run Mill Run
Sugar Run Mill Run
Tates Run South Connellsville
Tebolt Run Bruceton Mills
Trout Run Seven Springs
Tub Run Ohiopyle
Tucker Run South Connellsville
Virgin Run Dawson
Wallace Run Carmichaels
War Branch Masontown
Wash Run Donegal
Washington Run Dawson
Washwater Run Fayette City
Whites Run Connellsville
Workman Run Mill Run
York Run Smithfield

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Fayette County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Fayette County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.