Greene County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Greene County

Place USGS Topo Map
Bacon Run Osage
Bacon Run Mather
Barneys Run New Freeport
Bates Fork Waynesburg
Bell Run Garards Fort
Bells Run Holbrook
Bissett Run New Freeport
Blacks Creek New Freeport
Blacks Run Blacksville
Blockhouse Run Holbrook
Bloody Run Wadestown
Boothe Run Wind Ridge
Boyd Run Waynesburg
Browns Creek Waynesburg
Browns Run Mather
Bulldog Run Holbrook
Buzzard Run Hundred
Calico Run Oak Forest
Calvin Run Osage
Castile Run Mather
Chambers Run New Freeport
Chaney Run Majorsville
Clawson Run Wadestown
Claylick Run Rogersville
Clear Run Waynesburg
Coal Lick Run Mather
Coal Run Carmichaels
Cook Run New Freeport
Coon Run Littleton
Crabapple Creek Wind Ridge
Craig Run Waynesburg
Craynes Run Waynesburg
Dille Run Rogersville
Dooley Run Osage
Dunkard Creek Masontown
Dutch Run Garards Fort
Dyers Fork Garards Fort
Eddies Run Wadestown
Fall Run Littleton
Falling Timber Run New Freeport
Fletcher Run Wind Ridge
Fonner Run Rogersville
Fox Run Osage
Frosty Run Garards Fort
Garner Run Holbrook
Garners Run Waynesburg
Garrison Fork Wadestown
Glade Run Garards Fort
Glade Run Carmichaels
Goose Run Masontown
Grays Fork Rogersville
Grimes Run Waynesburg
Grimes Run Mather
Grinage Run Holbrook
Grinnage Run Wind Ridge
Hamilton Run New Freeport
Hargus Creek Holbrook
Haynes Run Oak Forest
Hennen Run Wadestown
Herod Run New Freeport
Hewitt Run New Freeport
Hobbs Run Osage
Hoge Run Holbrook
Hoovers Run Wadestown
House Run Holbrook
Jackson Run Waynesburg
Jacobs Run Rogersville
Jersey Run Waynesburg
Job Creek New Freeport
Kent Run Wind Ridge
Knob Run Littleton
Laurel Run Waynesburg
Laurel Run New Freeport
Lightner Run Rogersville
Little Shannon Run Osage
Little Whiteley Creek Masontown
Long Run New Freeport
Maple Run Oak Forest
Maranda Run Rogersville
McCourtney Run Holbrook
Meadow Run Garards Fort
Minor Run Garards Fort
Morris Run Blacksville
Morris Run Rogersville
Mount Phoebe Run Oak Forest
Mud Lick Run Waynesburg
Muddy Creek Carmichaels
Mudlick Fork New Freeport
Neel Run Carmichaels
Negro Run Wadestown
North Branch Calvin Run Garards Fort
North Fork Dunkard Fork Wind Ridge
Owens Run Wind Ridge
Patterson Creek Rogersville
Patterson Run Oak Forest
Pegs Run Carmichaels
Pennsylvania Fork Dunkard Creek Wadestown
Pettit Run Waynesburg
Pigeon Run Hundred
Polen Run Wind Ridge
Poverty Run Waynesburg
Pumpkin Run Mather
Purman Run Waynesburg
Pursley Creek Waynesburg
Ripleys Run Blacksville
Roberts Run Garards Fort
Roberts Run Blacksville
Roberts Run Holbrook
Rudolf Run Blacksville
Ruff Creek Mather
Rush Run Mather
Rush Run Waynesburg
Rush Run Blacksville
Scott Run Rogersville
Shannon Run Osage
Sharp Run Blacksville
Sheppards Run Blacksville
Six Run Wadestown
Smith Creek Waynesburg
South Branch Muddy Creek Mather
South Fork Dunkard Fork Wind Ridge
South Fork Tenmile Creek Mather
Stewart Run Oak Forest
Stone Coal Run Majorsville
Sugar Run Waynesburg
Taylor Run Hundred
Throckmorton Run Waynesburg
Toll Gate Run Waynesburg
Toms Run Wadestown
Tustin Run Holbrook
Wagonroad Run New Freeport
Walkers Run Waynesburg
Watkins Run Osage
Webster Run New Freeport
West Run Rogersville
West Virginia Fork Dunkard Creek Wadestown
Wharton Run Majorsville
Whetstone Run Majorsville
White Creek Wadestown
Whiteley Creek Masontown
Whitethorn Run New Freeport
Wisecarver Run Waynesburg
Wolf Run Littleton
Woods Run Garards Fort
Woods Run Oak Forest
Wrights Run Blacksville

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Greene County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Greene County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.