Jefferson County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Jefferson County

Place USGS Topo Map
Acy Run Munderf
Baghdad Run Carman
Bearpen Run Munderf
Beaver Meadow Run Munderf
Beaver Run Summerville
Beaver Run Hazen
Beaverdam Run Falls Creek
Beer Run Cooksburg
Big Run Summerville
Big Run Punxsutawney
Black Run Cooksburg
Bliss Run Carman
Brocious Run Summerville
Buck Run Du Bois
Burns Run Brookville
Bushley Run Munderf
Cable Run Reynoldsville
Callen Run Sigel
Camp Run Reynoldsville
Campbell Run Corsica
Carrier Run Summerville
Caylor Run Dayton
Cherry Run Summerville
Chicken Run Munderf
Clear Creek Sigel
Clear Run Sigel
Clemens Run Sigel
Clement Run Brookville
Clover Run McGees Mills
Clutch Run Coolspring
Coder Run Brookville
Cold Spring Run Punxsutawney
Couch Run Punxsutawney
Craft Run Brookville
Curry Run Falls Creek
Daugherty Run Munderf
Davis Run Munderf
Dice Run Sigel
Dry Run Sigel
East Branch Mahoning Creek McGees Mills
East Branch Walburn Run Carman
Eckler Run Summerville
Elk Run Punxsutawney
English Run Sigel
Falls Creek Falls Creek
Fehley Run Du Bois
Ferguson Run Summerville
Fivemile Run Brookville
Fivemile Run Brookville
Foundry Run Valier
Fowler Run Cooksburg
Front Run Reynoldsville
Fuller Run Reynoldsville
Graffius Run Punxsutawney
Hadden Run Coolspring
Harveys Run Falls Creek
Henry Run Cooksburg
Hetrick Run Munderf
Hickok Run Coolspring
Horm Run Hazen
Hugh Run Corsica
Hunts Run Coolspring
Indiancamp Run Coolspring
Jackson Run Punxsutawney
Jenkins Run Carman
Johns Run Sigel
Kahle Run Cooksburg
Keys Run Hazen
Kyle Run Corsica
Kyle Run Falls Creek
Laurel Run McGees Mills
Laurel Run Reynoldsville
Laurel Run Brookville
Leeper Run Sigel
Lick Run Coolspring
Little Clear Creek Sigel
Little Elk Run Punxsutawney
Little Mill Creek Brookville
Little Sandy Creek Summerville
Little Toby Creek Carman
Little Vineyard Run Carman
Long Run Corsica
Lost Run McGees Mills
Lucas Run Munderf
Mammy Hi Run Munderf
Manners Dam Run Munderf
Martin Run Corsica
McCracken Run Valier
McCreight Run Du Bois
McEwen Run Falls Creek
McKee Run Reynoldsville
Middle Branch Little Sandy Creek Coolspring
Middle Branch Pine Run Dayton
Mill Creek Brookville
Miller Run Sigel
Muddy Run Munderf
Nicely Run Valier
North Fork Redbank Creek Brookville
O’Donnell Run Reynoldsville
Painter Run Dayton
Panther Run Du Bois
Parks Run Corsica
Patton Run Summerville
Pekin Run Brookville
Perryville Run Valier
Phyllis Run Sigel
Pine Run Sigel
Pitchpine Run Reynoldsville
Poose Run Du Bois
Rankin Run Corsica
Rattlesnake Creek Falls Creek
Rattlesnake Run Corsica
Rattlesnake Run Falls Creek
Raught Run Munderf
Red Lick Run Brookville
Red Run Summerville
Reitz Run Summerville
Rock Run Punxsutawney
Rose Run Valier
Runaway Run Summerville
Sandy Lick Creek Brookville
Sawmill Run Punxsutawney
Schoolhouse Run Reynoldsville
Seaton Run Cooksburg
Seneca Run Munderf
Shippen Run Brookville
Simpson Run Corsica
Smathers Run Coolspring
Smith Run Punxsutawney
Soldier Run Reynoldsville
South Branch North Fork Redbank Creek Munderf
Steele Run Brookville
Stony Run Munderf
Stony Run McGees Mills
Stump Creek McGees Mills
Sugar Camp Run Brookville
Sugarcamp Run Brookville
Sugarcamp Run Du Bois
Swamp Run Brookville
Swede Run Munderf
Tadler Run Sigel
Tarkiln Run Summerville
Tarkiln Run Sigel
Thompson Run Corsica
Trap Run Sigel
Trout Run Punxsutawney
Trout Run Reynoldsville
Truby Run Sigel
Turnip Run Reynoldsville
Ugly Run Punxsutawney
Updike Run Corsica
Walburn Run Falls Creek
Welch Run Summerville
West Branch Walburn Run Carman
Williams Run Munderf
Windfall Run Punxsutawney
Windfall Run Sigel
Wolf Run Falls Creek
Work Run Sigel
Yeomans Run Brookville

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Jefferson County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Jefferson County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.