McKean County Fishing Streams

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Streams in McKean County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allegheny Portage Creek Port Allegany
Annin Creek Port Allegany
Baker Run Derrick City
Barden Brook Eldred
Bear Run Lewis Run
Beckwith Run Mount Jewett
Bell Run Shinglehouse
Bennett Brook Bradford
Blacksmith Run Smethport
Blacksnake Run Kane
Bloody Run Ludlow
Boatroad Run Stickney
Boyer Brook Smethport
Brewer Run Crosby
Briggs Run Cornplanter Bridge
Buck Lick Run Westline
Buck Lick Run Westline
Buck Run Mount Jewett
Buck Run Hazel Hurst
Buck Run Roulette
Bump Run Westline
Camp Run Westline
Canfield Creek Eldred
Carpenter Creek Eldred
Castle Brook Kane
Chander Run Stickney
Chapman Brook Shinglehouse
Chappel Fork Cornplanter Bridge
Coffey Run Cornplanter Run
Cogsdell Brook Crosby
Cold Spring Run Hazel Hurst
Cole Creek Smethport
Colegrove Brook Crosby
Coleman Creek Roulette
Combs Creek Port Allegany
Coon Run Westline
County Line Run Hazel Hurst
Crary Run Westline
Daly Brook Smethport
Deer Lick Run Cornplanter Run
Dempsey Run Keating Summit
Doe Run Hazel Hurst
Dolly Brook Port Allegany
Donley Fork Crosby
Droney Run Lewis Run
Dry Brook Stickney
Dump Run Kane
Dutchman Run Cornplanter Bridge
East Branch Potato Creek Norwich
East Branch Tunungwant Creek Bradford
Elijah Run Cornplanter Bridge
Elk Bar Run Lewis Run
Fair Run Keating Summit
Fivemile Run Kane
Foster Brook Bradford
Foster Run Bradford
Fowler Brook Eldred
Fuller Brook Bradford
Gilbert Run Bradford
Glad Run Kane
Green Brook Crosby
Gum Boot Run Hazel Hurst
Gunning Run Westline
Half Mile Run Keating Summit
Hamilton Run Keating Summit
Hamlin Run Norwich
Hammond Run Stickney
Hand Brook Norwich
Havens Run Norwich
Hemlock Run Cornplanter Bridge
Hubert Run Kane
Ice Pond Brook Smethport
Indian Creek Eldred
Indian Run Westline
Indian Run Stickney
Indian Run Crosby
Indian Run Keating Summit
Janders Run Shinglehouse
Jet Brook Hazel Hurst
Kane Creek Hazel Hurst
Kansas Branch Eldred
Kavanaugh Branch Westline
Kendall Creek Bradford
Kettle Run Cornplanter Bridge
Kings Run Bullis Mills
Kissem Run Bradford
Lafferty Run Derrick City
Langmade Brook Bradford
Lanigan Brook Mount Jewett
Left Branch Half Mile Run Keating Summit
Lewis Run Lewis Run
Lewis Run Lewis Run
Libby Run Westline
Lick Run Crosby
Lightning Run Cornplanter Bridge
Lillibridge Creek Port Allegany
Linn Brook Westline
Little Black Brook Cyclone
Little Genesee Creek Bullis Mills
Little Meade Run Westline
Little Parker Run Norwich
Little Sicily Run Mount Jewett
Long Branch Bullis Mills
Long Run Port Allegany
Long Run Crosby
Lost Run Crosby
Louds Creek Eldred
Lyman Run Norwich
Marilla Brook Bradford
Markham Run Westline
Martin Run Hazel Hurst
Marvin Creek Smethport
McCrea Run Bullis Mills
Meade Run Westline
Meadow Brook Bradford
Miam Run Lewis Run
Minard Run Bradford
Morrison Run Cornplanter Bridge
Mud Lick Run Cornplanter Bridge
Mudlick Run Kane
Murdock Branch Crosby
Negro Run Ludlow
Nelse Run Cornplanter Run
Newell Creek Bullis Mills
North Branch Cole Creek Smethport
North Branch Colegrove Brook Norwich
North Branch Indian Run Emporium
North Branch Sugar Run Cornplanter Run
North Branch Tracy Run Cornplanter Run
North Branch Willow Creek Stickney
North Fork Chappel Fork Westline
Open Brook Bullis Mills
Orange Creek Lewis Run
Panther Run Cyclone
Panther Run Norwich
Parker Run Emporium
Paul Brook Port Allegany
Pennbrook Run Derrick City
Pickett Run Stickney
Pierce Brook Smethport
Pigeon Run Cornplanter Run
Pigeon Run Ludlow
Pine Run Lewis Run
Pine Run Crosby
Potato Creek Eldred
Prue Run Stickney
Railroad Run Stickney
Railroad Run Norwich
Railroad Run Lewis Run
Red Mill Brook Crosby
Rices Creek Eldred
Right Branch Half Mile Run Keating Summit
Robbins Brook Crosby
Rock Run Bullis Mills
Rock Run Keating Summit
Rock Run Ludlow
Rocky Fork Crosby
Rocky Run Crosby
Root Run Westline
Rutherford Run Bradford
Sartwell Creek Roulette
Scaffold Lick Run Keating Summit
Sevenmile Run Hazel Hurst
Sheppard Run Bradford
Short Run Crosby
Sicily Run Mount Jewett
Skinner Creek Port Allegany
Smith Run Hazel Hurst
South Branch Cole Creek Smethport
South Branch Hamilton Run Keating Summit
South Branch Indian Run Emporium
South Branch Kinzua Creek Cornplanter Bridge
South Branch Knapp Creek Eldred
South Branch Willow Creek Stickney
South Fork West Branch Potato Creek Crosby
South Penn Run Bradford
Stanton Brook Hazel Hurst
Taylor Brook Shinglehouse
Taylor Field Branch Norwich
Thomas Run Ludlow
Threemile Run Kane
Threemile Run Cyclone
Thundershower Run Westline
Tinkertown Run Cornplanter Run
Town Line Run Lewis Run
Trail Run Stickney
Tram Hollow Run Eldred
Turnup Run Westline
Two Mile Run Bradford
Twomile Creek Port Allegany
Tyler Brook Smethport
Walcott Brook Crosby
Warner Brook Hazel Hurst
Watermill Run Kane
Watrous Run Bradford
West Branch Potato Creek Crosby
West Branch Tunungwant Creek Bradford
West Fork West Branch Potato Creek Crosby
West Run Kane
White Gravel Creek Westline
Whiting Run Westline
Whitney Run Stickney
Wildcat Run Ludlow
Wildcat Run Hazel Hurst
Willis Creek Stickney
Windfall Run Westline
Windfall Run Lewis Run
Windfall Run Ludlow
Windfall Run Mount Jewett
Wintergreen Run Lewis Run
Wolf Run Stickney
Wolf Run Cyclone

Above is a map and a list of the streams in McKean County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within McKean County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.