Monroe County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Monroe County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alpine Lake Mount Pocono
Analomink Lake East Stroudsburg
Anglewood Lake Thornhurst
Arlington Lake Stroudsburg
Arrowhead Lake Thornhurst
Birch Lake Buck Hill Falls
Blue Mountain Lake East Stroudsburg
Bradys Lake Thornhurst
Briar Crest Woods Lake Blakeslee
Brookdale Lake Mount Pocono
Browns Lake Skytop
Camp Sun Mountain Lake Bushkill
Chicola Lake Wind Gap
Coolbaugh Lake Bushkill
Crescent Lake Pocono Pines
Deep Lake Pocono Pines
Deer Lake Bushkill
Deer Lake Buck Hill Falls
Deer Pond Pocono Pines
Dresser Lake Buck Hill Falls
Eagle Lake East Stroudsburg
East Lake Thornhurst
East Stroudsburg Reservoir East Stroudsburg
Echo Lake Tobyhanna
Fairview Lake Mount Pocono
Flagler Reservoir East Stroudsburg
Freeland Pond Mount Pocono
Goose Pond Skytop
Gouldsboro Lake Tobyhanna
Grass Lake Pocono Pines
Gravel Pond Buck Hill Falls
Gregory Pond East Stroudsburg
Grubers Lake Saylorsburg
Halfmoon Lake Pocono Pines
Hallowood Lake East Stroudsburg
Hawkey Pond Tobyhanna
Hemlock Lake Brodheadsville
Hemlock Lake Brodheadsville
Hiawatha Lake Saylorsburg
Hiawatha Lake Skytop
Hidden Lake Bushkill
Highwood Lake Mount Pocono
Hunter Lake Mount Pocono
Ice Pond Tobyhanna
Indian Mountain Lake Blakeslee
Indian Spring Run Pond Saylorsburg
Jimmy Pond Tobyhanna
Lake Akiba Saylorsburg
Lake Carobeth Buck Hill Falls
Lake Crawford Mount Pocono
Lake Guenevere Blakeslee
Lake Jamie Buck Hill Falls
Lake Jamie Buck Hill Falls
Lake Lenape Skytop
Lake Manzanedo East Stroudsburg
Lake Minausin Mount Pocono
Lake Mineola Brodheadsville
Lake Monroe East Stroudsburg
Lake Naomi Pocono Pines
Lake Onocup Blakeslee
Lake Sinca Blakeslee
Lake Tomico Skytop
Lake Valhalla East Stroudsburg
Lake Watawah Saylorsburg
Laurel Lake Mount Pocono
Leisure Lake Mount Pocono
Lenape Lake Stroudsburg
Little Deer Pond Pocono Pines
Locust Lake Thornhurst
Long Pond Blakeslee
Lost Lakes Pocono Pines
Lower Lake Skytop
Lynchwood Lake Tobyhanna
Manzanedo Lake East Stroudsburg
Marshall Lake Bushkill
Meadow Lake Bushkill
Millpond Number One Tobyhanna
Mountain Lake Skytop
Mountain Spring Lake Mount Pocono
Nazareth Reservoir Saylorsburg
North Arrowhead Lake Thornhurst
Onawa Lake Buck Hill Falls
Otter Lake Skytop
PA-463 Reservoir Buck Hill Falls
Pa-464 Reservoir Skytop
Paper Mill Pond Stroudsburg
Pilgrim Lake Blakeslee
Pine Grove Lake Stroudsburg
Pine Tree Lake Pocono Pines
Pinemere Lake Saylorsburg
Pocohontas Lake East Stroudsburg
Pocono Highlands Lake Bushkill
Pocono Highlands Lake East Stroudsburg
Pocono Lake Blakeslee
Pocono Plateau Lake Buck Hill Falls
Pocono Summit Lake Pocono Pines
Princess Lake Kunkletown
Rake Pond Bushkill
Ramot Lakes Pocono Pines
Ransberry Pond Skytop
Sambo Creek Lower Reservoir East Stroudsburg
Saylors Lake Saylorsburg
Seneca Lake Brodheadsville
Shawnee Lake Bushkill
Skytop Lodge Skytop
Skytop Lower Lake Skytop
Spring Lake East Stroudsburg
Spruce Cabin Pond Skytop
Stillwater Lake Pocono Pines
Summit Lake Pocono Pines
Sun Valley Lake Brodheadsville
Swiftwater Lake Mount Pocono
Tamaque Lake Pocono Pines
Tobyhanna Lake Tobyhanna
Trout Lake Mount Pocono
Weir Lake Brodheadsville
Werry Lake Bushkill
White Heron Lake Bushkill
Wigwam Lake Mount Pocono
Wilkinson Lake Skytop
Witmers Lake Saylorsburg
Woodland Lake East Stroudsburg
Zacharias Pond East Stroudsburg

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Monroe County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Monroe County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.