Monroe County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Monroe County

Place USGS Topo Map
Appenzell Creek Saylorsburg
Bear Swamp Run East Stroudsburg
Beaver Creek Pocono Pines
Big Meadow Run Stroudsburg
Blexley Run Thornhurst
Bowers Creek Pocono Pines
Brights Creek Skytop
Brodhead Creek Stroudsburg
Buck Hill Creek Buck Hill Falls
Bulgers Run Mount Pocono
Butz Run East Stroudsburg
Caledonia Creek Stroudsburg
Candle Creek East Stroudsburg
Chapple Creek Kunkletown
Cherry Creek Stroudsburg
Clear Run Tobyhanna
Cranberry Creek East Stroudsburg
Cranberry Creek Mount Pocono
Cross Keys Run Tobyhanna
Cross Run Pohopoco Mountain
Dancing Ridge Run Skytop
Davey Run Blakeslee
Deep Run Blakeslee
Devils Hole Creek Buck Hill Falls
Dotters Creek Brodheadsville
Dotters Run Tobyhanna
Dresser Run Tobyhanna
Dry Sawmill Run Mount Pocono
Duckpuddle Run Tobyhanna
East Branch Tobyhanna Creek Tobyhanna
Fall Creek Brodheadsville
Flagler Run Stroudsburg
Forest Hills Run Mount Pocono
Frame Cabin Run Tobyhanna
Frantzs Creek Kunkletown
Fritz Run Thornhurst
Goose Pond Run Buck Hill Falls
Griscom Creek Buck Hill Falls
Hawkey Run Tobyhanna
Hell Creek Pohopoco Mountain
Henderson Swamp Run Skytop
High Swamp Run Skytop
Hummler Run Tobyhanna
Hypsy Creek Brodheadsville
Indian Run Mount Pocono
Jim Smith Run Tobyhanna
Jonas Creek Pohopoco Mountain
Kettle Creek Saylorsburg
Kistler Run Tobyhanna
Lake Creek Saylorsburg
Laurel Run Buck Hill Falls
Leas Run East Stroudsburg
Leavitt Branch Buck Hill Falls
Little Pocono Creek Stroudsburg
Little Sambo Creek Stroudsburg
Lucky Run Skytop
Marshalls Creek Stroudsburg
McMichael Creek Stroudsburg
Michael Creek East Stroudsburg
Middle Branch Brodhead Creek Buck Hill Falls
Middle Creek Pohopoco Mountain
Mill Creek Skytop
Mountain Run Stroudsburg
Mud Pond Run Skytop
Mud Pond Run Pocono Pines
Mud Run Skytop
Newton Run East Stroudsburg
Paradise Creek East Stroudsburg
Pine Creek Kunkletown
Pine Mountain Run East Stroudsburg
Pocono Creek Stroudsburg
Pole Bridge Run Tobyhanna
Pollys Run Tobyhanna
Pond Creek East Stroudsburg
Poplar Creek Brodheadsville
Poplar Run East Stroudsburg
Princess Run Kunkletown
Rattlesnake Creek Buck Hill Falls
Rauscher Run Thornhurst
Red Run Blakeslee
Red Run Tobyhanna
Reeders Run Mount Pocono
Rocky Run Mount Pocono
Ross Common Creek Saylorsburg
Sambo Creek East Stroudsburg
Sand Hill Creek Bushkill
Sand Spring Run Mount Pocono
Scot Run Mount Pocono
Seventeenmile Creek Buck Hill Falls
Shawnee Creek Bushkill
Singer Run Tobyhanna
Sixteenmile Run Skytop
Spring Run Saylorsburg
Spruce Cabin Run Skytop
Spruce Mountain Run Buck Hill Falls
Sterners Run Pohopoco Mountain
Stony Run Skytop
Stony Run Blakeslee
Sugar Hollow Creek Brodheadsville
Suzie Creek Bushkill
Swiftwater Creek Mount Pocono
Tank Creek Buck Hill Falls
Transue Run Mount Pocono
Tripup Run Thornhurst
Trout Creek Thornhurst
Twomile Run Blakeslee
Upper Tunkhannock Creek Blakeslee
Utt Run Skytop
Wagner Run Blakeslee
Weir Creek Brodheadsville
Wigwam Run Saylorsburg
Wolf Run Thornhurst
Wolf Swamp Run Mount Pocono
Wolfs Spring Run Blakeslee
Yankee Run Buck Hill Falls

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Monroe County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Monroe County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.