Perry County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Perry County

Place USGS Topo Map
Acker Run Duncannon
Bailey Run Duncannon
Baken Creek Landisburg
Barger Run Reward
Bargers Run Millersburg
Big Spring Run Blairs Mills
Bixler Run Landisburg
Board Run Duncannon
Bowers Run Blain
Boyers Run Millersburg
Browns Run Blain
Bryson Hollow Run Harrisburg West
Bucks Run Millersburg
Buckwheat Run Millerstown
Buffalo Creek Halifax
Buffalo Creek Newport
Bull Run Andersonburg
Cisna Run Andersonburg
Cold Spring Run Blain
Cove Creek Wertzville
Craig Run Duncannon
Dark Run Duncannon
Dornbach Run Duncannon
Fishing Creek Harrisburg West
Fishing Run Shermans Dale
Fowler Hollow Run Blain
Green Valley Run Landisburg
Harts Run Blairs Mills
Hemlock Run Blairs Mills
Horting Run Duncannon
Howe Run Duncannon
Hunters Run Millersburg
Kansas Valley Run Blain
Kramer Run Millerstown
Laurel Run Landisburg
Little Buffalo Creek Newport
Little Juniata Creek Duncannon
Little Valley Creek McCoysville
Losh Run Duncannon
Lutman Run Newport
McCabe Run Landisburg
Montour Creek Landisburg
Muddy Run Landisburg
Panther Creek Ickesburg
Patterson Run Blairs Mills
Perry Furnace Run Shermans Dale
Pisgah Run Shermans Dale
Raccoon Creek Millerstown
Rattling Run Wertzville
Reiders Run Millerstown
Shaeffer Run Blain
Shermans Creek Duncannon
Shultz Creek Blain
South Branch Laurel Run Andersonburg
Spruce Run Reward
Stambaugh Farm Run Landisburg
Sugar Run Millerstown
Trout Run Wertzville
Trout Run Newport
Trout Run Landisburg
White Run Duncannon
Wildcat Run Millerstown
Wrights Run Millerstown

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Perry County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Perry County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.