Schuylkill County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Schuylkill County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Run Pine Grove
Baird Run Pine Grove
Bear Hole Run Pine Grove
Beaver Creek Pottsville
Beaver Creek Orwigsburg
Big Creek Orwigsburg
Black Creek Pine Grove
Black Run Orwigsburg
Bolivar Run Pottsville
Brushy Run New Ringgold
Buteo Brook Orwigsburg
Coal Run Tremont
Codorus Creek Delano
Cold Run Orwigsburg
Conrad Weiser Branch Swatara Hill
Crab Run Tremont
Crooked Run Nuremberg
Crystal Run Minersville
Dark Run Nuremberg
Davis Run Shenandoah
Deep Creek Valley View
Deep Hollow Run New Ringgold
DeHaas Run Pine Grove
Dyer Run Minersville
East Branch Little Schuylkill River Delano
East Branch Rausch Creek Tower City
Ellis Creek Orwigsburg
Fishing Creek Pine Grove
Frisbie Branch Orwigsburg
Gebhard Run Minersville
Good Spring Creek Pine Grove
Hans Yost Creek Tremont
Honey Brook Hazleton
Hosensock Creek Delano
Hunkydory Creek Conyngham
Indian Run New Ringgold
Indian Run Pottsville
Iron Ore Run Swatara Hill
Keenigs Creek New Ringgold
Kehly Run Shenandoah
Koenigs Creek New Ringgold
Little Catawissa Creek Nuremberg
Little Crooked Run Nuremberg
Little Mahanoy Creek Ashland
Little Mahantango Creek Valley View
Little Schuylkill River Auburn
Little Tomhicken Creek Nuremberg
Locust Creek Tamaqua
Lofty Creek Delano
Long Run Friedensburg
Lorberry Creek Pine Grove
Lost Creek Shenandoah
Lower Little Swatara Creek Pine Grove
Lower Rausch Creek Pine Grove
Mahannon Creek Orwigsburg
Mahonney Creek Orwigsburg
Messers Run Conyngham
Middle Creek Tremont
Mill Creek Pine Grove
Mill Creek Pottsville
Mine Hollow Run Orwigsburg
Morgan Run Orwigsburg
Moss Glen Creek Delano
Mud Run Shenandoah
Muddy Branch Minersville
Neifert Creek Delano
North Mahanoy Creek Shenandoah
Owl Creek Tamaqua
Panther Creek Pottsville
Panther Creek Tamaqua
Panther Creek Minersville
Pine Creek Auburn
Pine Creek Delano
Plum Creek Auburn
Poplar Creek Tremont
Rabbit Run Tamaqua
Raccoon Creek Nuremberg
Rattling Run Auburn
Rattling Run Ashland
Rattling Run Shenandoah
Rausch Creek Valley View
Red Church Run Orwigsburg
Red Creek Auburn
Rip Rap Run Orwigsburg
Robin Run Tamaqua
Schaefer Creek Minersville
Schneck Run Swatara Hill
Shenandoah Creek Ashland
Silfis Run Orwigsburg
Silver Creek Orwigsburg
Sinking Run Delano
Slum Creek Tamaqua
Spies Run Conyngham
Spruce Run Swatara Hill
Still Creek Delano
Stony Creek Auburn
Stony Creek Shenandoah
Stony Run Nuremberg
Stuhls Run Minersville
Stump Run New Ringgold
Stumps Run Pine Grove
Sugarloaf Creek Nuremberg
Swampy Creek Orwigsburg
Swartz Run Tamaqua
Swope Valley Run Pine Grove
Tar Run Shenandoah
Tomhicken Creek Nuremberg
Trexler Run Ashland
Tumbling Run Pottsville
Upper Little Swatara Creek Swatara Hill
Wabash Creek Tamaqua
Wagner Run Minersville
Wash Creek Tamaqua
West Branch Fishing Creek Pine Grove
West Branch Rausch Creek Tower City
West Branch Schuylkill River Pottsville
West Creek Minersville
West West Branch Schuylkill River Pottsville
Wheeler Creek Minersville
Wolf Creek Pottsville

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Schuylkill County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Schuylkill County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.