Washington County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Washington County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alton Pond Carolina
Annaquatucket Reservoir Wickford
Asa Pond Kingston
Ashville Pond Voluntown
Austin Farm Pond Hope Valley
Bailey Pond Hope Valley
Ball Pond Block Island
Barber Pond Slocum
Beach Pond Voluntown
Belleville Pond Wickford
Betty Pucky Pond Block Island
Blue Pond Voluntown
Boon Lake Hope Valley
Boone Lake Hope Valley
Breakheart Pond Hope Valley
Browning Mill Pond Hope Valley
Bull Head Pond Kingston
Canob Pond Hope Valley
Card Ponds Kingston OE S
Carolina Trout Pond Carolina
Carr Pond Wickford
Catch Pond Block Island
Cedar Swamp Pond Kingston
Chapman Pond Ashaway
Clayhead Swamp Block Island
Continental Pond Block Island
Cross Mills Pond Carolina
Dam Pond Quonochontaug
Davol Pond Wickford
Dawley Pond Slocum
Deep Pond Carolina
Deep Pond Block Island
Deep Pond Hope Valley
Deep Pond Voluntown
Dees Tug Hole Block Island
Diamond Pond Carolina
Doctor Lewis Pond Watch Hill
Duck Cove Wickford
Duck Pond Carolina
Edwards Pond Slocum
Ell Pond Voluntown
Factory Pond Kingston
Fresh Pond Kingston
Fresh Pond Block Island
Frying Pan Pond Hope Valley
Frys Pond Wickford
Garden Pond Block Island
Gates Pond Hope Valley
Georgian Swamp Block Island
Glen Rock Reservoir Slocum
Grass Pond Carolina
Grassy Pond Voluntown
Great Swamp Goose Marsh Kingston
Green Hill Pond Kingston OE S
Hallville Pond Slocum
Hannah Clarkin Pond Carolina
Hot House Pond Kingston
Hundred Acre Pond Slocum
Indian Lake Narragansett Pier
Indian Run Reservoir Narragansett Pier
Ishmael Lake East Greenwich
James Pond Hope Valley
Jenkins Pond Wickford
John E’s Pond Block Island
Kettle Hole Pond Wickford
King Tom Pond Carolina
Lake Canonchet Narragansett Pier
Larkin Pond Kingston
Lillibridge Pond Carolina
Lily Pond Kingston
Little Maschaug Pond Watch Hill
Little Neck Pond Narragansett Pier
Little Sachem Pond Block Island
Little Wash Pond Kingston
Locustville Pond Hope Valley
Long Lot Pond Block Island
Long Pond Watch Hill
Long Pond Kingston
Long Pond Hope Valley
Long Pond Voluntown
Maple Lake Kingston
Maschaug Pond Watch Hill
Meadow Brook Pond Carolina
Metcalf Wildlife Marsh Slocum
Mickill Pond Watch Hill
Middle Pond Block Island
Mill Pond Block Island
Mill Pond Kingston
Mill Pond Wickford
Millbrook Pond Hope Valley
Mitchell Pond Block Island
Money Pond Narragansett Pier OE S
Money Swamp Pond Slocum
Moscow Ponds Hope Valley
Mount Tom Club Wildlife Marsh Hope Valley
Ninigret Pond Quonochontaug
No Bottom Pond Watch Hill
No Bottom Pond Hope Valley
Oak Hill Pond Wickford
Pasquiset Pond Carolina
Payne Pond Block Island
Peace Dale Reservoir Kingston
Peckham Pond Block Island
Peddlers Pond Kingston
Perry Pond Carolina
Plain Pond Carolina
Point Judith Pond Kingston
Potowomut Pond East Greenwich
Potowomut Pond Wickford
Potter Pond Kingston
Quonochontaug Pond Quonochontaug
Rocky Brook Reservoir Kingston
Rodman Mill Pond Wickford
Rodman Pond Block Island
Round Pond Kingston
Rum Pond Kingston
Sachem Pond Block Island
Sandhill Pond Wickford
Sands Pond Block Island
Sandy Pond Carolina
Saugatucket Pond Narragansett Pier
Saw Mill Pond Wickford
Saw Mill Pond Carolina
School House Pond Carolina
Secret Lake Wickford
Siahs Swamp Block Island
Silver Lake Narragansett Pier
Silver Spring Lake Wickford
Slocum Reservoir Slocum
Spectacle Ponds Kingston
Sprague Pond Narragansett Pier
Spring House Ice Pond Block Island
Spring Pond Watch Hill
Teal Pond Kingston
The Reservoir Slocum
Thirty Acre Pond Kingston
Trustom Pond Kingston OE S
Tucker Pond Kingston
Turtle Pond Kingston
Upper Pond Narragansett Pier
Wakefield Mill Reservoir Kingston
Wash Pond Block Island
Wash Pond Kingston
Watchaug Pond Carolina
Wells Pond Carolina
Wertz and Viall Pond Wickford
Wesquage Pond Narragansett Pier
White Pond Kingston
Wincheck Pond Voluntown
Winnapaug Pond Watch Hill
Woodville Pond Carolina
Worden Pond Block Island
Worden Pond Kingston
Wyoming Pond Hope Valley
Yawgoo Mill Pond Slocum
Yawgoo Pond Slocum
Yawgoog Pond Voluntown
Yorker Mill Pond Slocum

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Washington County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Washington County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.