Aiken County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Aiken County

Place USGS Topo Map
Able-Corbitt Pond Harleys Millpond
Aiken State Park Lake Kitchings Mill
Amelia Lake Wagener
Anderson Lake Foxtown
Anderson Millpond New Ellenton
Antique Lake North Augusta
Arrowhead Lake North Augusta
Arrowhead Lakes Ropers Crossroads
Ascauga Lake North Augusta
Baileys Pond Salley
Bakers Lake North Augusta
Barrs Ponds Wagener
Baughmans Mill Pond Kitchings Mill
Baughmans Pond Kitchings Mill
Bent Lake Shell Bluff Landing
Bonnie Lake Seivern
Boyd Pond Hollow Creek
Bragdens Pond Seivern
Bridge Creek Pond Graniteville
Briggs Pond Augusta East
Brodies Pond Kitchings Mill
Brogmans Pond Seivern
Burdens Deep Pond New Ellenton
Burgess Lake Hollow Creek
Camp Gravatt Pond Aiken
Camp Long Lake Foxtown
Capers Mill Pond Salley
Carter Pond Foxtown
Catos Pond Monetta
Caughman Lake Pond Branch
Cedar Lake Oakwood
Cedar Lake Oakwood
Cedar Pond Seivern
Celmurray Pond Hollow Creek
Chalk Hill Millpond Seivern
Chapman Pond New Ellenton
Clarkes Lake Mechanic Hill
Clearwater Lake North Augusta
Cofer Pond Seivern
Coleman Lake Jackson
Coleman Pond Foxtown
Collums Mill Pond Dam Wagener
Collums Millpond Wagener
Collums Pond Steedman
Cooks Pond Windsor
Cooks Pond Foxtown
Cooks Pond Foxtown
Cooks Pond Foxtown
Cooks Pond Foxtown
Corbett Lake Pond Branch
Crystal Lake Augusta East
Cullums Pond Foxtown
Dibbles Pond Aiken
Dicks Pond Windsor
Du Bose Pond Monetta
E Reservoir Jackson
Ebbs Lake Augusta East
Edisto Lake Wagener
Edisto Plant Settling Basin Hube Foxtown
Eggleston Lake Trenton
Etheredge Pond Monetta
Flat Rock Pond Graniteville
Flat Rock/Bridge Creek Ponds Graniteville
Gantts Pond Seivern
Garner Pond Number One North Augusta
Garvin Lower Pond Seivern
Garvins Millpond Seivern
Garvins Pond Kitchings Mill
Garvins Pond Kitchings Mill
Gem Lake Graniteville
Georges Pond Hollow Creek
Goodyear Pond Kitchings Mill
Graniteville Pond Two Graniteville
Gunters Millpond Seivern
Hallmans Pond Williston
Hartley Pond Salley
Herndon Pond Hollow Creek
Herndon Pond Hollow Creek
Holley Lake New Ellenton
Holmes Long Branch Pond Aiken NW
Holmes Pond Aiken NW
Horse Creek Pond Graniteville
Horseshoe Lake Mechanic Hill
Hounds Lake Aiken
House Lake Jackson
Howards Pond North Augusta
Huttos Pond Foxtown
Huttos Pond Foxtown
Island Lake Mechanic Hill
Johnson Lake Aiken
Johnson Millpond Oakwood
Johnsons Lake Williston
Johnsons Mill Pond Aiken
Johnsons Pond Kitchings Mill
Johnsons Pond Salley
Johnsons Pond Salley
Jones Pond Foxtown
Jones Pond Steedman
Jones Pond Foxtown
Kathwood Lakes Jackson
Kennedy Pond Seivern
Kimball Pond New Ellenton
Kimberly Clark Waste Water Basin Augusta East
Kirklands Pond Foxtown
Kneeces Mill Pond Monetta
Kneeces Pond Monetta
Lake Florence Hollow Creek
Lake Florence Hollow Creek
Lake Johnsons Hollow Creek
Lake Josephine Aiken NW
Lake Maxine Salley
Langley Pond Graniteville
Laughlin Pond Foxtown
Laughlin Upper Pond Foxtown
Laurel Lake North Augusta
Lower McElmurray Lake Hollow Creek
Mathis Lake North Augusta
McElmurray Pond Hollow Creek
Miller Pond Salley
Millers Pond Salley
Mixon Lake Hollow Creek
Morris Lake Aiken NW
Morris Pond Aiken NW
Neeses Lake Oakwood
Neeses Pond Monetta
Nobles Lake Aiken NW
Oak Ridge Hunting Preserve Pond Oakwood
Outing Lake Graniteville
Poole Pond Wagener
Rawls Millpond Seivern
Rawls Pond Wagener
Readys Pond Foxtown
Reid Lake Ridge Spring
Reynolds Pond Aiken
Reynolds Pond Aiken NW
Richardsons Lake Graniteville
Riley Pond Windsor
Robinson Pond Graniteville
Sanders Pond Ridge Spring
Sawyers Pond Monetta
Scotts Lake Oakwood
Scotts Pond Steedman
Seivern Lake Seivern
Shealey Pond Monetta
Simons Lake Trenton
Skinface Pond Shell Bluff Landing
Smiths Lake Trenton
Snipes Pond Foxtown
Strobles Pond Trenton
Sudlow Lake North Augusta
Suhrer Lake Graniteville
Swartz Pond Seivern
Swints Lake North Augusta
Tarrant Mill Pond Oakwood
Tarrants Millpond Oakwood
Three Corner Pond Seivern
Tylers Pond Kitchings Mill
Upper Pond Oakwood
Vaucluse Pond Graniteville
Wasteway Pond Jackson
Webb Millpond Williston
Webbs Pond Williston
White Pond Williston
Whitehead Pond Williston
Wildwood Lake Aiken
Williams Lake Graniteville
Williams Pond Kitchings Mill
Williamson Lake New Ellenton
Willow Wicks Lake North Augusta
Wilson Pond Aiken
Wood Valley Lake Hollow Creek
Wrights Millpond Aiken
Wyer Pond Monetta
Yonce Millpond Ridge Spring

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Aiken County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Aiken County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.