Calhoun County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Calhoun County

Place USGS Topo Map
A S Smoak Pond Staley Crossroads
Acres Pond Gaston
Baker Mill Pond Sardinia
Beckhams Pond Saint Matthews
Bensons Pond Saint Matthews
Bobby Gressett Pond Saint Matthews
Boozer Lower Pond Gaston
Boozer Upper Pond Sardinia
Bozard Pond Saint Matthews
Braddy Lake Gadsden
Brady Pond Gadsden
Brakefield Pond Staley Crossroads
Bull Pond Cameron
Bull Pond Cameron
Buycks Pond Gadsden
Buycls Swamp Pond Saint Matthews
Calmont Pond Gaston
Camp Daniels Pond Elloree
Campbell Pond Elloree
Campbell Pond Saint Matthews
Carolina Eastman Waste Pond Gaston
Crim Pond Staley Crossroads
Crowder Pond Staley Crossroads
Culclosure Pond Staley Crossroads
D H Rast House Pond Elloree
D H Rast Lower Pond Elloree
D H Wannamaker Pond Staley Crossroads
Davis Pond Swansea
Dents Pond Saint Matthews
Doodle Hill Pond Saint Matthews
Duncan Pond Wolfton
Edens Small Pond Sardinia
Edwards Pond Cameron
F M Wannamaker Pond Fort Motte
Furtick Pond Saint Matthews
Gadden Pond Lone Star
Geiger Pond Gadsden
Geigers Pond Gadsden
Green Pond Orangeburg North
Gressett House Pond Staley Crossroads
Gressette Pond Staley Crossroads
Griffith Pond Saint Matthews
Harmond Pond Cameron
Hill Number One Pond Gaston
Hills Number Two Pond Gaston
Holly Pond Orangeburg North
Holman Pond Fort Motte
Houch Pond Cameron
Hutto Pond Elloree
Huttos Lake Elloree
I Prickett Pond Saint Matthews
J L Wannamaker Cabin Pond Fort Motte
J L Wannamaker Pond Saint Matthews
Jamison Pond Saylors Lake
Jessie Rast Pond Cameron
Lackland Pond Gaston
Lake Helen Saint Matthews
Lake Inspiration Saint Matthews
Layseth Millpond Swansea
Layseth Millpond Swansea
Lord Lake Gadsden
Millwood Pond Fort Motte
Morefield Pond Staley Crossroads
Moss Lake Cameron
Mullers Big Lake Gadsden
Mullers Little Lake Saylors Lake
Old Way Pond Staley Crossroads
Otts Pond Staley Crossroads
Paradice Lake Saint Matthews
Perkins Pond Elloree
Perkins Pond Wolfton
Peter Buycls House Pond Saint Matthews
Powerline Pond Staley Crossroads
R E Rast Pond Elloree
Rast Pond Staley Crossroads
Raysors Lake Saint Matthews
Razor Highway Pond Saint Matthews
Redmond Pond Staley Crossroads
Reid House Pond Fort Motte
Reid Pond Fort Motte
Rileys Millpond Saint Matthews
Rileys Pond Saint Matthews
Ruckers Pond Staley Crossroads
Saylors Lake Saylors Lake
Shannon Pond Swansea
Shehane Cabin Pond Fort Motte
Shehane Pump House Pond Fort Motte
Sikes Pond Gadsden
Smith Pond Saint Matthews
Smiths Falls Pond Staley Crossroads
Smoke Pond Saint Matthews
Speigners Pond Saint Matthews
Spigner Pond Fort Motte
Staley Pond Staley Crossroads
Strawberry Pond Staley Crossroads
Strickland Pond Saint Matthews
Struckman Pond Saylors Lake
Sulton Pond Gaston
Sweetwater Lake Staley Crossroads
Sykes Pond Saint Matthews
T C Moss Pond Cameron
Taylors House Pond Saylors Lake
Taylors Upper Pond Saylors Lake
True Blue Lake Fort Motte
Wannamakers Pond Saint Matthews
Wannamakers Upper I-26 Pond Staley Crossroads
Waste Stabilization Pond Saint Matthews
Way Pond Lone Star
Whetstone Pond Cameron
Wienges Lake Fort Motte
Wienges Lake Fort Motte
Wiles Pond Fort Motte
Willie Rucker Pond Staley Crossroads
Wolf Lake Saylors Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Calhoun County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Calhoun County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.