Charleston County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Charleston County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbapoola Creek Legareville
Adams Creek Rockville
Adams Run Fenwick
Alligator Creek Cape Romain
Alligator Creek Minim Island
Alligator Creek Legareville
Alston Creek Cainhoy
Alston Creek Sewee Bay
Anderson Creek Bull Island
Ashley River Charleston
Awendaw Creek Awendaw
Back Creek Sewee Bay
Bailey Creek Edisto Island
Bass Creek James Island
Bass Creek Legareville
Bay Creek McClellanville
Bell Creek Ocean Bay
Belvedere Creek Bull Island
Bermuda Creek Charleston
Big Bay Creek Edisto Beach
Blind Creek Bull Island
Block Island Creek James Island
Bohicket Creek Rockville
Boone Hall Creek Fort Moultrie
Bouman Branch South Santee
Brickyard Creek Johns Island
Bryans Creek Kiawah Island
Bull Bridge Creek Jacksonboro
Bull Creek Bull Island
Bull River McClellanville
Bulls Creek Johns Island
Capers Creek Capers Inlet
Captain Sams Creek Rockville
Captain Sams Inlet Rockville
Casino Creek McClellanville
Cedar Creek Capers Inlet
Cedar Creek South Santee
Chaplin Creek Legareville
Church Creek Johns Island
Church Creek Wadmalaw Island
Cinder Creek Kiawah Island
Clark Creek McClellanville
Clauson Creek Sewee Bay
Clubhouse Creek McClellanville
Cole Creek James Island
Collins Creek South Santee
Conch Creek Fort Moultrie
Congaree Boat Creek McClellanville
Cooper River Charleston
Cooter Creek Ocean Bay
Darrell Creek Cainhoy
Dawho River Adams Run
Deep Creek Cainhoy
Deepwater Creek Cape Romain
Devils Den Creek McClellanville
Dewees Creek Capers Inlet
Dill Creek Charleston
Doe Hall Creek Awendaw
Downs Creek James Island
DuPre Creek McClellanville
Dupre Creek McClellanville
DuPre Creek McClellanville
Edisto River Fenwick
Federwitz Branch Ladson
Fickling Creek Rockville
Filbin Creek North Charleston
First Sister Creek James Island
Fishing Creek Edisto Island
Fishing Creek Adams Run
Five Fathom Creek McClellanville
Folly Creek James Island
Folly River James Island
Fort Johnson Creek James Island
Foster Creek Fort Moultrie
Frampton Inlet Rockville
Graham Creek Awendaw
Green Creek Legareville
Hamlin Creek Fort Moultrie
Hampton Creek South Santee
Harbor River Awendaw
Haulover Creek Kiawah Island
Hobcaw Creek Charleston
Holland Island Creek Legareville
Horlbeck Creek Cainhoy
Horsebend Creek Capers Inlet
Horsehead Creek McClellanville
Hut Creek Legareville
Inlet Creek Fort Moultrie
Jack Creek Bull Island
James Island Creek Charleston
Jeremy Creek McClellanville
Jeremy Inlet Edisto Island
Joe and Ben Creek McClellanville
Keivling Creek Johns Island
Key Creek McClellanville
Key Inlet McClellanville
Kiawah River Legareville
King Flats Creek James Island
Kushiwah Creek Charleston
Leadenwah Creek Rockville
Lighthouse Creek James Island
Little Papas Creek McClellanville
Little Sett Creek McClellanville
Log Bridge Creek Ravenel
Long Branch Johns Island
Long Creek Edisto Island
Long Creek Fort Moultrie
Long Creek Awendaw
Lower Toogoodoo Creek Adams Run
Macbeth Creek Johns Island
Mathews Creek McClellanville
Mechaw Creek Honey Hill
Mellichamp Branch Ravenel
Middle Branch Ravenel
Mill Branch Honey Hill
Mill Creek McClellanville
Mill Creek Cainhoy
Mill Creek Charleston
Mill Den Creek McClellanville
Milton Creek Edisto Island
Molasses Creek Charleston
Montgomery Creek South Santee
Morgan Creek Fort Moultrie
Mud Creek Edisto Island
Needles Eye Creek McClellanville
Nellie Creek McClellanville
Newmarket Creek Charleston
Newtown Cut James Island
Noisette Creek Charleston
North Creek Adams Run
North Edisto River Rockville
Oak Island Creek James Island
Ocella Creek Rockville
Old House Creek Capers Inlet
Oldtown Creek Charleston
Olive Branch Ladson
Orangegrove Creek Charleston
Ormand Hall Creek McClellanville
Oyster House Creek Wadmalaw Island
Papas Creek McClellanville
Parrot Point Creek James Island
Penny Creek Fenwick
Pennys Creek Johns Island
Popperdam Creek Ladson
Price Creek Capers Inlet
Privateer Creek Rockville
Raccoon Creek McClellanville
Ramhorn Creek McClellanville
Rantowles Creek Johns Island
Rat Island Creek James Island
Rathall Creek Charleston
Robbins Creek James Island
Romain River Cape Romain
Russel Creek Edisto Island
Saint Pierre Creek Edisto Island
Sall Creek McClellanville
Saltpond Creek Bull Island
Sand Creek Edisto Island
Sandy Bay Johns Island
Sandy Point Creek Awendaw
Santee Path Creek McClellanville
Sawpit Creek Ladson
Schooner Creek James Island
Schooner Creek Sewee Bay
Scott Creek Edisto Island
Scott Creek Edisto Beach
Seaside Creek James Island
Secessionville Creek James Island
Second Sister Creek James Island
Sett Creek McClellanville
Seven Reaches Capers Inlet
Shem Creek Charleston
Shingle Creek Edisto Island
Shipyard Creek Charleston
Simpson Creek James Island
Skrine Creek McClellanville
South Creek Rockville
South Creek McClellanville
South Edisto Inlet Edisto Beach
South Santee River Cape Romain
Spencer Branch Ladson
Steamboat Creek Edisto Island
Steed Creek Ocean Bay
Stono River Legareville
Store Creek Edisto Island
Summerhouse Creek Bull Island
Swinton Creek Adams Run
Swinton Creek Fort Moultrie
The Horns Cape Romain
Tibwin Creek Awendaw
Tom Point Creek Adams Run
Toogoodoo Creek Adams Run
Toomer Creek Capers Inlet
Toomer Creek Cainhoy
Town Creek McClellanville
Townsend River Rockville
Vanderhorst Creek Bull Island
Venning Creek Bull Island
Wadmalaw River Adams Run
Wagner Creek Cainhoy
Wallace Creek Ravenel
Wambaw Creek South Santee
Wappoo Creek Charleston
Watermelon Creek Capers Inlet
Westbank Creek Rockville
Whiteside Creek Capers Inlet
Whooping Island Creek Edisto Island
Withey Wood Canal Ocean Bay
Wolfpit Run James Island

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Charleston County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Charleston County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.