Spartanburg County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Spartanburg County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alverson Pond Greer
Apalachee Mill Pond Greer
B Workman Pond Reidville
Berry Shoals Pond Wellford
Burroughs Pond Glenn Springs
C Barre Pond Fingerville West
C Earley Pond One Landrum
C P Pressley Pond Pacolet
C Stewart Pond Campobello
Calhoun Lake Number One Pacolet
Calhoun Lake Number Two Pacolet
Chestnut Lake Inman
Claytons Recreational Park Pond Ora
Cleveland Park Lake Spartanburg
Clifton Mill Number One Pond Pacolet
Clifton Mill Number Three Pond Pacolet
Clifton Mill Number Two Pond Pacolet
Croft Lake Glenn Springs
Cudds Creek Pond Chesnee
D Honey Incorporated Pond Fingerville West
D Honey Number One Pond Fingerville West
Duncan Park Lake Spartanburg
E Lee Incorporated Pond Campobello
E W Martin Lake Inman
E Woodfin Lake Campobello
F Bush Pond Inman
Fairview Farms Pond Fingerville West
Fairview Lake Valley Falls
Flatwood Lake Valley Falls
Forest Lake Pacolet
G Brockman Pond Pelham
G Hughston Pond Paris Mountain
G Johnson Lake Spartanburg
G Lanford Pond Woodruff
Grain Pond Pacolet
Gramling Number One Pond Campobello
Greenes Lake Chesnee
H B Davis Pond Campobello
H Deal Pond Pacolet
J B Johnson Pond Campobello
J M Gentry Pond Inman
J W Crocker Pond Pacolet
Johnson Development Pond Number Two Dam Landrum
L Cornwell Pond Spartanburg
Lake Bowen Inman
Lake Cooley Inman
Lake Edwin Johnson Glenn Springs
Lake Johnson Pacolet
Lake Saranac Pacolet
Lake William C Bowen Inman
Lake Zimmerman Moore
Lithium Corporation Pond Pacolet
Little Thicketty Creek Pond Cowpens
Lyles Brothers Lake Spartanburg
Lyman Lake Greer
M H Martin Pond Woodruff
Milliken Lake Inman
Montgomery Pond Moore
Pacolet Reservoir Pacolet Mills
Park Lake Spartanburg
Pierce Acres Lake Pacolet
Professional Pond Campobello
R Milliken Pond Inman
Rainbow Lake Valley Falls
Sherberts Lake Moore
Shoals Lake Wellford
Silver Lake Wellford
Smith Pond Glenn Springs
South Pacolet River Reservoir Number One Valley Falls
Steppes Pond Fingerville West
T Cribb Pond Campobello
T Ragan Pond Dam Campobello
Trib Zekial Creek Pond Cowpens
Twin Lakes Wellford
V Taylor Pond Spartanburg
W E Morris Junior Lake Inman
W W Wilkins Pond Inman
Waldrops Lake Valley Falls
Wessons Lake Wellford
Whitestone Number One Pond Pacolet
Whitestone Number Two Pond Pacolet
Workman Incorporated Pond Woodruff
Zimmerman Pond Moore

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Spartanburg County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Spartanburg County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.