Benton County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Benton County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbott Branch Seventeen Creek
Ammon Creek Rockport
Arnold Branch Camden
Badger Creek Rockport
Baggett Branch Rockport
Ballard Branch Rockport
Beach Creek Daniels Landing
Beasley Branch Big Sandy
Beaverdam Creek Camden
Big Slough Camden
Billie Branch Big Sandy
Birdsong Creek Rockport
Britton Creek Bruceton
Burnside Creek Camden
Burrell Branch Camden
Burrell Branch Camden
Cane Creek Camden
Cane Creek Camden
Caney Branch Rockport
Caney Branch Seventeen Creek
Charlie Creek Camden
Cherry Branch Manleyville
Coldspring Branch Seventeen Creek
Collins Branch Manleyville
Conley Branch Rockport
Coon Creek Rockport
Crooked Creek McKinnon
Cypress Creek Johnsonville
Cypress Creek Camden
Dalton Creek Rockport
Daniel Creek Poplar Creek
Dog Creek Daniels Landing
Dry Branch Sugar Tree
Dry Branch Hustburg
Dry Creek Manleyville
Dry Creek Big Sandy
Dry Creek Big Sandy
Durdin Branch Camden
Eagle Creek Hustburg
Evans Branch Camden
Ford Creek Camden
Fourmile Slough Camden
Fourteen Creek Seventeen Creek
Granny Branch Poplar Creek
Green Creek Bruceton
Green Hatley Branch Rockport
Greenbrier Branch Manleyville
Gum Slough Manleyville
Haggard Branch Hustburg
Halls Valley Branch Harmon Creek
Happy Hollow Branch Johnsonville
Harmon Creek Harmon Creek
Hauk Hatley Branch Rockport
Hawley Creek Camden
Hollingsworth Branch Big Sandy
Hope Creek Poplar Creek
Hurricane Branch Poplar Creek
Jepp Branch Rockport
Jones Branch Big Sandy
Jones Creek Poplar Creek
Lick Branch Johnsonville
Lick Creek McKinnon
Lick Creek Bruceton
Little Birdsong Creek Rockport
Little Crooked Creek Harmon Creek
Little Crooked Creek McKinnon
Little Sulphur Creek Harmon Creek
Little Wolf Creek Sugar Tree
Lockhart Branch Manleyville
Matheny Branch Poplar Creek
Middle Brook Camden
Middle Fork Harmon Creek Johnsonville
Moore Branch Rockport
Morgan Creek Daniels Landing
Mud Creek Big Sandy
Nickeltown Branch Sugar Tree
North Fork Crooked Creek McKinnon
North Fork Harmon Creek Harmon Creek
Oilwell Branch Johnsonville
Opossum Creek Hustburg
Paffords Branch Big Sandy
Polk Branch Johnsonville
Pond Gut Daniels Landing
Poplar Creek Poplar Creek
Prairie Branch Camden
Raccoon Branch Manleyville
Ramble Creek Manleyville
Reddick Branch Big Sandy
Redwater Creek Poplar Creek
Reeves Branch Camden
Rushing Creek Manleyville
Sandow Slough Camden
Seventeen Creek Seventeen Creek
Shakerag Branch Sugar Tree
Smuthers Creek Bruceton
Snake Branch Manleyville
South Creek Big Sandy
South Fork Crooked Creek McKinnon
South Fork Harmon Creek Harmon Creek
Spring Branch Poplar Creek
Sugar Creek Big Sandy
Sulphur Creek Harmon Creek
Swift Slough Manleyville
Sycamore Creek Seventeen Creek
Sykes Branch Camden
Thompson Slough Harmon Creek
Threemile Slough Camden
Trace Creek Poplar Creek
Turkey Creek Rockport
Umstead Branch Camden
Valentine Branch Poplar Creek
West Fork Birdsong Creek Holladay
White Branch Rockport
Whitfield Creek Camden
Wolf Creek Seventeen Creek
York Branch Rockport

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Benton County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Benton County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.