Greene County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Greene County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alexander Branch Chuckey
Babb Creek McCloud
Back Creek Davy Crockett Lake
Bales Creek Cedar Creek
Bird Branch Davy Crockett Lake
Black Creek Mohawk
Blue Springs Branch Chuckey
Bright Branch Baileyton
Broad Branch Flag Pond
Brushy Branch Hot Springs
Buffalo Creek Cedar Creek
Burgen Branch Paint Rock
Camp Creek Davy Crockett Lake
Caney Branch Cedar Creek
Caney Branch Davy Crockett Lake
Caney Creek Baileyton
Cannon Branch Chuckey
Cedar Creek Cedar Creek
Clear Creek Jearoldstown
Coach Branch McCloud
Cobble Branch Parrottsville
College Creek Chuckey
Cooper Branch Springvale
Coulter Branch Paint Rock
Coulter Branch Paint Rock
Cove Creek Cedar Creek
Crabtree Branch Baileyton
Crazy Creek Mosheim
Cuerton Dial Branch Mosheim
Cummins Branch Paint Rock
Cummins Branch Paint Rock
Dailey Creek Baileyton
Davis Branch Baileyton
Davis Creek Greystone
Devils Kitchen Branch Davy Crockett Lake
Dodd Branch Cedar Creek
Dodd Creek Baileyton
Doty Creek Baileyton
Double Lick Branch Jearoldstown
Dry Branch Cedar Creek
Dry Branch Baileyton
Dry Branch Cedar Creek
Dry Creek Davy Crockett Lake
Dulaney Branch Mosheim
East Fork Cassi Creek Flag Pond
East Fork Richland Creek Davy Crockett Lake
Flag Branch Davy Crockett Lake
Fort Davie Creek Flag Pond
Fox Branch Mohawk
Frank Creek Greeneville
Furness Branch Cedar Creek
Gap Creek Mohawk
Gap Creek Mosheim
Gardner Creek Baileyton
Gass Creek Mosheim
Grant Branch Chuckey
Grassy Branch Hot Springs
Grassy Creek Mosheim
Grassy Creek Baileyton
Gray Branch Mohawk
Gregg Creek Cedar Creek
Guest Creek Greeneville
Gunstock Branch Davy Crockett Lake
Hall Branch Chuckey
Harris Branch Cedar Creek
Hartman Branch Mosheim
Hartman Branch Mosheim
Hennard Creek Baileyton
Hice Branch Chuckey
Hipps Branch Davy Crockett Lake
Holley Creek Greeneville
Hoodley Branch Baileyton
Hoover Creek Mosheim
Horse Creek Chuckey
Horse Fork Baileyton
Huff Branch Mosheim
Hughes Branch Baileyton
Jackson Branch Parrottsville
Jennings Creek Greystone
Jilton Branch Chuckey
Johnson Creek Davy Crockett Lake
Kelly Branch Davy Crockett Lake
Kidwell Branch Baileyton
Kite Creek Baileyton
Kyker Branch Parrottsville
Lick Branch Mosheim
Lick Creek Springvale
Lick Creek Mosheim
Lick Slough Mosheim
Little Caney Creek Baileyton
Little Chucky Creek Parrottsville
Little Gap Creek McCloud
Little Meadow Creek Cedar Creek
Little Paint Creek Hot Springs
Little Sinking Creek Chuckey
Lollar Branch Bulls Gap
Long Fork Baileyton
McNew Branch Mosheim
Meadow Creek Cedar Creek
Miami Branch Chuckey
Middle Creek Chuckey
Middle Fork Cassi Creek Flag Pond
Milburnton Creek Jearoldstown
Mink Creek Mohawk
Moon Creek Chuckey
Morelock Branch Bulls Gap
Mosheim Branch Mosheim
Mud Creek Mohawk
Mud Creek Davy Crockett Lake
Mutton Creek Davy Crockett Lake
Newmansville Creek Baileyton
Paint Creek Paint Rock
Paint Creek Paint Rock
Petes Branch Greystone
Pigeon Branch Cedar Creek
Pigeon Creek McCloud
Pigeon Creek Cedar Creek
Plum Branch Davy Crockett Lake
Plum Creek McCloud
Pond Creek Mohawk
Possum Creek Mosheim
Possum Creek Davy Crockett Lake
Potter Creek Mohawk
Privet Branch Cedar Creek
Pudding Creek Chuckey
Puncheon Camp Creek Mosheim
Pyborn Creek Jearoldstown
Raccoon Branch Baileyton
Red Run Springvale
Rheatown Creek Chuckey
Richland Creek Davy Crockett Lake
Ricker Branch Hot Springs
Riley Creek Mohawk
Ripley Creek Chuckey
Roaring Fork McCloud
Rough Branch Hot Springs
Rough Branch Hot Springs
Round Knob Branch Greystone
Sarvis Cove Creek Greystone
Sawmill Branch Hot Springs
Saylor Creek McCloud
Seven Springs Branch Mohawk
Shelton Branch Parrottsville
Shelton Branch Chuckey
Simpson Creek Greeneville
Sinking Creek Chuckey
Skipper Creek Mohawk
Slate Creek Parrottsville
Snow Camp Branch Mosheim
Solomon Branch Mosheim
South Fork Painter Creek Flag Pond
South Fork Roaring Fork Greeneville
Splatter Creek Jearoldstown
Squibb Creek Greystone
Stage Creek Chuckey
Stony Creek Mohawk
Stullz Branch Parrottsville
Sulphur Spring Branch Chuckey
Tipton Creek Greeneville
Union Temple Creek Baileyton
Walkertown Branch Baileyton
War Branch Mohawk
War Branch Mohawk
Water Fork Greystone
Wattenbarger Branch Baileyton
West Fork Cassi Creek Flag Pond
West Fork Dry Creek Greystone
Wildcat Branch Greeneville
Wolf Branch Davy Crockett Lake
Wolf Creek Mohawk

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Greene County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Greene County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.