Johnson County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Johnson County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Branch Laurel Bloomery
Andy Branch Doe
Arnold Branch Mountain City
Arnold Branch Laurel Bloomery
Atchison Branch Laurel Bloomery
Avery Branch Doe
Backbone Branch Laurel Bloomery
Baker Branch Elk Mills
Barry Branch Mountain City
Bee Cove Branch Mountain City
Berry Branch Doe
Big Branch Watauga Dam
Big Dry Run Elk Mills
Big Sandy Creek Mountain City
Birch Branch Shady Valley
Blackman Branch Carter
Boomer Branch Mountain City
Boone Branch Doe
Brickyard Branch Shady Valley
Brush Fork Mountain City
Buck Ridge Branch Shady Valley
Buckeye Branch Grayson
Bulldog Creek Sherwood
Bulldog Creek Sherwood
Bunton Creek Elk Mills
Buttermilk Branch Sherwood
Cabbage Creek Mountain City
Campbell Creek Doe
Capley Branch Watauga Dam
Cave Spring Branch Grayson
Chalk Branch Laurel Bloomery
Christian Branch Mountain City
Cobb Creek Watauga Dam
Cobb Creek Watauga Dam
Cold Branch Mountain City
Copley Branch Watauga Dam
Corn Creek Mountain City
Corum Branch Laurel Bloomery
Cress Branch Watauga Dam
Cress Branch Watauga Dam
Cress Branch Mountain City
Crooked Branch Mountain City
Cut Laurel Branch Grayson
Dan Wiley Branch Laurel Bloomery
Doe Creek Doe
Doubles Branch Elk Mills
Drake Branch Sherwood
Drake Branch Sherwood
Draught Creek Elk Mills
Dry Branch Laurel Bloomery
Dry Branch Grayson
Dry Branch Mountain City
Drystone Branch Laurel Bloomery
Dugger Branch Doe
Dye Leaf Branch Elk Mills
E H Phillippi Branch Mountain City
Eager Branch Sherwood
East Fork Beaverdam Creek Shady Valley
East Fork Dugger Branch Doe
East Fork Fall Branch Mountain City
East Fork Furnace Creek Sherwood
East Fork Furnance Creek Sherwood
East Fork Laurel Branch Mountain City
East Fork Lunt Branch Mountain City
East Fork Slabtown Branch Doe
Egger Branch Sherwood
Elliot Branch Laurel Bloomery
Elliot Branch Grayson
Fagall Branch Laurel Bloomery
Fall Branch Mountain City
Fall Branch Mountain City
Fall Branch Mountain City
Fenner Branch Laurel Bloomery
Flat Spring Branch Shady Valley
Flatwood Branch Laurel Bloomery
Forge Creek Mountain City
Furnace Creek Mountain City
Furnace Creek Mountain City
Gentry Branch Laurel Bloomery
Gentry Creek Laurel Bloomery
Gilbert Branch Grayson
Goose Creek Mountain City
Green Mountain Branch Shady Valley
Greer Branch Laurel Bloomery
Gregg Branch Elk Mills
Grindstone Branch Grayson
Hall Branch Laurel Bloomery
Harbin Branch Doe
Hawkins Branch Grayson
High Trestle Branch Grayson
Hignite Branch Shady Valley
Hopper Creek Doe
Horn Branch Doe
Howard Branch Doe
James Branch Mountain City
Jenkins Creek Zionville
Jim Wright Branch Shady Valley
Johnson Blevins Branch Shady Valley
Kate Branch Grayson
Katy Branch Mountain City
Laurel Branch Mountain City
Laurel Branch Grayson
Laurel Creek Laurel Bloomery
Lick Branch Laurel Bloomery
Lipford Branch Elk Mills
Little Dry Run Elk Mills
Lumpkin Branch Mountain City
Lunt Branch Mountain City
Lyons Branch Laurel Bloomery
Mack Branch Doe
Mains Branch Mountain City
Maple Branch Laurel Bloomery
McCann Branch Laurel Bloomery
McEwen Branch Mountain City
Middle Fork Beaverdam Creek Doe
Middle Fork Drake Branch Zionville
Milam Branch Shady Valley
Mill Creek Mountain City
Morfield Branch Doe
Morgan Branch Elk Mills
Muddy Branch Mountain City
North Fork Drake Branch Zionville
North Fork Gentry Creek Laurel Bloomery
North Fork McCann Branch Laurel Bloomery
Owens Branch Grayson
Palmer Branch Doe
Parks Branch Shady Valley
Patrick Branch Laurel Bloomery
Payne Branch Baldwin Gap
Pine Bottom Branch Elk Mills
Polly Branch Doe
Reece Branch Zionville
Reese Branch Mountain City
Reservoir Branch Laurel Bloomery
Reservoir Branch Mountain City
Rhinestone Branch Mountain City
Richardson Branch Grayson
Roan Creek Elk Mills
Roaring Creek Mountain City
Robinson Branch Doe
Seng Cove Branch Grayson
Shaw Branch Mountain City
Shingletown Branch Laurel Bloomery
Shoun Branch Doe
Sidney Branch Doe
Simcox Branch Baldwin Gap
Sink Branch Watauga Dam
Sink Branch Watauga Dam
Slabtown Branch Doe
Slimp Branch Mountain City
Smith Branch Mountain City
Smitty Branch Watauga Dam
Smitty Branch Watauga Dam
Snyder Branch Baldwin Gap
South Fork Atchison Branch Grayson
South Fork Drake Branch Zionville
South Fork Furnace Creek Mountain City
South Fork McCann Branch Laurel Bloomery
Spear Branch Doe
Spice Branch Doe
Spruce Branch Doe
Stalcup Branch Doe
Steve Phillippi Branch Mountain City
Stillhouse Branch Laurel Bloomery
Stone Branch Laurel Bloomery
Stout Branch Doe
Stout Branch Mountain City
Stout Branch Mountain City
Stout Branch Baldwin Gap
Sugarcamp Branch Laurel Bloomery
Sulphur Springs Branch Carter
Thomas Branch Laurel Bloomery
Timothy Branch Doe
Tom Baker Branch Elk Mills
Town Creek Mountain City
Trigger Branch Laurel Bloomery
Valley Creek Grayson
Vaught Branch Mountain City
Vaught Creek Mountain City
Wallace Branch Mountain City
Waters Branch Laurel Bloomery
West Fork Beaverdam Creek Doe
West Fork Buttermilk Branch Sherwood
West Fork Buttermilk Branch Sherwood
West Fork Dugger Branch Doe
West Fork Fall Branch Mountain City
West Fork Laurel Branch Mountain City
West Fork Lunt Branch Mountain City
West Fork Slabtown Branch Doe
Whetstone Branch Grayson
Wills Branch Laurel Bloomery
Woodward Branch Baldwin Gap

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Johnson County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Johnson County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.