Lincoln County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Lincoln County

Place USGS Topo Map
Bailey Branch Lynchburg West
Barham Branch Belleville
Big Huckleberry Creek Flintville
Big Hungry Branch Fayetteville
Birch Creek Taft
Bradshaw Creek Dellrose
Buchanan Creek Fayetteville
Buckeye Creek Mulberry
Buckeye Creek Mulberry
Campers Branch Lincoln
Cane Creek Fayetteville
Carpenter Branch Taft
Carr Creek Taft
Chicken Creek Frankewing
Coldwater Creek Taft
Commons Branch Taft
Cooper Branch Mulberry
Corder Spring Branch Flintville
Cotton Mill Branch Fayetteville
Cottrell Spring Branch Fisk
Craighead Creek Boonshill
Crystal Springs Branch Flintville
Cunningham Branch Boonshill
Cunningham Branch Flintville
Dry Creek Taft
Dry Creek Boonshill
Dukes Creek Mulberry
Dyer Branch Petersburg
East Fork Leatherwood Creek Frankewing
East Fork Mulberry Creek Mulberry
Eslick Branch Mulberry
Flynn Branch Taft
Gattistown Branch Mulberry
Gimlet Creek Mulberry
Gingerbread Creek Petersburg
Gum Springs Branch Flintville
Hamestring Branch Fayetteville
Hancock Branch Lincoln
Hannah Gap Branch Belleville
Harbin Branch Flintville
Harper Branch Lincoln
Hayes Branch Fayetteville
Henderson Branch Taft
Hester Branch Flintville
Hog Branch Lincoln
Honey Branch Mulberry
Huckleberry Branch Lincoln
Johnson Branch Ardmore
Johnson Branch Boonshill
Jones Branch Taft
Lane Branch Fayetteville
Leatherwood Creek Frankewing
Lees Creek Lincoln
Little Cane Creek Petersburg
Little Huckleberry Creek Flintville
Little Norris Creek Fayetteville
Little Swan Creek Boonshill
Louse Creek Mulberry
Maddox Branch Dellrose
Mason Branch Fisk
McAfee Creek Frankewing
Merrill Branch Flintville
Mire Branch Lincoln
Molino Creek Taft
Morton Branch Boonshill
Mud Spring Branch Taft
Mulberry Creek Mulberry
Mulepen Creek Flintville
Norris Creek Fayetteville
O’Neal Branch Dellrose
Oliver Spring Branch Dellrose
Patterson Branch Dellrose
Pinhook Branch Petersburg
Pinnel Creek Taft
Pleasant Valley Creek Petersburg
Puncheon Camp Branch Flintville
Reed Branch Dellrose
Reed Hollow Branch Frankewing
Routt Branch Lincoln
Rowe Branch Dellrose
Scott Branch Belleville
Shelton Creek Mulberry
Sherrill Branch Ardmore
Short Branch Petersburg
Short Creek Dellrose
South Fork Indian Creek Huntland
Stephens Creek Mulberry
Stewart Creek Lincoln
Stiles Creek Flintville
Sulphur Spring Branch Boonshill
Swan Creek Boonshill
Taft Branch Taft
Tanyard Branch Fayetteville
Teal Hollow Creek Flintville
Templeton Branch Huntland
Thompson Branch Taft
Trotters Branch Flintville
Tucker Creek Mulberry
Turney Branch Boonshill
Union Branch Belleville
Union Camp Ground Branch Boonshill
Wabash Creek Mulberry
Walker Branch Lincoln
Washburn Branch Lincoln
Wells Creek Lincoln
West Fork Indian Creek Huntland
West Fork Leatherwood Creek Frankewing
West Fork Mulberry Creek Mulberry
Williams Branch Lincoln
Woodard Branch Dellrose
Wyatt Creek Boonshill

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Lincoln County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Lincoln County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.